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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 648

    Urushi's Secret Move

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Seeing that Urushi had forcefully broken through his barrage of magic bullets, Zelyse shouted in surprise.

    But that did not seem to stop him from moving.

    Zelyse quickly raised his magic sword and tried to release the second barrage. He also took out a large magic stone from his pocket and grinned.

    Judging from the enormous amount of magic power contained within it and my danger detection skills that started to ring like crazy, it must have been some really powerful magic stone weapon.

    Their plan must be to use the magic bullets to hinder Urushi’s movement and stop him with the magic stone weapon.

    But they’d underestimated Urushi too much, hadn’t they? Urushi was not a mere decoration here with us. He was our reliable partner who had reached a new level of evolution.



    Urushi suddenly accelerated.

    Yes, he had been pretending to be running at his full speed, but in fact, he was still holding back all this time. This was not because he was slacking, but rather out of consideration for Fran on his back.

    However, thanks to this, he had been able to outsmart Zelyse. He showed an irritated look at Urushi, who was rapidly advancing at a speed beyond his imagination.

    Fran looked in pain at the sudden acceleration, but she didn’t make a complaint. Urushi noticed that too, but he did not slow down.

    That was also because of Zelyse’s words.

    「I’m not done yet―!」

    He then swung his Magic Sword Zelyse horizontally and scattered magic bullets to us. The power of the bullets was weaker than before due to insufficient buildup, but the bullets were released in greater concentrations.

    I could see that Zelyse’s expression had regained a little of its composure.

    The power of his attack was certainly powerful. A direct hit from it would probably kill even a magic beast with a threat level of C.

    But did he really think he could defeat Urushi with just that? He had grown stronger through his training after all.


    Urushi then launched his own secret move.

    Dark Magic Lv7, Dark Embrace. Essentially, it was a technique to increase one’s defense and physical strength by covering one’s entire body with darkness.

    However, as a result of his training, Urushi had succeeded in modifying this technique in his own way.

    The jet-black darkness produced covered only Urushi’s head. By doing that, only the power of his fangs was strengthened. At the same time, I noticed that he had also activated his Dimensional Fangs.

    If the Giant Wolf, Urushi were to seriously bite with all his might, even an orichalcon could be crushed like a candy ball. It was a super-powerful blow that combined the Dark and Space-Time Attributes.

    It was not a technique that he and Fran had combined, but a technique that he created to finish off an enemy by himself. This was Urushi’s surefire attack.

    Amanda, who named this technique 『World Breaker Fang』 said that even she would not be able to avoid a fatal wound if she were hit directly by it.



    With his fangs deflecting the space-time magic bullets released by Zelyse, Urushi returned to his original size and bit into Zelyse’s body.

    I could see Urushi’s fangs, which had become as big as a log stake, were crushing the lower half of Zelyse’s body.

    「Ghuh… I never heard this wolf could do something like this…」

    Zelyse muttered to himself as he floated in the air with only the upper half of his body remaining.

    Well, maybe Zelyse had gotten information about Urushi from his other self who had become a magic sword. Or, if he knew that Urushi was the Darkness Wolf, he could have predicted his evolutionary path.

    Even though the evolutionary path of the Darkness Wolf had excellent leadership and magic power, they did not have a great ability for direct attack. The small-sized Urushi would have looked like a Dark Knight Wolf or even a Gehenna Wolf at a first glance after all.

    As a result, Zelyse and Nameless must have misjudged Urushi’s fighting strength.

    Although he looked pretty bad, Zelyse’s vitality was not yet exhausted. In fact, I could see the signs of regeneration about to begin.

    「Hm? I wonder why my regeneration is quite slow… Good grief… What in the hell is that wolf…?」

    I couldn’t feel any sense of panic in Zelyse’s eyes, rather he seemed to be curious about something. What an abnormal guy to not be shaken in his current situation.

    No, it seemed that he was confident that he could escape from this. After all, as long as he had his Magic Sword Zelyse, he could use a variety of its abilities. He then put away the magic stone weapon and held up the Magic Sword Zelyse.

    It was certain that Zelyse was badly injured and stuck in a situation where he could not move. It was our chance to defeat him, but…


    Urushi was still unable to move because of the backlash from his powerful move. Fran and I didn’t have enough strength left to unleash an attack that could defeat Zelyse either.

    「Aah, well, it seems that is all from me for today――」

    Shit! He was gonna run!


    What happened? Zelyse must have tried to activate his Teleportation skill, but nothing seemed to have happened? Had it failed to activate? But when I was thinking about that, I noticed that there was a slight presence of a Spirit around Zelyse.

    Was it Rhyn’s doing!? After all, as a Spirit of Time and Water, Rhyn should be able to block others from teleporting.

    Then, for the first time, I saw a hint of impatience on Zelyse’s face.

    「Shit… what a troublesome… Ghaah! T-this is!?」


    It was Fran. She whipped her heavily exhausted body to the very limit and unleashed a magic bullet. The power was at its weakest, it might not even kill a goblin.

    However, it seemed that she was able to at least break Zelyse’s stance. Fran then directed her eyes at me.

    Very well, I’ll push myself too!



    What I activated was Telekinesis. I could only activate it for a moment. However, with the loss of his lower body and the loss of his sense of balance, Zelyse was unable to resist the force that was suddenly delivered from an outside source.

    I pushed Zelyse downward as far as I could.

    That was all there was to it, but――.


    Countless tentacles then tangled around Zelyse’s body.

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