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I Mistook the Hidden Identity of the Sub Male Lead

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 : I Mistook the Hidden Identity of the Sub Male Lead 

Translated by Niks 

Edited by Schwarzel

Thinking of Ronnie, I was going to give her a dress that could help, but I gave over something I didn’t even want to see.


“Yes. But I don’t like it now. I thought you could fix it and wear it later when you get married, so I tried to give it to you. If you don’t like it, I’ll choose another dress.”


I was being honest and changed into Ronnie’s clothes.


Being embarrassed, she naturally helped me when I changed my clothes.


“Anyway, make sure to bring your barter mini dress! I’ll check it later. And since I’m going to town, tell me when my mother finds me.’


”Yes, I got it. I’ll have the carriage on standby.”


“I’m going to walk, so I’m fine without the carriage.”


“What? You’re walking…’’


“I’ll be back. I’ll be back before dinner.”


Ronnie, with an expression saying,

‘A lady who snots but doesn’t even take a walk in the garden, was walking all the way to town?’

I left the room, after saying that I’ll come back at dinner before she caught me.


‘When looking for a job in town, I should pretend to be a commoner. If I say that I’m from a Viscount family, no one would hire me. Besides, I have a lot of dressing boutique and fancy restaurants that I visited with aristocrats who would recognize me.


I walked to the village and organized what I could do.


Looking for a safe job that does not require skills and does not collide with aristocrats, has been divided into several things.


‘The problem was that there was no money.’


Everything that came to mind, such as serving restaurants and countering inns, was poorly paid.


Occupations with less than a maid’s salary.


The maid’s salary was 384 per month.

If you’re paid less than a maid, you’ll have to work like a slave for the rest of your life.


‘There are no weekly vacation pay, no overtime pay, and no severance pay.’


This was the worst.


However, it was not as stable as a civil servant, and if you get older or make a mistake, you may be fired overnight.


‘As a public servant… should I rather enter the Imperial Palace as an administrative officer?’


However, there were a lot of highly educated talents with good families and good reputations, and there was no reason to choose me, who didn’t have any outstanding abilities.


I was contemplating whether I should be serious about two jobs, but I slightly bumped into someone walking.



It was a suspicious contact.


‘A pickpocket? I’m glad I didn’t bring my wallet.’


I came down to the village to look for a job, so I didn’t bring my wallet on purpose.


Dressing like a commoner didn’t guarantee that the pickpocket wouldn’t rob me.


“Oh, my shoulder!”




But contrary to my expectations, the man who bumped with my shoulder was not a pickpocket.


The skinny man sat down holding on to the shoulder that bumped me, and suddenly two big men ran this way.


“What’s going on?”


“Brother! She hit me on the shoulder. Ugh, I think I broke my bone.’’


It was an insurance scam with worse quality than a pickpocket.


The man who bumped his shoulder started to pull out tears like a veteran actor.


A bald man sighed and spat out a cliche line, saying, “Did you hurt my brother?!”


I said, looking down at the crying man with my arms folded in bewilderment.


“Aren’t you bluffing a little? I couldn’t believe I broke a bone just because you bumped into a thin girl like me.”


”Where’s the delicate woman here!’


”Me. I’m thin even if you look at me.’’


Although I had a guilty conscience, it was not a big mistake.


The man who bumped his shoulder was skinny, but he was taller than me and his frame looked hard.


“You know how fragile our youngest is? I’m worried that the wind will blow him away!”


No, then you should have taken care of him at home. Why did you let him out on the street where the cold wind blows?


When I was speechless and kept my mouth shut, the bald man shrugged even more, perhaps thinking I was scared.


No one stopped this repression that took place in the middle of the boulevard.


‘I’ve been dressed like a commoner on purpose, and I never thought I’d get caught by these guys.’


If a commoner injures a nobleman at all, he or she would be imprisoned.


If he touched a high-ranking noble, he could have been put to death.


So, if I had brought a wagon openly or wore clothes with a noble crest, there would have been no encounter with these third-class gangsters.


They must think I’m the daughter of some commoner that lives here.


With a sigh, I tried to take out a handkerchief with a family crest from my arms.


Not only was there no security forces nearby, but this was the fastest way to end this situation.


‘Wait a minute.’


But suddenly, I heard a clear voice.


A woman wearing shabby clothes tightly intervened between me and these third-rate bullies.


“If your shoulder hurts, I could treat you.”



“Why? What are you?”


“I am a priest who’s practicing. I have divine power, even if it’s weak, so broken bones could be healed quickly.”


Priests were protected by the temple and could not be touched by anyone.


The faces of the men who heard that the woman who intervened was a priest were crumpled.


Probably because the plan to extort money has failed.




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Read only at Travis Translations


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