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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Translator :- Sheri_Yui_Chan

Editors:- Baddie & Travistann

The house with its collapsed walls and clutters seemed impossible to clean up at first glance, but it was sorted out faster than Wang Mancang thought. It was as if he hadn’t even gotten warmed up, and everything was already in its place before he knew it.

However …

Half an hour later Uncle Wang who was washing the lettuce leaves by the sink in Nianbing’s house was in a trance as he thought about what had happened earlier …

Earlier on, he and Song Shi Yue had already cleaned up most of the things, including the debris from the fallen wall. It looked much better than when they’d first arrived. Also, because it was getting late, the person who was supposed to repair the wall said they would come only by the next day morning.

Originally, he should have taken Song Shiyue to a hotel to rest for the night because the house was uninhabitable for tonight.


 Wang Mancang shook the drops of water on the lettuce leaves off and looked back at the table full of half-finished meat dishes on the table.

Some of them had been taken out from the refrigerator by Yu Nianbing, and more had been ordered from the star-net port, and these takeaways had arrived just a few minutes ago.

Even if Uncle Wang could understand that there is a difference in how rumors portray a person persona in the showbiz world, he still had some difficulty accepting the sudden hospitality of Nianbing and he couldn’t figure why she was being so good to them. After all, shouldn’t she be scared after he’d reported to her what all Shiyue’d eaten in the car before, and yet Nianbing had invited them to dinner quite kindly without even a single change in facial expression?

Besides, earlier she hadn’t seemed to be all that warm and hospitable, but now it seemed that she really could be someone like that …

Wang Mancang glanced back again and saw Yu Nianbing, who was sitting at the table and putting slices of meat on the electric barbeque grill with a focused and calm expression.

 It was just an ordinary calm appearance, but with an unfamiliar feel… Wang Mancang couldn’t help leaning against the sink, pondering on what was happening.

 However, some honestly stayed away, and some didn’t seem to understand the personality of Yu Nianbing at all…

 “Okay.” Song Shi Yue came over from the direction of Yu Nian Bing’s bedroom with a large stainless steel basin full of …… chicken.

“You finished prepping it so quickly?” Uncle Wang glanced at the bunch of lettuce and perilla leaves he was washing and he became embarrassed when he saw the large steel pot filled with chicken. The chicken was very familiar to him. Then he asked “How could you just use it (the pot)? “

“This is the only pot that I could use as there was too much chicken. So I washed it over there.” Shi Yue looked to Nian Bing, “Do you mind that I used it?”

Yu Nianbing shook his head: “You have helped a lot, thank you so much. “

Wang Mancang: “…”

Yu Nianbing glanced at Wang Mancang: “Well…Thank you too.”

Uncle Wang repeatedly refused her thanks and then immersed himself in washing the vegetables. The sack of old hens from before was bought on the ship on his way back to North Star when it briefly stopped at another planet. Originally, he’d wanted to bring it back to teach Song Shiyue, but when he’d gone to the hospital, he found that Yu Nianbing hadn’t left yet, so he gave the old hens as a thank-you gift. But he was still negligent… he didn’t expect Yu Nianbing lived alone by herself, and this sack of live chicken might have almost become a burden to her. 

Fortunately, he’d brought Song Shiyue here. Oh, of course, he hadn’t killed the chicken, but all the chickens were killed by Song Shiyue in the kitchen over there. He hadn’t done anything… he didn’t expect that the little girl who was timid and shy could kill chickens. Hmm, this pot that was being used to clean the chicken was a bit too bad. She must pay attention to it.

Just when Uncle Wang was about to secretly whisper about it to Song Shiyue, he heard Yu Nianbing speaking to her again, standing just behind her.

Song Shiyue was nodding her head again and again in affirmation to some proposal.

Such a natural conversation, if he hadn’t seen those charcoal basins before, he was afraid that he couldn’t behave as naturally and smoothly as NianBing was doing now. He could only sigh in secret and continue to wash the vegetables.

[TN: lmao it so long why hasn’t Uncle Wang finished washing the vegetables it is like in those soap opera dramas where the male lead walks in slow motion and he never seems to reach the female lead even after 10 minutes when they are just 50 meters apart]

After seven years of rolling around in the apocalypse world, Song Shiyue had seen countless tragedies, so she had no aversion., and hence she could behave as if nothing happened with the people around her.

But Yu Nianbing was reacting so normal to these charcoal basins because since Shiyue’d woken up, she didn’t look like a person who had a death wish, and neither did she look like she will take up that path ever again. So she had nothing to be careful about.

However, if Yu Nianbing had not witnessed the collapse of the wall and rescued Song Shiyue with her own hands, it would be hard to believe that such a girl had once tried to kill herself…

Even now when Shiyue was in front of her, she would fall into a trance, unable to understand why Shiyue would try to give up her life, because now she looked so lively and filled with joy and vigor.

Obviously, she was a girl filled with such vitality.

In the kitchen, dishes were being washed, meat was being grilled, and the chickens were being …… butchered.

Under the hustle and bustle of the room, the background was rather silent and there were three people’s very different thoughts lingering in the atmosphere.

At this time, the aroma had spread, overflowing, the slices of meat were slightly curled up, and the flavor of spices rose up. The chopsticks were eager to try to pick the delicacies served on the plates, but it didn’t immediately head towards it’s target.

Yu Nianbing turned over the piece of meat on the grill, and from the corner of her eyes, she saw Song Shiyue’s hesitation between the plates. Suddenly she felt a little joyful, just like when she was five or six years old, she had gone to her grandmother’s house with a pot of dog food. The puppies in the backyard were as cute as Shiyue was now.

Unfortunately, those puppies ate too little.

They were just a few handfuls of food and their bellies were filled and round with just that little amount, it made her feel quite unsatisfied as she couldn’t feed them that much.

A few pieces of delicious and hot barbecue meat fell on  Shiyue’s plate, and the other pieces were pushed by Yu Nianbing to the side of the baking grill near Uncle Wang.

Probably, this time, it would be fun feeding her.

Yu Nianbing watched as the roasted meat pieces were vanishing with the speed of the wind from Shiyue’s plate, and then she put more meat on the baking grill.

How much could she eat?

 How much strength does she have?

Song Shiyue seemed to have many interesting abilities in her body. But Yu Nianbing didn’t intend to ask.

It was interesting enough to have fun together once – if she yearned for more, it would only become addictive.

 This is what Nianbing’s mother had taught her when she only was five or six years old, after she fed the puppies in her grandma’s garden.

  Then, she never saw those cute puppies again.

 She still remembered their colors: a black-and-white one, two creamy golden retriever types, and a lovely beige…

Now that Yu Nian Bing was independent and able to live according to her wishes, there were some habits that still seemed to have been maintained.

For example, to anybody that piqued her interest, she had always maintained the attitude that after meeting once, it would be a goodbye. Perhaps, to many people, this was what they saw as indifferent and cold behavior.

Halfway through the dinner, Uncle Wang couldn’t help but want to persuade Song Shiyue to exercise some restraint.

Previously she used to have a bird’s appetite, how can one commit suicide and obtain such a big appetite? This made Wang Mancang wonder if Song Shiyue had never given up on the thought of suicide…but had just changed her demeanor and was pretending to be okay.

Shiyue felt that she could still eat, but she could feel a worried gaze while she was eating, so she dropped her chopsticks and looked at Uncle Wang’s concerned face.

It was a pity, Yu Nianbing’s grilled meat was really delicious. Especially the ones that looked like they were served on baking trays and plates. The saltiness was just right. With the craftsmanship of Nianbing, the barbecue was just perfect and soft, and she needed to be really careful so that she wouldn’t eat the chopsticks along with it. Even the prepped meat that had been stored in a disposable box was fragrant and tender. Just looking at it made people more and more hungry. Her plate was empty and her eyes began drifting towards the barbeque grill where new meat pieces were being roasted, and it made her feel really reluctant to leave.

Yu Nianbing glanced at Song Shiyue who had put down her chopsticks and stared at Shiyue, who couldn’t move her face away from the barbeque grill. Of course, she knew that Song Shiyue still wanted to eat.

Unlike Wang Mancang who was concerned right now, and also unlike before when she was in Ciming, the current Yu Nianbing believed that Song Shiyue was truly able to eat such large  amounts of food.

After all, Song Shiyue could lift the metal table that was so heavy that she couldn’t lift even a fraction of it, and she even treated that metal table like it was a pair of chopsticks, fiddling freely with it between her hands, so then Shiyue eating more was nothing to be surprised about.

No, she shouldn’t think about it anymore. Nianbing put down the barbecue tongs in her hand and as she would habitually do, she stopped herself from continuing to explore this interesting and unique person.

“Two days ago, “The Immortal” had finished filming and director Feng Rushan is going to start filming his next film. I’ve heard that it’s an urban style workplace drama with many scenes from an amusement park, they also took investment from Paradise star, and the casting will begin next week or two weeks later.” Yu Nianbing touched the edge of her plate and looked at Wang Mancang.

“…” Yu Nianbing glanced towards Shiyue

Song Shiyue, at this moment, was sneaking out her friendly claws to a plate of scones on the table.

Wang Mancang, who had not yet reacted to the meaning of the conversation that took place now, followed Yu Nianbing’s gaze, and when he saw this, he couldn’t help but cough with a dark face.

Yu Nian Bing could even imagine how Song Shi Yue would quickly retract her hand and look back over at her like a frightened animal, probably like when she had woken up in the hospital when she’d gone to wake her. She looked like a frightened deer, staring at her with innocent eyes like that of a deer’s.

Of course, Nianbing’s premonition was wrong.

Almost as soon as Wang Mancang’s meaningful and heavy cough sound was made, Shiyue stretched out her hand more quickly like a conditioned reflex. and She grabbed a piece of cake, and it looked like she was about to shove it down her throat.

 Yu Nianbing quickly grabbed Shiyue’s hand with her’s and held her wrist tight.

With all of them facing each other with intense eye stares, Wang Mancang was the first to lose the battle.

“You…you…you can eat how much ever you want! As long as you don’t try to choke yourself!” Wang Mancang tremblingly stretched out a hand and took the cake from Song Shiyue’s hand that was about to be stuffed into her skirt’s pocket, putting it on her plate.

‘Oh, please pity me, my god!’ He thought he was just a simple agent and not a wealthy landlord of this old galaxy. 

Seeing that Shiyue was so hungry that she was about to run away with cakes just pained him and also made him feel awkward.

 So embarrassing, no one wanted to mention it again.

 “Ah… we were talking about Director Feng…” Wang Mancang tried his best to change back the topic and talk with Nianbing.

Yu Nianbing also pretended not to have seen anything, letting go of Song Shiyue’s wrist, and nodded in cooperation, and said: “Director Feng’s new drama has received investment from Paradise star. The pay should be good. You can try it. “

 “Oh oh.” Wang Mancang reacted.

It’s no wonder that Wang Mancang’s reaction was slow. It was just that “Journey to the Wilderness ” was about to start filming in a week. And Yu Nianbing had said that Director Feng had been casting the cast for two weeks, so he didn’t think it was for Song Shiyue.

Yu Nianbing really didn’t know that wherever and whenever she was around them, he found that… she was a really good person.

 Wang Mancang sighed with emotion.


“Have you not received any notice or message from the “Journey to the Wilderness ” program group just now?” Wang Mancang pointed to the Starnet client on his wrist, in a questioning manner.

 “I haven’t seen it. What’s the matter?” Yu Nianbing frowned slightly.

“Journey to the Wilderness”… hmm

 Yu Nianbing looked at Song Shiyue who was eating a small bite of cake, and then she opened the star network port, and removed the notification block.

 Hanging on the screen in mid-air, message notifications flashed for some time on the screen before coming to a stop.

Yu Nianbing ignored the messages sent by those from the company, and stopped for a while on the dozen or so messages named Ouyang Hui, and then opened the newsletter from the “Wild Journey” program group at the exact location.

Sure enough, Yao Mingzhu’s name had been replaced by Song Shiyue’s.

 Turning off the star network, when Yu Nianbing looked at Wang Mancang again, he inevitably took a few minutes to look at it.

It’s no wonder Nianbing thought too much about it. Given that the Song Shiyue now had only participated as a third-rate female lead in an online drama, it is unlikely that she had the qualifications to enter the “Journey to the Wilderness” program group.

 Could it be that… did they also know that she had superhuman strength?

Was this a good thing for Song Shiyue?

 Yu Nianbing thought a little more about it, and her expression became heavier.

“That, she didn’t do anything. I just went by myself. It’s just that I’m actually a bit old and I also know the top of the company, and I had no choice this time, so I shamelessly asked for this place.” Wang Mancang misunderstood Yu Nianbing and only thought that she looked like this because she was suspecting whether Song Shiyue had gone through some kind of backdoor, so he had no choice but to vaguely explain a few things.

As a result, he saw that Nianbing loosened her brows and returned to her former calm appearance.

 “The show “Journey to the Wilderness “… is not very easy to shoot. The purpose of this kind of show is probably to assemble the artists and make the audience laugh. It will be even more difficult as it is being broadcasted live this time.” Yu Nianbing looked at Song Shiyue, who had already eaten the cakes and cookies, “And with more than ten days of filming, it’s not certain if you can eat enough every day.”

 “But there is a lot of money-.”

  “But there is more money.”

 Wang Mancang and Song Shiyue blurted out almost simultaneously.

Nianbing nodded. Money was indeed a problem that Shiyue needed to solve.

  “What about you? Why would you agree if you knew that this show is not easy to shoot?” Song Shiyue asked curiously.

Wang Mancang turned his face and glared at this tactless girl. This bear child actually asked about everything so straightforwardly.

“Because it gives them a lot of money. I am about to terminate the contract with Senxin entertainment. They will push me to whoever will give them more money now.” Yu Nianbing didn’t care too much, just flicking her fingers across the star network client on her wrist.

 “But, according to your situation, wasn’t it mentioned in the contract that you have the right to veto their decision?” Wang Mancang couldn’t help but ask about it this time.

 One is fat, one is thin, one is old and the other is young, the two faces that looked over were equally curious.

 “No. I signed a contract that doesn’t give me veto rights; it does not violate the laws and ethics.” Yu Nianbing said calmly.

 “Ah? You were scammed, right?” Wang Mancang couldn’t help but slapped the table. “Are you kidding? Even in the renewed contract with Shiyue, she has veto rights. Yes, terminating your contract with them is the best. Why don’t you consider signing with me? I will give you veto powers.

The last sentence was said in a moment of impulse, Uncle Wang felt a little embarrassed. This is just an impulsive proposal, even though their own company is bigger than Sen Xin, hahaha she can’t afford to be signed in by a bottom level agent …… he was really letting people laugh with his little impulse. Uncle Wang was so shocked that he ate a piece of barbecued meat in a hurry.

Yu Nianbing lowered her eyes and set the chopsticks on the plate in front of the plate, “When this matter is over with, I will consider it.”

Wang Mancang only thought that this was NianBing’s courtesy towards him and he just laughed it off.

 After eating dinner, Shiyue said that she didn’t want to stay in a hotel.

 Only the wall of the master bedroom had collapsed, which did not affect sleep. No matter what, there were guest bedrooms in her apartment.

Song Shiyue finally waited until she was alone, thinking that it would be more convenient then to take a good look at the original owner’s place.

Nianbing was unaffected by Song Shiyue’s decision.

 Wang Mancang asked some more questions. Seeing that Song Shiyue had made up her mind, he stopped trying to persuade her to leave with him and agreed to come back tomorrow.

They would also call the repairman to fix the wall. Compared with Song Shiyue’s little issue with the wall here, he still had more important things to do.

For example, finding someone to find Song Shiyue’s father who owed such a huge debt and went into hiding.

After eating the barbecue dinner, Song Shiyue took the initiative to clean up the kitchen.

Yu Nianbing also rolled up her sleeves but then she heard the pinging of the Starnet client before she could even start to help.

Fingertips slid across the star-net client. After Ouyang Hui’s name flashed, a dozen missed calls and unread text messages followed.

[TN: cough green tea alert , Ouyang hui is Yao Mingzhu mentioned in this chapter I don’t know but these two names are for the same person maybe this is her real name and Yao Mingzhu is her stage name]

Yu Nianbing sighed lightly and chose to connect.

 “Is this chicken all to be put in the frozen section, or…” Song Shiyue poked her head out of the kitchen.

 “Put all of it in the quick freeze section.” Yu Nianbing didn’t want to waste that big pot of chicken before Aunt Wang’s holiday was over.

Song Shiyue nodded and retreated back into the kitchen.

Yu Nianbing looked at the star network port, and it was quiet.

 In the end, it was the other party who spoke first.

 “Who was that just now?” The female voice seemed a little cautious, but also seemed to carry more of a testing intent.

Yu Nian Bing picked up the water on the table, raised it to her lips, didn’t drink it, and put it down again: “Has Qiu Yishan come looking for you? So now she’s gone from being my agent to a professional snitch? Even pregnant women who are about to have a baby are pulled in, and they don’t want to think about the baby in your stomach. Senxin is really interesting.”

 “You really want to terminate the contract with Senxin? Have you thought about me? Have you thought about who the baby in my stomach belongs to? Don’t you want to think about our children?” At the end of the starnet client, Ouyang Hui leaned on the bed, her palms caressing her belly,  and said with a bit of sadness in her tone.

 “That’s Shi Senxin’s child, and it’s not mine.” Yu Nianbing seemed to think of something, and the corner of her mouth bent slightly. “I am going to be on a trip to Wilderness Star this time and will cancel the contract when I come back.

“How…can you say it like that, did you forget everything…” Ouyang Hui never thought that Nianbing would say such a thing. She was a little dizzy for a while and stumbled when she spoke.

  “Okay, let’s not say more. Take good care of your baby and listen less to Qiu Yishan’s nonsense. Senxin will not lose anything just because I am leaving, there are many good artists left.” Yu Nianbing said, and without waiting for the other side to respond, actively cutting off the call.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ouyang Hui was about to give birth, Yu Nian Bing wouldn’t even want to pick up this call.



Yu Nianbing’s eyes darkened gradually, and the hand holding the cup slowly tightened, the hand turned blue and white, and the bones distinctly showed up.

 “Do you want to wash that cup?” Song Shiyue’s head came out of the kitchen again.

Yu Nianbing slowly turned her head, her hands slowly left the cup and slowly loosened her hold on the cup a little.


What the author has to say:

Author: Fortunately, the cup is not pinched by Song Shiyue.

Song Shiyue:? ? ?

TN: I am sorry for the delay because we are shifting to new home. It was difficult to translate chapters faster at most I can do 2 to three chapters a week but this time I couldn’t do so sorry to the readers 🙂


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