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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Translator:- Sheri_Yui_Chan

Editors:- Baddie & Travistann

Wang Mancang entering the door to Yu Nianbing leaving was only a matter of minutes. During this time, Song Shiyue couldn’t even get a word in. At most, she followed Wang Mancang’s words and expressed her gratitude to Yu Nianbing. . As the one who had brought everyone together in this place, Song Shiyue was too embarrassed to do anything and it did not decrease with Yu Nianbing’s departure.

There were now only two people left in the room, but Wang Mancang did not do what Song Shiyue had imagined. He had been chattering right when he came in, but now he had fallen silent. He only sullenly took out piles of things from the sack, and soon more than half of them were piled on the coffee table.

Song Shiyue glanced at the silver trays that had been pushed to the corner of the coffee table by all the debris, and finally couldn’t help but call out: “Uncle Wang…”

Before she could even finish her words, Wang Mancang just raised his head and glanced at Song Shiyue. He shook away the dust on his hand, wiped the sweat from his head, and then continued to dig into the sack.

Song Shiyue hesitated for a moment,and did not ask anymore. She just walked to the side of the table, and brought down the silver-white trays with meals, and temporarily placed them on the cabinet on the other side.

Pressing her hands on the tray that contained the food, she did not try to open it but she could imagine the heat dissipating and the taste of the food diminishing.

I want to eat it……

She was different from those who could rely on crystal nuclei to supplement abilities and could transform elements such as water, fire, thunder, and lightning out of thin air. Song Shiyue and her kind of ability users were different as they spent more energy to increase their strength or their senses like olfactory, hearing, and eyesight, due to which they were more dependent on food.

This meant that people with the superpower ability needed to consume more food than ordinary people.

All the food she was eating was quite delicious and she couldn’t even stop describing how delicious and fulfilling it is.

The rice porridge was fragrant and moisturized the throat.

The buns were meaty and she could stuff her stomach full of it.

“This is such a beautiful world, I really just want to swallow the whole planet right now!”

However, seeing Wang Mancang, holding up the sack and shaking it to put all it’s contents on the coffee table, she knew now was not the time to eat although she was really anxious to eat.

Especially now that Wang Mancang was frowning and pursing his mouth, and immersed in his work, he looked quite different from the fat man who was usually all smiles and like a loving father to her. He looked quite scary to her now .

It made Song Shiyue even more afraid to act as carelessly as she wished.

Song Shi Yue only caught a glimpse of this body’s memories when she was in a coma. Apparently, there were still lots of things she has yet to get used to. Not to mention asking her to mimic the previous host precisely was literally something near impossible.

Yu Nianbing was only meeting her for the second time so she definitely couldn’t recognize that Song Shiyue was behaving differently from the original host’s personality.

But Wang Mancang was different.

Since the original owner debuted two years ago, it was Wang Mancang who brought her along and took care of her.

The original owner of this body was a somewhat delicate and shy little girl, Song Shiyue was determined not to imitate the original body’s characteristics right from the beginning, and even the reason for the personality change had been thought of – after experiencing a life and death event, and after a tour around the border of death, there will always be some changes.

It’s just that the idea was simple, but acting it out was somewhat difficult.

And all the difficulties, no doubt, fell on the sweaty fat man’s shoulder, who was right in front of her.

Wanshan Entertainment, where the original owner worked as an artist, was quite a bit larger in scale than the Sen Xin Entertainment where Yu Nian Bing was working right now, and could even be said to be in the top three entertainment companies on the North Star. A larger-scale company means many people, and when there are many people, it was easy to go unnoticed, whether it was an artist or a staff member.

Compared with the other professional brokers in the company, Wang Mancang was nearly forty years old, but he entered the business only a year earlier than when the original owner entered the industry… There was a rumour in the company that he originally worked on the No. 7 Agricultural Star affiliated to North star. And many people said that it was because he had an affinity with the boss of Wanshan that he was employed through the back door.

Even though such rumors were being spread Wang Mancang did not do anything about it and still worked as a mediocre agent in the company

This was because Wang Mancang has a straightforward and trustworthy nature and didn’t even know about it because he was too busy engaged in trying to get resources for his artists. He had been in the company for three years, and the resources he could get were average, but he only had a few artists under him. Among them, it was only the original body who was faring somewhat better by starring as a supporting character in an online drama.

Of course, some of her notorious fame was caused by her confession to Yu Nian Bing and this fame was not so good either, as she had many haters and anti-fans because of it.

But it was clear that Wang Mancang was not one of the best agents in Wanshan Entertainment and even after working as an agent for three years, at best he has just barely made it to the qualification line from the point of view of an outsider.

But in the eyes of the original owner, Wang Mancang was the best agent.

Even Song Shiyue, who had only watched the original owner’s memories, had to agree that the agent who was very careful and attentive, as if the artist was his own daughter, was indeed very moving.

It is a pity that the original owner was so attached to her debtor father and had embarked on a path of destruction. If Song Shiyue hadn’t come to this body at that time, the shameless debtor father might not have had any reaction to his daughter’s death but Wang Mancang might have been the person to grieve the most due to her death.

Because of this, at this moment, looking at Wang Mancang who was tinkering with the coffee table, looking completely different from his usual appearance, Song Shiyue was hesitant about how to get along with him.

Wang Mancang’s movements were not slow. During Song Shiyue’s hesitation, the sacks were emptied and the whole coffee table was full.

 “Come.” Wang Mancang patted the ash off his hands and waved at Song Shiyue.

What to do… they say if you burn charcoal once you might not die, but if you burn it twice…

Song Shiyue looked at the bunch of twigs and grass piled on the coffee table and hesitated a bit but she still moved slowly towards it.

Wang Mancang didn’t seem to notice Song Shiyue’s hesitation. Seeing her approaching, he took a large iron plate from the pile of branches and threw it on the ground, then pulled some branches and dead grass from the coffee table, kicking it with his toes. He kicked the iron pan: “Come on, burn it and see what happens”

Song Shiyue stopped a step away from the coffee table, and she was a little startled, and suddenly felt that she couldn’t keep up with Wang Mancang’s thoughts.

Well, in fact, when Wang Mancang had previously forced a sack with a live chicken in it into Yu Nianbing’s hands as a thank you gift, Song Shiyue had been unable to keep up.

But what a surprise, this sack was even more surprising than that sack of live chickens, ah.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like to play with fire? Why don’t you do it?” Wang Mancang’s voice was a little hoarse. He was clearly trying to teach her a lesson, but she couldn’t hear the harshness in his tone. He just seemed to be trying to keep his face straight.

Song Shiyue glanced at the coffee table that had been buried with dead branches and weeds, stepped back silently, took a glass of water from the water dispenser, and handed it to Wang Mancang, bowed her head, and began to take the blame for the original master: “Uncle Wang… I. I know I was wrong…I won’t do it again…”

There was no way she could cry like the original owner, so Song Shiyue could only try to show a sincere and sorry attitude.

But obviously, Wang Mancang had been in the entertainment industry for three years, yet he still didn’t know how to put up a fierce act. He took the cup and drained it dry.

“You…” Wang Mancang’s stern face was so easily softened by a glass of water, and when he spoke again, his tone eased a lot. Without the sternness of the previous strong questioning, he was full of hatred for iron not turning into steel.

 “It was just a momentary lapse of consciousness, in fact, I’ve long regretted it. There will be absolutely no such thing in the future, I promise!” Song Shiyue didn’t expect Wang Mancang to be coaxed so easily, so she hurriedly hit the iron while it was hot, wanting to pass over the original owner’s matter.

Wang Mancang went to the water dispenser and poured another glass of water. He drank a mouthful before shook his head and retorted: “How can you be so stupid as to yearn for that debtor father’s love? Now, look at the state you’re in. You have been used by your father. In the beginning, for the moment, you said you’d just give some money, and I am not saying that you were wrong, it’s just kindness to send to someone one time. 

But what happened later? The more you gave, the more I told you to watch your hands and not to lose too much. Remember how you got back to me? You said you’d give it one last shot and wouldn’t contact him from then on. No more contact, no more contact then how could you lose all your deposits and owe StarNet credits? No contact. hah, were you fooling me all this time? How could you pull this off? You …… you …… you can really … this.”

While he talked, Wang Mancang couldn’t help getting angrier and angrier and took two more glasses of water to pour it down.

“Uncle Wang, you know… I was stupid, I really won’t be like that anymore.” Song Shiyue continued to carry the blame, and by the way carefully glanced at Wang Mancang’s fat belly, really afraid that it would blow up at the rate he was drinking.

“Did you not know I already found out?” Wang Mancang gave Song Shiyue a blank look and opened the star net on his wrist. His chubby palm shot in the middle of the air in front of him. A digital screen photo floated up quickly, Song Shiyue felt like she was almost being photographed . 

Oh… the suicide note…

Looking at the long table under the suicide note and the ruined walls in the corners of the star net digital photo, Song Shiyue pointed to the sender of a series of digital codes: “This, was it sent to you by Yu Nianbing? “

“Why? Most of the content is written to me by you, so why can’t she send it to me? You have to realize how many good people are around you, she knows you can’t solve this matter by yourself, I’m afraid you… forget it, anyway, sending it to me was the right choice, it was right. If I hadn’t seen this, I wouldn’t know you…you…” Wang Mancang got angry when he thought about it, choked, and went to drink some water again.

Song Shiyue didn’t dare to let him drink so uncontrollably and quickly grabbed the cup, only to pour two more mouthfuls for him, and then took up the blame again , “Yes, I am stupid, I am really dumb , foolish and ignorant”

Wang Mancang drank two mouthfuls and stared at her.

Song Shiyue hurriedly nodded again: “I know now, I am so stupid.”

“Hey…” Wang Mancang didn’t know whether he should believe Song Shiyue’s self-reflection at this moment, but when he looked at her, she really seemed to have woken up a bit. So he didn’t make any advances, and only sighed and asked, “How many credits do you owe star net?”

“The cash that the star net has credited… seems to be an okay amount.” Song Shiyue recalled something for a moment, and then hesitated: “It’s… a private one, I need to repay two loans…”

“You took out a private loan? The one with the high interest rate?” If Wang Mancang hadn’t drunk so many glasses of water before, he would have lost his breath and fainted by now “How much ?”

He asked.

The amount that Song Shiyue reported after calculating made Wang Mancang sigh deeply.

“Star Network’s credit point borrowing is a set amount for everyone. I thought I helped you get a variety show opportunity that you could pay back and still be a bit rich. Didn’t expect ah …… you also borrowed a private loan, you, this girl, is so courageous. Even if you can pay it back later, you’re not thinking about your career as an artist, borrowing a private loan, and making a mess …… later if someone in the media finds out about this, what trouble would it bring?”

Wang Mancang suddenly remembered, that Song Shiyue had just attempted suicide because she felt that she had nowhere to go. Hurriedly he stopped talking, and switched to another topic again, “However I can apply for an extension of the deadline to repay the loan on star net. The advance payment for this variety show is enough to pay back half of the private loan. I’ll find someone else to try to help us to pay back the private portion first, so we don’t get caught up in the interest.”

The amount of money the original asked for a private loan was no small amount of money, and it was safe to say that the nearly two years of online dramas the original had been filming for over a year would not be enough to cover a tenth of that loan.

What kind of variety show… can this one be bigger than the one this original host used to participate in?

Song Shiyue did not hide her surprise at getting such a big deal. Noticing this Wang Mancang didn’t have any interest in selling guanxi* and said directly “Didn’t Tunnel Light auction the No 9 Agricultural planet affiliated to the *consortium, this deal had taken place over the past few years. Later it was refurbished into a place for fun activities and entertainment purposes and they named it Planet Paradise. They also created a variety show just for Planet Paradise. It was the one that was broadcasted two years ago. Do you remember the name “Journey to Play?”

[T/N: Guanxi is a Chinese term describing an individual’s ability to connect or network for productive business purposes.] 

[T/N: A consortium is a group made up of two or more individuals, companies, or governments that work together to achieving a common objective]

“Journey to Play” was a popular show at that time. Even now the tickets for this variety show were still in short supply. Song Shiyue found the variety show two years ago from the memory of the original owner and was a little curious about it. “Star Network said that the three-phase expansion of Planet Paradise is about to end, is “Journey to Play” also preparing for a second season?”

“Journey to Play” was developed by the consortium that bought the Tunnel Light subsidiary No 9 Agricultural Star affiliated to Tunnel Light, in conjunction with the Tunnel Light Star government and several entertainment companies, primarily to debut the new star with a reality show before the official launch of Planet Paradise to the public. Not to mention the amount of interest involved in the development of the Interstellar Era, the huge investment in “Journey to Play” has so far been the only one in the interstellar entertainment industry.

If it was the second season of “Journey to Play”, it would not be surprising to be able to get such a high remuneration.

But… if it was really “Journey to Play”, it would be impossible that they would find an artist with such low caliber and profile as the original owner…

Sure enough, as soon as Song Shiyue asked, Wang Mancang shook his head.

“Journey to Play” has been open for two years. Even if the third phase is completed, there is no need to choose low caliber artists to shoot variety shows and promote. But what I have received for you is “Journey to the Wilderness ” which is similar to “Journey to Play”. 

Previously, I accompanied Ren Qiu in Mingtan Star to shoot a movie, and when I heard about your side of things, I looked for companies on the ship to see if they paid better, and I just happened to get you this variety show.” Wang Mancang said, and then shook his head and sighed, “Hey, this variety show sounds like hard work, but I thought, it is also  promising and had such a high pay , it would be good for you to participate, It is hard work and you have to be there for more than ten days, but it can solve your problems, I just did not think that it was still not enough ……

Journey to the Wilderness was also a front stop showrunner for the newly transformed planet. It would be broadcasted at prime time. Variety shows and Planet Paradise will bring each other many opportunities. 

If you perform well, then your value will definitely change. The rest of your problems will be solved. It won’t be as hard as it is now.”

Before the Apocalypse, Song Shiyue was working in the IT department mainly specializing in computer programs and software. Her skills could not be used in this interstellar world, and even if she can learn all about the technology in this world it will take some time. If she has to live as the original owner she has to pay off her debts first and the fastest way to repay her debts was to continue her career as an artist.

For Song Shi Yue, with no time for learning systematic study and proficient skills, it was clear that the variety show was less difficult than acting.

It was just that Song Shi Yue was still a little hesitant about this variety that Wang Mancang was talking about, “A variety show that advertises the *Newly Transformed Star …… I’m not qualified enough, right?”

[TN note : Newly transformed star is Planet paradise]

“I’m still waiting for the company to send you the specific content of the variety show. But though your work is definitely only little, even so, you need to have more skills.” Wang Mancang said, pointing to the dead branches piled on the coffee table, “These are the things I collected from the side of the road when the spaceship was stationed in a star. There were still a few chickens, but of course, now they are gone. But these are more useful than the chickens, and you know how the variety show is, it’s tough, but that means more money.”

“Lighter…” Song Shiyue had just said the beginning when Wang Mancang shook his head, so she stepped back and asked, “Is it flint?”

“It’s not that simple, don’t you know what the name of the variety show is it’s “Journey to the Wilderness”? Can survival programs provide you those things? 

As we all know, drilling with wood sticks and tinder to make fire is the most necessary and basic skill that we need to survive in the wild.” 

Wang Mancang then kicked the iron basin towards Song Shiyue.

 And showed a friendly smile for the first time, “Furthermore, it is time for you to understand how difficult it was for our ancestors to survive in the wild.”

Having said so much, only the last sentence was the key point… So he was still complaining about her suicide … Song Shiyue couldn’t help holding her forehead.

“Wait, let me see, it seems that the company has sent us some information.” Wang Mancang pressed the flashing Starnet brace on his wrist and his expression turned solemn when he looked at the digital screen containing the information.


Author: Isn’t it hard for our Song Shiyue to imagine participating in a wilderness survival show

Song Shiyue: … [who has survived in the apocalypse for seven years] goes speechless


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