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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


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Most of the bedroom wall had collapsed, so naturally, the house was uninhabitable.

If the collapsed wall was caused due to some ordinary quality problem or a natural disaster, it would have been easy to deal with. All Yu Nian Bing would’ve needed to do was to put away the personal belongings in her bedroom and move them to the guest bedroom next to it, and then ask Aunt Wang to come out and find someone to fix it.

The problem is, it wasn’t just as simple as a wall collapsing here. ……

Unfortunately, what happened in this place was really strange, and when Song Shi Yue woke up, they didn’t talk in detail about the wall. Then Song Shi Yue’s agent came and forcefully stuffed a sack of gifts in her hand, and when she wanted to speak she was interrupted, then she forgot to ask about it again.

Through the light that was shining from her own room, Yu Nian Bing could see the bedroom next door, the smoke had dissipated, and the few huge charcoal basins were visible to her, hmm …… No matter what, it was necessary to deal with this first, she had to cover up what had happened here, before calling technicians to repair the wall.

Yu Nianbing sighed, rolled up her sleeves, and tried to push the half-long table that had been stuck in her bedroom back to Song Shiyue’s side. However, she pushed at it hard for a long time, and it only moved a few centimeters past, as the table legs were jammed by the broken brick walls. Yu Nianbing tried to lift the table, but the metal table was so heavy that she could push it a little bit, but she couldn’t lift it at all. Since it had come to this point, Yu Nianbing reluctantly let go of her hand and opened the star network port.

At this time, in Ciming Hospital 

Wang Mancang was in the process of discharging Song Shiyue from the hospital when he received Yu Nianbing’s StarNet message.

To be precise, he was tapping on the Starnet port, preparing to send a brief message to Yu Nian Bing.

After going through the discharge procedures, Wang Mancang came to know that Yu Nianbing had given Song Shiyue’s admission fee to Ciming hospital from her own account. At that moment, he was contacting Yu Nianbing, one, for the transfer of the amount they owed her, and two, to let her know they were going back to deal with the bedroom wall. Song Shiyue had mentioned to him about the bedroom wall collapsing before being rescued by Yu Nian Bing. Regarding the collapsed wall, Wang Mancang also wanted to see if Yu Nianbing had any requirements.

He had thought about it just now, due to the brief message sent by Yu Nian Bing

“In a while, we will clean up your bedroom first, and then call someone to repair the wall. After it’s done, we’ll ask the landlord to cancel the rent. And now about you – what were you thinking? I just went on a business trip, and you went to Nianbing’s house. Renting a house next door to her, are you crazy? Did someone in the company trick you to rub her heat* again? And is your previous home provided by the company so bad? If it didn’t seem that this wall collapsing had saved your life, I would have gone to complain against them…” After contacting them for a while, Wang Mancang, who had completed the discharge procedures,  pushed Song Shiyue into the car while thinking about it.

[TN: rub her heat here means getting close to her to use her popularity]

Was the original owner urged by someones to do it again? After doing it once, her popularity wasn’t enough, and she wanted to rub heat once more. However, it seemed that no one lived in the apartment next-door , and the original owner was unable to catch Yu Nianbing for a second time, and she was overwhelmed by her debts so she gave up.

Fortunately, the person next door suddenly came back, otherwise, Song Shiyue didn’t dare to think about how unwilling she would’ve been to come to this normal world and suffocate to death without even eating meat once.

Regarding Wang Mancang’s rants, Song Shiyue felt a bit silly and afraid to respond.

In fact, if she remembered correctly, after she smashed the wall with the table in a daze, it seemed that the table had been stuck in the wall next door and the wall had collapsed.

The wall collapsing could be pushed on the quality. What could be said about the table, though, she couldn’t say it had long legs.

However, persuading Wang Mancang to let her discharge from the hospital had completely digested the porridge and dumplings that Song Shiyue had just eaten. She was really embarrassed, but Wang Mancang insisted on accompanying her back to clean up the wall that had collapsed.

It was just a matter of time before he sees through this trick.

During this ride, Song Shiyue felt reluctant to go back while Wang Mancang who was driving was very happy.

According to Wang Mancang, things should be prioritized. The debt repayment has been taken care of, so now the most important thing was naturally taking care of Song Shiyue’s body and mind.

They said she had to stay at Ciming hospital for two more days, and considering the fees for counseling and taking care of her these days, she felt that since they had debts to pay off, it was better to discharge today.

Looking at how Song Shi Yue insisted on doing it, Wang Man Chang, being only her manager and not her father figure, could only offer her advice.

However, Wang Mancang didn’t expect that Song Shi Yue would want to use the pile of dead branches and weeds that he brought to see whether she can succeed in making fire by drilling logs to prove to him that she is physically and mentally healthy and she had reached the standard to return to society.

When Wang Mancang brought over a stack of twigs and leaves, he had intended to let Song Shiyue suffer in the fire drill, to taste how difficult it was for her ancestors to survive, to reflect on how to value life, and to practice her skills for the variety show. It was only after seeing how cooperative Song Shiyue was that he agreed that she could be discharged if she could make a fire within half an hour. In fact, with Wang Mancang’s limited understanding of wilderness survival, it was normal for him to drill wood for fire with his bare hands and not see even a spark after two or three hours ……

But there were always exceptions.

Wang Mancang didn’t even think of it, but within a few minutes, they triggered the smoke alarm in the ward…they became as wet as drowned rats.

Okay, so how did he forget that hospitals have things like smoke alarms?

It must be that he had raised too many stupid artists, that even he had started to become stupid.

Fortunately, Ciming was worthy of being a professional and high-end hospital, and a change of clothes could be sent up in time.

After tossing and turning, Wang Mancang still went to do the discharge procedures for Song Shiyue.

Although the pile of dead branches and leaves were all drenched by the sprinklers, Song Shiyue had already blown out the fire in a small handful of dead grass before that. The little girl had won this bet quite easily.

Thinking about how in the hospital ward, Song Shiyue had been holding a small flame and smiling brightly, Wang Mancang couldn’t help but glance at the passenger seat.

The little girl was lying on the door of the car, and he could only see the back of her head.

Wang Mancang was shocked. With a twist of the steering wheel, he stepped on the brake and stopped the car on the side of the road.

“What are you doing!” Feeling somewhat annoyed and a little afraid, Wang Mancang grabbed Song Shiyue, who was lying on the car door as if she would jump out of the car at any moment, back onto the seat and held her down.

“That…” Song Shi Yue said, not minding Wang Mancang’s rude action of grabbing her. Instead she raised her hands and pointed to a shop that was behind the car and asked “Can we go out and buy some food from there?”

Wang Mancang followed Song Shiyue’s fingertips and looked at a street they had just driven through, many of the shops were making food.

“So you were just looking at those shops?” Wang Mancang couldn’t believe that the gap between his brain and reality was almost light-years away.

“Well, I know I owe a lot of money, but just buy a little bit, okay.” Song Shiyue noticed that Wang Mancang’s complexion was not good, but the thought of the roast duck hung on the iron hook in the transparent window. The cakes and the dried pork made with grilled meats and sauces in the street she still couldn’t help show her hands in a begging gesture.

God forbid, she had not seen such a normal street in seven years.

During the apocalypse, only a big base could afford to clean up the streets and make it look tidy and clean but they couldn’t display food so generously and abundantly…

Not to mention these kinds of normal food had long since disappeared with the arrival of the apocalypse.

Just looking at them, Song Shi Yue could imagine how delicious they would be.

The fat-rich roast duck, the purely sweet and soft cakes, and the BBQ pork without even a bit of a strange or rancid taste, couldn’t be substituted by the strange mutant pork.

Just thinking about it, she wanted to cry, okay.

Wang Mancang was stunned, and before he had time to be annoyed about his too rich and big brain holes, he saw that her eyes had reddened and a layer of water was floating in her bright eyes.

[T/N: overthinking, far-fetched assumptions]

Was she crying over food? Who was the one that ate all those trays of food from Ciming before?

Wang Mancang had treated these little girls and boys very well, as their agent, but in fact, most of the time he involuntarily took over the role of an elder and looked after them. Among them, Song Shiyue, who was always delicate and weak, was taken care of a little more by him. Wang Mancang was still sighing secretly. Before, though the little girl had swayed around the line of life and death, she had seemingly appeared to be calm and capable. As a result, after driving by a few streets, she returned to her former timid appearance. In other words, her ability to cry seemed to have grown a bit more than before.

Seeing Song Shiyue’s pitiful appearance for a few bites of food, Wang Mancang couldn’t help but think of the pile of debts. Speaking of which, since Song Shiyue’s father came to her door and frustrated her for money, Wang Mancang had talked her out of it several times. Seeing that Song Shiyue only mostly agreed on the surface to give him money, he was a little cold to her, and he didn’t speak with Song Shiyue and didn’t ask more about  father and daughter for a long time. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t there this time, and something this unfortunate almost happened.

He didn’t know how long this girl had gone without eating or sleeping well because of her debts.

“Eat, eat, eat, what do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it for you.” Wang Mancang felt a little bad in his heart, sharply loosened his seat-belt, and he wanted to open the door to get out of the car.

After all the bad things that had happened today, it was just a matter of eating a few more bites of food.

The worst thing to do was to wait until a few days before having to go to work, and then control her diet.

“Grilled pork breasts! Fried duck! Three kinds of teriyaki! Chocolate cake, strawberry cake, cheesecake, marshmallows! Octopus balls, milk tea, chestnuts, grilled cold noodles, oh my God, and lamb kebabs …… is that lamb?…… there is naan bread at the door, inside, is that not a big plate of chicken for sale …… and that ……” Song Shi Yue narrowed her eyes, trying to discern what the shop, which was already a little far away, was selling.

[TN:Song Shiyue’s stomach has a black hole]

“Wait.” Wang Mancang let go of the hand that went to pull the car door and looked again at Song Shiyue who had pasted herself on the window, “All of these? Can you finish it?”


She forgot that she is a normal human being now…

Song Shi Yue recalled her food intake before the apocalypse, and then looked at the street food outside the car, still a little unable to stop her eyes from drooling at that street food out there.

“It’s almost time for dinner. You can choose something to eat in the evening. You can buy other things you want to eat later. After filming Journey to the Wilderness, there will be more movies coming to you, and the money you will be getting won’t be small then. Paying off the debt is just a matter of time. I will give your Starnet port a guarantee and unlock a little quota. No matter how much you eat and drink, it’s okay. If you have something you need, tell me earlier, at least you won’t go hungry.” Wang Mancang was initially surprised by Song Shiyue’s boldness in going down the street and ordering from shop to shop, but then he was even sadder.

The deposit was cleared, and the star-net personal credit loan was full and was about to expire. One of the two private loans had expired ten days ago. The reason Song Shiyue burned carbon basins today was mostly because of the loan that was due.

He doesn’t know how long she had been going hungry because she had no money.

“Okay, just the ones you ordered, I’ll go down and get it. If you’re hungry at night, it’s easy to order food from Starnet.” Wang Mancang sighed, shook his head, and got off to go shopping for food.

In the Star Bamboo Garden apartments ,Yu Nian Bing received Wang Mancang’s reply and dismissed the idea of having Aunt Wang over.

Yu Nian Bing had been spending almost the last half of the year with the “Royal Immortal” crew. Aunt Wang had also gone there with her, she was good enough that Yu NianBing brought her back as her housekeeper but now she had just sent her home, calling her back wouldn’t be good.

It happens to be that Song Shi Yue’s agent was willing to repair the wall, so it saved Yu Nian Bing from explaining her side of the story. While waiting for the person next door to come back, Yu Nianbing conveniently cleared this side of her bedroom’s personal belongings to the guest room, so that when they come back they could fix the wall right away and both sides wouldn’t have to meet to do it.

It wasn’t that far from Ciming to Star Bamboo Garden.Yu Nianbing counted the time, and started tidying up the things in the bedroom rather quickly, but there was no sound from the room next door.

She hadn’t eaten lunch, seeing that it was almost dinner time, the two small dumplings in Yu Nianbing’s belly were long gone. She opened the refrigerator and looked at the meat dishes that Aunt Wang had marinated the day before, Yu Nianbing finally could not control her hands and ended up grilling them.

When Wang Mancang came back with large bags and small bags and led Song Shiyue, who had eaten half of her food in the car, the barbecue on Yu Nianbing’s side had just been cooked.

Even though a roast duck, two cakes, a bag of dried pork, and a cup of milk tea were relished in the car, Song Shiyue was still taken away by the smell of grilled meat.

It’s a pity that the meat was only being grilled next door.

Wang Mancang only bought stuff that were portable and light to carry, so he hadn’t bought the kebabs. But thinking about how Sing Shiyue had suffered, Wang Mancang ended up buying a lot of bits and pieces. Basically he bought a lot of food; forget about two, even if you were to set it for a table of six, there would still be surplus food available for them.

Of course, he had not observed that by the time they got out of the car, the food left was only enough for two people to eat.

“What’s the matter with this door?” Wang Mancang entered the apartment, and went to open the bedroom door in which the wall was said to have collapsed, he unlocked the door and pushed hard, but he couldn’t open it.

“Uh, it seems like there is something piled behind it” Song Shiyue reached out, and suddenly thinking of something, she retracted her hand and turned around and said, “Uncle Wang, I’ll go in from next door, please wait for me here”.

Saying this, Song Shi Yue didn’t wait for Wang Mancang’s response and ran out of the house as fast as she could.

Wang Mancang was stunned, and sniffed the fragrance of meat that seemed to come from the locked room next door, and couldn’t help but follow Song Shiyue till the door and shout, “Eh, just move the things, don’t do anything else, don’t eat the meat from next door.”

Yu Nianbing, who heard the commotion had opened the door to the room, met the two of them face to face, and so she naturally didn’t miss Wang Mancang’s words.

“What’s wrong with meat?” Yu Nianbing held the door coldly, with a calm face, but looked at Wang Mancang with a serious look.

 Wang Mancang stood at the door and quickly explained, “She really ate too much today. I’m afraid she will eat meat again. Then she would get indigestion in a while, and also she might gain more weight due to it.”

Yu Nianbing looked at Song Shiyue in front of her, and the latter had lowered her head in embarrassment.

Well, if she though about it, a little whie ago she had certainly shared her portion of dumplings with Song Shiyue. Yu Nianbing knew that adding the portion she hadn’t finished before, Song Shiyue had indeed eaten a lot at once. Still, she didn’t know why but she felt she had to speak up when she saw the pitiful appearance of the little girl.

“She isn’t that fat, Most of the meals made at Ciming are easily digestible, it’s just a few bowls of porridge and side dishes plus two snacks they are not too much…”

Yu Nianbing said, and then looked at the little girl again.

Unexpectedly, though she had opened her mouth to help her out, Song Shiyue just kept burying her head lower and lower.

Wang Mancang was stunned for a moment before he realized that Yu Nianbing was speaking for Song Shi Yue.

What about the rumour that she was cold, lonely, and not easy to approach at all?

Although Wang Mancang had never had any work dealings with Yu Nianbing, he had heard many rumors about the young actress who had won two Golden Planet Awards at a young age.

But from today’s happenings, this girl was not only helpful, but she was even willing to be a parental figure.

Had her character settings collapsed?

“Want to eat some?”  asked Yu Nianbing as she had caught a longing gaze that was frequently directed towards the kitchen.

“Wait.” Wang Mancang said as he heard the invitation from Yu Nianbing’s mouth and took a few steps to hold Song Shiyue, who had not yet had the time to nod her head in agreement to the invitation.

“There is a need to have some passion and enthusiasm for life.” Yu Nianbing’s previous invitation showed she was already a little regretful, obviously, she cannot be nosy and add trouble… looking at Wang Mancang’s attitude of stopping the other, she tried to endure. But still she couldn’t help saying one more sentence.

She blamed the glance that the little girl gave her when the wall collapsed … she surely hadn’t been such a meddlesome person before.

Wang Mancang didn’t know the torment in Yu Nian Bing’s heart at this time. He could understand Yu Nianbing’s kindness, but it really was bewildering.

This kind-hearted person might not know that if they measured Song Shiyue’s enthusiasm for life in proportion with her need for food, her gluttony could set this whole building on fire.

My friend, you really know nothing about this little girl’s appetite.

What the author has to say.

Wang Mancang: Friend, you are very courageous.

Yu Nianbing: ?

Wang Mancang: (opens the door, releases Song Shi Yue).

StarNet: [Dear Miss Yu, your StarNet balance is low.]

[TN: haha that was funny maybe Song Shiyue’s ate so much that she made Yu Nianbing go bankrupt]


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