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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 649

    Zelyse and Zelyse

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408



    Countless tentacles then tangled around Zelyse’s body.

    The tentacles that Rhyn had blown off had grown back.

    Of course, Zelyse and Nameless had been evading it all this time as well. However, I pushed Zelyse down to the tentacles that were aiming for Urushi.

    I don’t expect this to take him down, but it will buy us enough time to escape.


    Zelyse twisted his body in an attempt to shake off the tentacles that were wrapping around his body. He must have thought that he could escape from it, but it didn’t seem to be happening.

    Zelyse held on in the air, trying not to get dragged down. He seemed to have redirected his magic from regeneration to it as well and used his magic to repel the tentacles that are crawling around him.

    He couldn’t seem to get permeable instantly in that state.

    This was a chance to get rid of him, but…

    『Not even a little left, huh…?』



    Urushi was the only one left with the strength to attack. His wounds were also getting better after Fran and I sprinkled as many potions as we could on him.

    However, Urushi must unleash his magic from a distance to leave some energy to escape.

    We couldn’t force Urushi to push himself now that he was exhausted from unleashing his secret move before.

    「Ghaah! Shit shit shit―!」

    Well, Urushi’s magic must have been quite a nuisance for him. But we couldn’t stay here any longer.

    「Kukakakaka! You look like a fool! Zelyse!」

    「Just help me already!」


    We ran out of time. Nameless has reached here.

    Even Urushi, as expected, would not be able to defeat Nameless while carrying and protecting Fran and me on his back.

    We should escape while they’re off guard. Urushi knew this and was slowly retreating.

    However, it was just right after that.

    An unbelievable scene unfolded before us.

    「Kukakakaka! You want my help that badly?」


    「What’s wrong, you look so strange? Alchemist-dono?」

    「…Ha, hahaha. It seems you can still make a joke at a time like this…」

    Instead of helping Zelyse, Nameless suddenly grabbed Zelyse by the neck while giving him a deafening loud laugh as it applied more power into its hand.

    Zelyse responded with a pained look on his face, but he was still showing an attitude as if he still had some room for leeway…

    「Hmm? I’m not joking though, Zelyse」


    A dirty-looking aura, like a black sludge on a puddle, then overflowed from Nameless’ arms.

    Just looking at it made me feel an uncomfortable sensation in the depths of my mind.

    I think I’ve seen this somewhere before… Aah! I’ve seen it before on the floating island! It resembles the hatred that overflowed from that Lich!

    However, this one is several levels more terrifying.

    The hatred then crawled around Zelyse’s body and gradually covered him.

    「Sh,―it, …?」

    Zelyse raises his Magic Sword, Zelyse. However, the sword did not respond at all. It was as if it had become a mere sword.


    「Kukakaka! Kukakakakaka! That’s too bad! He doesn’t want to help you」

    「That’s ridiculous…」

    「Let’s just soak you up with hatred and make you my servant… Hmm? Really? So, you’re saying you can’t forgive him for his very existence?」

    「With whom did you talking to…!?」

    「Kukakaka, with whom, you ask? With your other self of course!」

    At Nameless’ words, Zelyse looked down at the sword in his hand. It was right after that.

    「Well, whatever. I just have to retrieve that sword」


    Nameless took the magic sword from Zelyse. However, the sword was not resisting it at all. If it was an Intelligence Weapon, it should even be able to attack on its own…

    However, there was no sign of the sword rejecting Nameless.

    「Even the sword finds you annoying! Kukakaka! You have a look on your face that says you don’t know why!」

    「…W-why!? I thought we were supposed to understand each other…」

    「You should have understood what it’s like to lose a human body, don’t you? For the sword Zelyse to be the only one, your existence must be like an eyesore for him」

    「…Haha, I see. Becoming a sword must have made him feel like a different being after all…」

    「I don’t dislike your eagerness for curiosity, but… To achieve my goal, your existence is still an eyesore. You shall die for us」


    When Nameless put more strength into his hand, Zelyse’s neck was crushed with extreme ease, and his head fell.

    「Farewell, you mad alchemist」

    When Nameless let go of its hand, Zelyse’s body fell toward the Great Magic Beast. It seemed that he was not dead yet, but he was indeed unable to move.

    And just like that, he was captured by the tentacles. While being entangled and compressed by the tremendous force, Zelyse was swallowed into the Great Magic Beast.

    The sound of crushing flesh and bone sounded as if the Great Magic Beast was chewing its food.

    I couldn’t feel any hint of Zelyse or even the slightest hint of his life force anymore.

    Was he… dead? That resilient Zelyse was…?

    But we couldn’t even afford to get confused here.


    Urushi let out a warning at us.

    『Kuh! Terrifying magic power was swelling around where Weena Rhyn is! It’s coming!』

    We left the scene as fast as we could before Nameless came to us.

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