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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 650

    The Myth-Class Battle

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Right after we left, a huge water sphere appeared over the head of the Great Magic Beast.

    The diameter is probably over 100 meters.


    『Yeah. It was almost unbelievable, what an incredible Divine Power』


    I wasn’t talking about the enormous amount of magic power contained in it.

    But the water sphere was emitting a strong Divine Power that covered the surroundings. I could feel that the entire water sphere’s atmosphere was similar to mine when I was using the Sword God Transformation.

    Could it be that all that water has the Divine attribute imbued in it?

    I was probably lucky that my sensing skills were dull because of pushing myself too hard.

    If my sensing skills were still at their normal state, I might have panicked because of the sheer intensity of the presence and the vast amount of information I might have received from it.

    In fact, Urushi had become frightened of it. All the hairs on his body were standing on end, and his ears were laying down.


    Urushi continued to run with an anxious look on his face. Fran was shaken up and down on his back because of this, but Urushi didn’t slow down.

    I guess after witnessing that Divine Power, he didn’t feel safe no matter how far away we had gone. That was also for Fran’s sake too.

    I was glad that she activated it after we had gotten some distance.

    No, could it be that she had been waiting for us to leave? Well, Weena Rhyn was not necessarily a bad person just because she was a little crazy.

    As we watched the sphere of Divine Water, it started to undergo a significant shape change.

    It began to stretch wide to cover the entire surface of the Great Magic Beast.

    Then it turned into countless small water spheres. Well, even though they were small, I think each one of them was big enough to swallow Fran.

    But it was just right after I had that thought.


    With a heavy and loud bursting sound, a deep gash was drilled into the body of the Great Magic Beast. The gash seemed to run in a straight line from top to bottom.

    The water sphere that was shot out at super high speed easily pierced the body of the Great Magic Beast. It was so fast that even we were only able to catch a glimpse of its shadow.

    From then on, the scene that unfolded in front of us was so unreal that I couldn’t believe it was happening.

    Swoop swoop swoop――!

    The sound of a series of bursts echoed through the air, and the body of the Great Magic Beast was rapidly being whittled away.

    The water sphere was shot out at a great speed and continued to pierce the flesh of the Great Magic Beast.

    The water sphere that pierced through the body of the Great Magic Beast naturally crashed into the lake. Each time it did, a column of water nearly fifty meters high rose, and the sight of it did not even elicit a laugh.

    After all, the Great Magic Beast had been attacked by over a thousand shots of such water arrows.

    And yet, the huge tsunami that was generated was quickly quelled over in an unnaturally short distance. I wondered if Weena Rhyn was able to control it.

    I couldn’t imagine what kind of techniques or skills would allow her to do something like that, but I’m pretty sure that was one of Weena Rhyn’s secret techniques.

    More than half of the Great Magic Beast’s body was already gone, and more water spheres kept shooting out at it.

    When I thought that the Divine water was not ceasing at all, I saw that a pillar of water from the lake was soaring up, breaking apart in the air and creating more water spheres. Moreover, I could feel Divine Power in those water spheres as well. Could it be that all of it was imbued with Divine attributes too?

    The new water sphere ascended to the sky in a straight line, and it looked as if we were watching rain footage in reverse. And after reaching a certain height, the water spheres began to fall as if pulled by gravity and poured down on the Great Magic Beast.

    As long as that cycle kept repeating itself, the attacks on the Great Magic Beast would never stop. Well, as long as Weena Rhyn’s magic power remains, that is.

    But could she really defeat it with just that?

    After all, no matter how much it was attacked and its body was whittled down, it could still regenerate.

    The Great Magic Beast seemed to have decided to stop its swelling too.

    It must be less taxing to concentrate its power into a small body to protect itself than to maintain a huge body.

    Weena Rhyn continued to shoot water spheres, with each shot having destructive power that rivaled our Heaven Judgement, without pause like a machine gun. And then, there was the Great Magic Beast that continued to use powerful barriers and instantaneous regeneration at the same time.

    I couldn’t even imagine how much magic power was consumed in just these few tens of seconds.

    Nevertheless, the struggle between Weena Rhyn and the Great Magic Beast continued.

    I couldn’t even imagine doing a fraction of what they did.

    All we could do is watch this myth-class battle. I was stunned, Urushi was terrified, And Fran was somewhat frustrated from looking at it.

    『Fran, what’s wrong?』

    (Weena Rhyn and the Great Magic Beast are both amazing)

    『This was the battle between those who are at the top of the world after all…』

    (But still, it’s frustrating)

    『…Is that so?』

    (Nn. One day, I have to defeat a Great Magic Beast like that myself. I can’t say that it’s impossible for me…)

    She never thought that she would see this kind of battle and immediately feel frustrated…

    Was she not afraid of it? No, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyone who didn’t feel fear after seeing that must be crazy.

    Rather, she must have used her feeling of frustration to motivate herself and overcome her fear.

    As expected of Fran. I couldn’t stand idly by either! That’s right, one day we’ll break the curse of the Black Cat kin.

    In other words, we would have to defeat an enemy as powerful as that Great Magic Beast by ourselves.


    Before I knew it, Urushi was no longer frightened. I guess he must have felt the same way too. He was looking back with a face full of energy, ready to witness that battle with his own eyes.

    『You’re right. we can’t say that was impossible to us』

    「Woof woof!」


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