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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Translator:- Sheri_Yui_Chan

Editors:- Travistann & Baddie

Wang Mancang might have talked as if it was an easy matter with Song Shiyue before, while in fact, when he said that she had been given an opportunity to record “A Journey to The Wilderness”, getting this deal included a component of luck as well as a lot of effort.

Two years ago, the celebrities who participated in the “Journey to Play” reality show had become popular and had made lots of money. These celebrities were now first tier artists.This was also a reality show made by the consortium to promote the planet they had acquired and developed. 

“The Journey to Wilderness” was a program created almost a year ago when the project was first established, and this show had been targeted by various entertainment companies.

However, the direction of development of “Journey to Play” was entertainment and leisure. In the beginning, the Paradise Star mainly used the reality show as a gimmick, with the purpose of introducing various amusement park areas and resorts on the planet to the public. Eat, drink, have fun, travel all the way, the most exciting part was just some seemingly dangerous adventure sports. The artists involved in the filming didn’t have to endure too much hardship except for their feet getting tired from walking too much.

However, just hearing the name “The Journey to the Wilderness” you could imagine how different it would be from the show “Journey to Play”.

Compared to Paradise Star that took only a few years from being bought to being transformed for leisure activities and entertainment purposes, the Mu Group that had bought the Star more than ten years ago had been forgotten. After so many years, nothing about the newly bought star was being said in the news. It was not until “The Journey to the Wilderness”  was established more than a year ago that the planet that was bought that year was remembered again.

Wang Mancang also heard from people inside the circle and it was said that at that time, the Mu family bought the agricultural star and did not continue to develop it into a modernized place with lots of scientific and technological infrastructure. Instead, they transformed the planet to how their ancestor’s planet used to be; they created farmlands and forests and introduced a large number of animals and plants to transform the star. It was now an ecological planet with its own biodiversity. It was now ready to be open to the interstellar public.The main focus was the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. It had a natural scenery of beautiful mountains and rivers that was rarely seen on modern planets like the North Star and Mingtan Star.

[TN: Star and planet mean the same; sometimes ‘star’ suits the sentence more so I use it there, please don’t be confused, readers.]

The Mu family named this transformed planet ‘Wilderness Star’.

However, there were also many artificially carved mountains and water scenic spots on Paradise Star. The original show “Journey to Play” also photographed many artists’ vacations in the landscape. This was to make a distinction between the two shows. The show “Journey to the Wilderness” was about surviving in the wild.

This was what Wang Mancang could guess from the name of the show.

However, he did not expect that “Journey to the wilderness” was actually a live broadcast variety show.

Surviving in the wild was already difficult, and to engage in live streaming meant that during filming, you couldn’t use navy* or give preferential treatment to the artist ……

[TN: Navy means ‘water army’ – buying people to comment about how good the artist is and is used to hype artists]

 It’s not like Wang Mancang hadn’t seen this kind of survival program before. One of the major points of interest was that the participants would have to try and feed and clothe themselves to survive from being cold and hungry. In fact, in places where the audience can’t see, the program would always give them some food and drinks and even arrange for a better place for them to stay. The program shows the audience what the producers want them to see. Was it hard work? Yes, but definitely not as hard as the show presented to the audience, and not as bad as the audience imagined.

“Journey to the Wilderness”, on the other hand – the duration of this show was ten days, 24/7, and it was live all the way through. The only buttons that can be pressed to temporarily block the show were when dealing with personal issues and entering the camp bathrooms ……

So harsh… No wonder Yao Mingzhu gave up this opportunity.

  Looking at the relevant documents sent by Wanshan Entertainment, Wang Mancang’s face grew darker.

A little over a month ago, Wang Mancang left North Star with his artist Ren Qiu and went to Mingtan Star to film a drama. Then just two weeks later, Yao Mingzhu, an artist from the same crew and also from Wanshan Entertainment, revealed that she was pregnant.

Yao Mingzhu was one of the top tier entertainers of Wanshan Entertainment, She was mainly engaged in variety shows and had tens of millions of fans. Although not comparable to Yu Nianbing, who had won two Golden Planet Awards at a young age, she had also been nominated for a Golden Planet once, which was not too bad seeing that acting was only her side job.

More than a year ago, when Wanshan Entertainment had been discussing the quota received from Wilderness Star, the show “Journey to the Wilderness” had been given to Yao Mingzhu.

Now she could not participate in this program any longer due to her pregnancy.

 During the time he was in Mingtan Star, Wang Mancang knew that Yao Mingzhu’s quota was probably going to be returned to the company. But with so many artists in the company, this kind of program that was destined to be a big hit and paid generously would never be given to these fourth or fifth-tier artists in his hands, so he didn’t think much about it.

 It was only today, after being smashed in the face by Song Shiyue’s suicide. Wang Mancang was anxiously sitting on a ship back to North Star, full of thoughts on how to get money for Song Shiyue, that this matter came back to his mind.

Over the years, Wang Mancang hadn’t once thought of going through the back door, with mediocre artists and little resources. This time, he had to give up and rely on himself so he could find a job for Song Shiyue. He was afraid that if it were not for this job, with Song Shiyue current work and popularity, they wouldn’t be able to clear her debt for decades, and if he thought otherwise that would be too naive of him.

He let go of his pride and asked for a chance to participate in the show “Journey to the Wilderness”, but after watching the specific content sent by the company, Wang Mancang hesitated again. This was a show that would be broadcasted live and was about surviving in the wild. He was afraid the delicate girl would only keep crying and in turn might gather more black than red.

 [TN: More black than red here means gathering more hate for her performance than being liked by the populace]

Thinking of this, Wang Mancang was stunned again.

Shouldn’t this be what the company wants to see?

Without someone like Yao Mingzhu’s whose persona is very suitable for variety shows, there was Song Shiyue, who had participated in a variety show before. Also, she was such a delicate girl and was quite attractive. And in all fairness, although this was a variety show that was destined to be a big hit and paid a lot of money, it was still broadcasted live. This was one of the reasons why many famous celebrities hesitated to join this show.

It was already popular enough, did they still have to go on the show to roll on a circle of black?

[TN: Basically he is asking why should they use her haters and anti-fans when the show is already popular]

Not to mention, it looked like a show where you can’t eat well or sleep well.

Did Yao Mingzhu come to know that this show was broadcasted live and then deliberately become pregnant… so that she could find a reason to abandon the show… Wang Mancang shook his head, maybe it was just a coincidence, he couldn’t make up such bogus reasons.

However, in that case, the people on this show shouldn’t be very high profile artists, right? No wonder Song Shiyue could also squeeze in this show.

Wang Mancang’s heart was a bit reluctant, but still, when he thought of this, he quickly slid his fingers, skipped over some of the less important information, and started looking for the list of artists participating in the show for now.

Although Song Shiyue felt that she was not the kind of person who would slack off when others were working hard, she couldn’t control her urge to eat some spring rolls and her hands strayed towards the tray, when suddenly, Wang Mancang shouted.

“What’s going on!” When Wang Mancang saw the list, he was shocked.

Song Shiyue was startled by Wang Mancang’s sudden shout, and reflexively stuffed the entire spring roll into her mouth.

Wang Mancang was already so shocked by the list in that document that he couldn’t help but let out a low yelp to himself and was just about to speak to Song Shiyue, but never thought he would turn around and see the little girl with her cheeks puffed up like a frightened hamster spirit, her hands straight on the window sill as if she was about to jump down at any moment.

“What are you doing! What are you doing!” A cold sweat broke out on Wang Mancang’s back. He stepped forward in two steps and grabbed Song Shiyue’s arm.

“Um…” Song Shiyue waved her hand, seeing that he seemed to have misunderstood, “Um…hmm…”

During the apocalypse, food had been scarce, so she was used to eating it very quickly, especially if there were zombies or fighting happening around her, she had to eat quickly and escape without fail. It seemed that when she came here, this habit was brought along with her.

However, Song Shiyue couldn’t say this, so she quickly used the word “hungry” to cover up a little for her mentally retarded behavior just now. She could only use the porridge to wash down the spring rolls and almost choked herself to death in front of Wang Mancang’s distrustful eyes, and she didn’t even get to taste the rolls before they were gone. 

In any case, Wang Mancang didn’t believe it, watching Song Shiyue drain the rest of the porridge in the tray, two plates of small dishes, and a bowl of small dumplings that were almost cold.

Wang Mancang knew very well about the bird-like appetite of Song Shiyue in the past. At this moment, seeing that she had eaten so much without any reluctance, Wang Mancang thought she really might’ve just been hungry. Song Shiyue believed that she had succeeded in convincing him, and her nervousness from almost being doubted went away.

“Eat slowly if you are hungry, why are you in such a hurry, you didn’t even get to taste the food properly,” Wang Mancang nagged at her lovingly like an old father.

Song Shiyue nodded but looked at the few trays that had been cleaned spotless with some regret.

Hah, I just sacrificed my hunger just now, when could they finish talking and eat the next meal?

Wang Mancang didn’t know that Song Shiyue was thinking about the dinner menu. The online page was slid to Song Shiyue’s side, “Look, this is the information sent by the “Journey to the Wilderness” program group, and here is the list of people who will participate in the recording. I think we may still have to reconsider whether to join this show or If there are other ways to get money”

“What is wrong? Is there a problem?”Song Shiyue glanced roughly at the page and didn’t think there was anything that could make her give up a ten-day-job worth ten years’ salary.

“First of all, it is a live broadcast, ten days and twenty-four hours live, unlike the recorded kind, so there is no post-editing to remove your poor performance. Secondly, it’s a wilderness survival program, you …… might not hold up too well, not getting to eat or sleep well, the program staff will not even give you water. The most important thing is, take a look at the list of participants.” Wang Mancang frowned and clicked on the star-net page.

Song Shiyue read through the list again.

Apart from the participating staff and team leaders, the artists included movie queens, movie stars, popular singers, female stars of hit series, retired athletes ……

Well, they were all definitely better than her.

“Is it because I don’t have enough popularity and status?” Song Shi Yue tried to understand what Wang Mancang was implying, “Are you worried that I’ll be accused of going through the back door if I’m on the show with them?”

Wang Mancang was stunned as if he couldn’t fathom Song Shiyue’s stupidity.

  “Look at it, look at the first name,” Wang Mancang emphasized and pointed angrily at the star network page.

 “Yu Nian Bing.” Song Shi Yue read out honestly, then looked at Wang Mancang in confusion, “What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s a live show, what would happen if Yu Nianbing leaked out today’s events while filming? Also, didn’t you confess to her before on a reality show, this show will definitely use that incident as a hype, and then won’t your reputation decline even more?” Wang Mancang said, and was angry, “Didn’t you say last time, you’d just use her popularity once, and then what happened,  you know very well.

 How come I just left for Mingtan Star, and you’d already turned around and got a place next door to Yu Nianbing? Wait, you …… this time, what were you really up to?”

Song Shi Yue looked at the fat man who had turned pale and shook her head quickly: “No, no…I mean I won’t take advantage of Yu Nian Bing again. I promise that I will not attempt suicide in the future, and I won’t use a confession to rub against Nianbing’s popularity, but I think Yu Nianbing isn’t the kind of person who would help me today just to come out and harm me tomorrow.”

Previously, when Yu Nian Bing and her agent were talking, Song Shi Yue had heard everything, So she was not concerned about it like her agent.

“Hey, I don’t think she is a bad person either. You had an accident next to her, and she didn’t tell anyone or even call the police, instead she sent you to CiMing, which means she should have been hiding it for you.” Wang Mancang sighed again, “But the program definitely might try to hype you up. The last time you made that confession, although it gave you the opportunity to be an actress in a drama, there were many people who blackened you due to your confession. If this show hypes it up again, it would be bad for your future development. “

Song Shiyue understood Wang Mancang’s expectations from the original owner.

 But Song Shiyue was skeptical about whether she could be a good actor.

 If it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t have any better options now and had a debt waiting to be paid, she might not have continued on this path.

Whether she would continue to be an actress in the future or brush up on her old skills and learn about the advanced science and technology of this world was still another matter altogether.

Now, repaying the debt was the key point, and this variety show really paid a lot of money.

Judging from various aspects of the information given to her now, no matter how the original owner used to perform, after this variety show, she would definitely have a different value and more opportunities. It would help her pay off those remaining debts as soon as possible.

 “I want to participate in it.” Song Shiyue made a decision.

Wang Mancang also knew in his heart that if they gave this up, there wouldn’t be another show that provided this much money and the debt would be difficult to clear as soon as possible. It was a very profitable deal, otherwise he was afraid they would be in a knee-deep quagmire*…But this show had some drawbacks that even he couldn’t figure out, Also why was Yu Nianbing, a two time Golden Planet Award winner, and the new Idol pop singer Mu Xingzhou, participating in such an abusive show?

[TN: Quagmire :- an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation]

Compared to Song Shiyue, who was very short of money now, they should have better shows to be participating in…

However, Wang Mancang wasn’t troubled by this problem for too long.

Song Shi Yue felt that since she was fine, she didn’t need to continue wasting anymore money in this luxurious hospital and was ready to be discharged.

However, the attending doctor who came over to make rounds suggested that Song Shiyue stay for two more days for observation; after all, she had fallen unconscious from lack of oxygen before.

The two sides had different opinions, and naturally, they turned to Wang Mancang for a solution.

Wang Mancang had no time to think anymore about the thoughts of those who were on the list.

At this time, not yet aware that Song Shiyue would soon be discharged from the hospital, Yu Nianbing stood in front of her bedroom again.

In front of her was the wall that had collapsed, and she had yet to find someone to clean it up.

 How on earth …… had this happened?

Yu Nianbing touched the long table nearly halfway from Song Shiyue’s side and looked at the few steel bars protruding from the wall beside the long table.

The author has something to say.

N months later ……

Wang Mancang: Who said she would no longer confess to Nianbing?

Song Shi Yue: ……


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