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The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke

The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke (Light Novel)

Author: 슈퍼하양
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I possessed a character in a novel that I stopped writing as a hobby when I was in high school.

My mother died in an accident, and my father is rumored to be dead right after he went to jail.

Thanks to that, I became an orphan girl at the age of seven without a name.

While living in another person’s house, I was exhausted from working and was caught running away. Then sold to s*ave traders. I was wondering if this life is meant to be ruined.

The reputable Duke, the Empire’s greatest villain bought me.

“She’s 7 years old, but was small and too thin.”

Henriette, the worst villain in the original, whose hobby is making everyone act like a puppet, playing tricks on the imperial family, and threatening the neck of the aristocracy, it turned out that scary man is my real father who went to jail!

But you seem a little different from the original villain.

“Well, duke…”


“…..Oh, father?”

“That, too.”

“……uh, Daddy?”

“Yes, my daughter. What do you want to have today?”

Henriette, who I thought was scary, is more friendly than I thought.

“If anyone bothers you from now on, you have to tell your big brother, okay? I’ll drown them at the bottom of the lake.”

“Shall I go see flowers with my little sister today? There are so many ornamental mermaids in the glass greenhouse. I thought you would like it, so I caught it myself. Did I do a good job?”

“This slow girl! Dad called you…. No, I’m not mad! Damn it, don’t be s*upid! Ahhh! Yeah! I’m wrong! Okay?”

The new brothers were definitely villains in the original, but they are much nicer than I thought.

“You can do whatever you want. Anyone in the family, if you say so, will listen carefully and do what you say.”

But it’s weird. The novel I wrote wasn’t originally like this.


“….If you promise me a few things, I’ll stay with you again. I won’t leave you.”

“You can see me anytime without an appointment.”

“Should I? I can always run away to a place where you will never find me again.”

He frowned his eyebrows.

If I had known that a small word of expression would have caused such a terrible reaction, I would have kept my mouth shut then.

It was when I was in the middle of regretting,

“You’re mistaken. Do you think I will let you go in the first place, shouldn’t that be possible first?”


“Who said I’d let you run away?”

……No matter how much I think about it, I think I got it wrong.

“If you’ll really run away, you shouldn’t be caught by me again.”


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