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I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

Chapter 557

Mock Battle's Preparation

Translated by Tods
Edited by Phantom0408


Special thanks to the translation Supporter: Asekhan


F-Fran-dono! What stunning magic and swordplay! Thank you very much! I never thought I’d see something like that!

Inez became restless and praised Fran. She was quite excited to be able to directly witness Fran’s abilities.

Even for Inez, who should have understood Fran’s ability to some extent beforehand, was like this. But the students were still in a daze.

However, this wasn’t the end of today’s class.

Inez had told Fran in advance to demonstrate her abilities to make an impact on them, and then she would have a mock battle with the students. If possible, she’d like for her to give them a bit of a beating as well. That was what she was asked to do.

The spirits surveillance network wouldn’t be a problem for the current Fran, as she was officially recognized as a Special Mock Battle Instructor. They told her that fighting in class wouldn’t be a problem. As long as she didn’t kill a student with malicious intent, she wouldn’t be blamed for it.

Of course, this didn’t apply outside of class or when she was being treated as a student.

Will the students be able to continue the mock battles like this? Wouldn’t it better to let them rest for a while? After all, they were surprised and exhausted and seemed to be running out of energy.

However, as expected of the one being called a Devil Instructor, Inez.

I’d like to conduct the mock battle as planned, are you okay with that?

She said they should continue just like this. However, she asked Fran with a somewhat worried expression.

How long do you need a break?

A break?

Yes. Will you take about 30 minutes to rest? We also have stamina potions and mana potions with us if you need some

She seemed to think that Fran needed to take a break for a while after unleashing such a huge spell. Well, I couldn’t blame her for thinking that, since she had unleashed such a large amount of Advanced Magic. After all, she had used the same amount of magic power as several ordinary magicians.

But Fran shook her head with a calm face.

I’m perfectly fine

Yo-you’re perfectly fine…? Certainly, you’ve already stopped sweating now. I’m impressed

Inez was sincerely surprised to be told that she didn’t need a break.

Th-then. Let’s proceed to the mock battle as it is


Inez then turned to her students, who still looked dazed, and gave them a stern command.

You will now engage in a mock battle with Fran-dono!

Immediately, there was a shriek. There was a strong look of fear on the faces of the students. Well, it seemed that we had gone a little overboard earlier.

But overcoming the fright was the main purpose of the battle with the Special Mock Battle Instructor. Inez then stared at the students with cold eyes and shouted at them.

All of you, prepare for battle!

A-All of us?

That’s what I said, right? Or did you not hear me?

No! I could clearly hear you! I’m sorry for asking something like that!

A male student who had asked back was smacked down by Inez. Seeing this, the students ran out to the central part of the ground without wasting any more time after that and formed a formation on the spot.

It seemed that their fear of Fran was weakened by their fear of Inez. They still looked pale though, but they managed to start moving.

Apparently, they were planning to form parties of five or six people and then coordinate with each other. During this time, the students were discussing something with each other, so they must be confirming their strategy.

Alright. Fran-dono, please take care of them. As for the recovery, I’ve called the school nurse, Deaden, so you don’t have to worry about it

Thank you for the introduction! I’m Deaden! I’ve mastered Recovery Magic, so if you lose two or three arms, just leave it to me and I’ll regenerate it in no time!

Three arms…? No, does he mean if it was more than one person? However, the students scrunched up their faces when they heard that.

Perhaps they just imagined the future of their arms being cut off.

Very well. Then, Let the mock battle begin!

At Inez’s shout, the mock battle began quietly.

The students in the vanguard held their weapons and shields and refused to move from their positions. I wondered if they were planning to intercept us, but it seemed they were waiting for the Support Magic from the rear guard. They were using a spell to raise their magic resistance and a spell to raise their defense.

It seemed that they were planning to counter Fran’s magic.

Was the reason why they raised their defense was to prevent themselves from being defeated with a single blow? But if they’re all stuck together like that at the start of the battle, wouldn’t a wide AOE spell wipe them out? Besides, even with their defense up, were they going to be able to react to Fran’s movements?

Well, it was not a bad idea to increase your defenses when you’re fighting an opponent who was far faster than you. But that would be of use only if you could barely see your opponent’s movement.

After all, there was no point in raising their defense if they were unable to sense or even see their opponent’s movement.

If they were like Goddarfa, they would be able to counter-attack. However, with their level of magic, it seemed to be of little use.

No, not if we assume that this was a mock battle, right?

The powerful magic and sword techniques that we just showed to them could not be used this time. After all, they would just simply kill them instantly if they were to hit them. That was why she could be as serious as she wanted about evasion but she had to adjust her attack considerably.

I guess the students have already figured that out. So, it was not surprising that they thought they could get away by fortifying their defenses.

But was that all right? Wasn’t a mock battle supposed to be a real battle? Did they plan a strategy based on the assumption that their opponent would go easy on them in a mock battle?

Well, at least they managed to gather and analyze the information to form a plan, but…

Inez looked angry.

Fran-dono… Give them a taste of despair. You can also break their hearts if you want to


I was thinking of holding back a little but Inez requested the opposite.

Fran then pulled me out, I was back to my normal size, and we stepped onto the ground.

However, the students still did not move. They seemed to be planning to ignore the wide AOE magic and deal with it together.

Well, it was predictable though. Their plan would be for the vanguard to stop her movements while the rearguard attacks.

They observed Fran who started to walk slowly. Their magic chanting had already been completed and their arrows were ready. So whatever Fran does, they should be able to handle her.

Well, let’s give them a little lesson, shall we?


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