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I Mistook the Hidden Identity of the Sub Male Lead

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 : I Mistook the Hidden Identity of the Sub Male Lead 

Translated by Niks

Edited by Schwarzel 

Mayerie was not even born with a gold spoon, but did she think that she could afford all the luxury in the world?


Even at that time, I was annoyed that I bought a ruby that was a level lower than that of Lazvia.


It’s crazy really.


If I had found the memory of my past life a month earlier, I would have had much less debt.


I sighed deeply, thinking about what I could do now.


‘I was worried about getting a job in my previous life, but I have to worry about getting a job again even after finding the memories of my previous life.’


I majored in horticultural science in my previous life, but my grades were not so good, so I couldn’t get a job with my major.


 (T/N: Horticulture- the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.)


I couldn’t afford to go to graduate school, and there wasn’t enough money to set up a store at home.


To get a job at a company not related to the department, I was thinking about whether to acquire a TOEIC study and accounting certificate or study as a public official, but the knowledge at that time was unlikely to be helpful now.


 (T/N: TOEIC-The Test of English for International Communication is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native speakers. It is intentionally designed to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. )


‘If I had learned other techniques, I wouldn’t have had to worry about this now.’


I know it’s ridiculous to choose a major thinking about my future, even though I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but it was a joke that I threw lightly because I felt like I would be depressed by the vague reality.


“What should I do now?”


I wasn’t smart enough to be a tutor for another nobleman, and the rumors about me were bad in society.


I didn’t have connections, and also I didn’t have enough capital or ability to do business.


The best part was only that I had a strong body that resembles my mother and I was stronger than ordinary people.


‘There was an article here, but it was too late to get into the Academy now.’


Unfortunately, only minors were allowed to enter the Imperial Academy.


In this world, 18 years old was considered an adult, and I am two years older than him, so it would be absolutely impossible.


‘Oh, come to think of it, Ren becomes an adult this year,’ I realized why he came back as a Viscount.


‘I didn’t attend his graduation ceremony, and I couldn’t congratulate him, but I don’t know why you’re here?’


You treated me like a complete stranger.


I made a mistake as soon as I promised to do well.


I couldn’t help it because I didn’t know it, and I tried to rationalize by saying ‘I would do better next time.’


‘Yes. Now, it’s better to pay off debt than to do good to Rendle!’


Our relationship would be worse if he knew I had such a big debt.


Before that, I had to get a job somehow and appeal that I could pay it back.


“Let’s go down to town first.”


Going to town doesn’t mean I could get a job right away, but it would be better than staying still.


I stretched out and called Ronnie.


“Lady, what’s the matter?”


With a puzzled look on her face at my sudden call, she knocked and carefully entered the room.


Ronnie was originally a maid in charge of cleaning.


I usually call her when I go out or attend a party where I need to dress up because Ronnie has good dexterity, but I usually didn’t talk to her.


It was because I hated to talk to commoners because I thought the aristocracy was a special thing.


“Bring me the most plain clothes you have.”


“What? O-okay. Wait a minute Miss.”


Ronnie tilted her head to see why I suddenly asked for plain clothes, but she went to get them without asking.


She, who knows my personality well, found it easier to follow orders quietly than to be criticized for asking.


I don’t have any ordinary clothes.’


I sighed as I glanced through the dressing room.


The daily clothes I used to wear were also full of lace and ribbons, and the colors were too flashy.


I hated the color of my hair because I thought it gave me a hazy impression.


So I wore clothes that were vivid colors.


It looked dry in a certain sense. It doesn’t look good on me either.


‘If I go down to the village wearing such clothes, I would be the target of pickpockets.’


I’ll have to fix it later.


The color doesn’t look good on me, but if I took off an excessive ribbon or lace, I would be able to wear it casually.


If I resell these clothes, I still won’t get half of the cost.


The fabric was good, so it was a waste to just throw it away.


Ronnie returned while I was thinking about how to mend the hanging dresses in the dressing room.


”This was the clothes that you asked Miss.’


“Thank you, let’s exchange this dress and your clothes.”


“Yes? B-but…This was your favorite dress Miss!”


I took out a white dress from the hanging clothes and gave it to Ronnie.


It was the dress I wore when I debuted.


Later, when Ronnie would get married, I thought it would be good to wear it as a wedding dress, but I forgot.


‘This was the dress I wore the day I first saw the Duke of Kolnuta.’


Before I remembered my previous life, whenever I missed the Duke, I took out this dress and recalled the memories when I first saw the Duke 


It’s just a memory.


On the day of my debut, I was escorted by my fiancé Nouner to attend the New Year’s party.


The moment I saw the Duke entering the hall confidently, I fell in love with him at first sight.


It wasn’t a fateful encounter that attracted each other, and we didn’t even say hello or greet each other.


I only fell in love with him and followed him for three years.


There was only one thing that’s the same in my previous life and in my present life.


He’s a terrible jerk.


Ugh, I hate this!



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