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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Translated by Sheri_Yui_Chan

Edited by thatbadassbetch, Travistann

Yu Nianbing leaned on the sofa and looked at Song Shiyue, who was sitting on the other side of the couch, stuffing the last steamed dumplings in her mouth with a contented expression. She sighed in her heart, feeling the onset of a headache.

How did things become like this? Yu Nianbing looked at the empty steamer on the table and couldn’t help but rub her eyebrows.

“What had possessed her a few minutes ago? Why did she agree to let this girl eat up the leftover dumplings?” She thought while leaning on the couch.

When Song Shiyue was sent to the room, the doctor said, if she wakes up, to let her drink some light food and check the situation. So, Yu Nianbing only ordered a bowl of rice porridge for her.

Looking at how quickly she finished up the rice porridge, Song Shi Yue’s belly still growled. So Yu Nian Bing asked Song Shi Yue if she wanted to order some more food and let the Ci Ming’s Hospital canteen bring more food for her.

When Yu Nian Bing brought up ordering more food Song Shi Yue felt a little shy.

Later …

What happened later? 

Yu Nian Bing rubbed her forehead. 

Was it because she was unable to hold herself from looking at the steamed bun? 


Was it when she’d been discovered looking at the steamed bun and pretended to look away while her stomach was growling?

Yu Nian Bing had some guesses, seeing that Shi Yue had had a bad experience today, her heart softened, and she said ” Those dumplings are cold and can’t be eaten, the doctor asked you to eat lighter food for now but if you want to eat, you can order some dumplings now.”

As she said this the expressions that showed on Song Shi Yue’s face was a sight to see.

What kind of eyes were those?

Layers and layers of hope and joy bloomed like flowers in that little girl’s eyes.

After making sure that she would not continue to eat those cold dumplings, the girl jumped off the hospital bed nimbly as if excited to eat dumplings.

These were Yu Nian Bing’s dumplings so she needed her consent to eat it.

Yu Nian Bing remembered something and shook her head to indicate her refusal.

But then when she thought about how happy Song Shiyue was when thinking about eating dumplings it was like flowers were blooming in her eyes. And yet, in the end,she felt she had to give her some because when she saw Song Shi Yue’s joy it was like someone who found the light at the end of a tunnel and it was hard to refuse her.

For a moment, Yu Nianbing felt that shaking her head was cruel. She shook her head and refused to let her eat a pot of leftover steamed buns, but to stifle such sincere expectation and hope…

Thinking like this Yu Nian Bing felt she was bewitched and nodded her head.

Then, I can only find another one for myself. The other girl had just attempted suicide. It is a good thing that she is hungry. It would be better to not dismiss it and stimulate the other party. This is the reason why she had nodded, of course, thought Nian Bing.

But just where did Song Shi Yue look like someone who had attempted suicide.

Ever since Song Shi Yue woke up from her hospital bed, Yu Nian Bing had forgotten more than once that she had tried committing suicide just a few hours ago.

Unfortunately, since childhood, Yu Nian Bing had never eaten anyone else’s leftovers and certainly has never let anyone else eat her own.

Even though it was a bowl of steamed buns made separately, and they looked better than a plate of leftovers, they were still leftovers.

Just watching Song Shiyue eat the dumplings that she hadn’t finished eating, Yu Nianbing’s face felt a little warm.

Luckily, the rice porridge also came with chopsticks, otherwise, they really couldn’t have managed.

Yu Nian Bing’s struggle, Song Shi Yue didn’t understand.

Food was precious during the apocalypse, and it was something that people living in this normal world would never understand. In the apocalypse, just a few weeds and vegetables would be enough to cause trouble. Those people would even fight to the death for some bitter soup and cabbages. Not to mention what these cold dumplings would cause in those times – it would be like people casually carrying a sack of diamonds in this normal world and throwing it away for fun.

During the last seven years of the end of the world, pork was something that was rare even in the first two years. Sometimes, if you were fortunate enough, you would find canned or processed food to eat. The rest of the food that was available was unpalatable or expired. As for cattle and poultry that was later found to have mutated, some of the mutated ones were stone-footed white skin pig and if they were to be consumed they must be prepared according to a specific recipe, or it would taste disastrous.

If you wanted to eat something like steamed dumplings, which was flour dough wrapped with fresh meat and pig jelly, and you would have to spend a lot of money on ingredients and effort, Song Shi Yue really couldn’t even dream about it. “I am afraid that when I wake up, even the mattress would be soaked with saliva,” was what Song Shiyue had thought back then.

The cold dumplings, it’s dough was a little tough, wrapped in semi-condensed soup and slightly warm meat fillings. You didn’t need to bite the skin beforehand to drink the soup, just roll it in a vinegar dish, and put it in your mouth.

Before biting, the vinegar juice moisturized the tip of the tongue first, and it was sour and irritating.

Originally, Song Shiyue was very hungry and greedy. If she was not consciously controlling, she would be unable to hold her body first. She couldn’t wait to chew, and with the tip of her tongue, she would send her whole dumpling into her empty belly.

Her teeth hurriedly bit open the thin layer of dumpling skin, the semi-cured gravy locked in it, with a little sweetness and the fresh fragrance, it overwhelmed the vinegar before, And then she swallowed it directly.

After only two bites, Song Shiyue’s eyes turned red and she felt like crying.

What kind of immortal place is this, without that ubiquitous stench of corpses, and the food was still this delicious.

These were cold dumplings, the most delicious thing Song Shiyue had eaten in many years.

It was a very fortunate thing to still be a human in another life. If one was possessed by flowers and plants, where would there be happiness at this time?

 Not even having the time to speak to Yu Nianbing beside her, Song Shiyue just finished off the remaining six dumplings in the steamer.

It wasn’t until the steamer and her mouth were empty that Song Shiyue put down her chopsticks rather reluctantly.

Yu Nianbing subconsciously opened Star-net and took a glance, “The meal delivery is coming up. Well …… your agent seems to be arriving soon too. Do you want to contact him?”


Song Shi Yue hesitated and shook her head.

 Although she had received the memories of the original owner, it seemed that she had not acquired the original owner’s skills, besides not resonating with the original owner’s feelings.

Relying only on the original owner’s memories of operating the Starnet, Song Shiyue could certainly use it, but she definitely wasn’t very skilled in using Star-net. It was better to wait until one was alone to fumble around with such things.

Yu Nianbing didn’t know why Song Shiyue shook her head. Maybe it was because the agent was almost here anyway, so she didn’t feel the need to contact him, or did she not want the agent to know about the suicide attempt.

Previously, Yu Nian Bing had seen Song Shi Yue’s suicide note from the table poking out of the wall and had some understanding of her current situation. The way Song Shi Yue was before, she couldn’t just leave her in the hospital. Yu Nian Bing looked at her will and was quite grateful and sorry to her agent. Compared to contacting that kind of father, Yu Nian Bing still chose to contact Song Shi Yue’s agent.

However, she didn’t expect Song Shiyue to be in such good shape after waking up ……

 Yu Nian Bing wanted to speak, hesitated, but still didn’t say anything.

It’s almost as if the people who were not related to each other have seen this chaotic situation and helped her. As for what will happen to Song Shiyue in the future, whether or not she can give up the idea of committing suicide, or how to deal with the mess at home, it’s not something that she should be involved in, Yu Nian Bing admonished herself.

When Yu Nian Bing fell silent with these thoughts in her head, Song Shiyue urged her to go back home since her agent is coming and it won’t be good for Yu Nian Bing to be involved in this anymore.

 “Thank you so much for today.” Song Shiyue thanked her sincerely, and then she spoke with a little bit of embarrassment, “Why don’t you find someone to reconstruct the wall, and I will pay you back. Or if you are not in a hurry, it would also be okay to wait for me to go out and find someone. It’s really troublesome for you.”

 Yu Nianbing always remembers not to stimulate a person who has attempted suicide. Only when Qiu Yishan was there, she hurriedly said a few words, and she didn’t know how long Song Shiyue had been awake and how much she had heard. But later, it was Song Shiyue who had performed well since waking up, showing no signs of psychological problems, but Yu Nianbing did not dare to relax. She did not mention suicide-related matters at all and only talked to her about food and drink.

This time, Song Shi Yue took the initiative to mention the wall.

 Yu Nianbing, who had already made up her mind not to get involved further, and only waited quietly for Song Shiyue’s agent to come and leave, finally couldn’t resist asking, “So, do you know what’s going on with that wall?”

“Well ……” Song Shi Yue turned to the somewhat disheveled hospital bed, “Well …… is probably… . quality issues, right?”

Believe in your evil lies…Hah, Why don’t you say you were the Chosen One and the heavens caved in on the wall to save you? Was half of the table that poked over to her bedroom an illusion?

Yu Nianbing complained for a while in her heart but did not continue asking about it.

I don’t know what’s going on. It’s obviously just a call to the police, but step by step, the more I see you hesitate…why did you do it?

Yu Nian Bing looked somewhat chagrined at Song Shi Yue who was still pretending that nothing was happening and blaming everything on the quality of the house. The latter seemed to sense her gaze and turned her head, and with a short glance, she moved away again.

Yes, it was those eyes.

Clear, surprised, joyful, expectant, sincere, innocent, sly, vigorous,

people can’t help but compromise.

Yu Nianbing thought for awhile. Many things she did today seemed to be something that she wouldn’t do normally. She frowned unconsciously, stopped looking at Song Shiyue, and turned her head to look elsewhere.

Song Shiyue’s agent was outside the door with the delivery from Ciming’s cafeteria.

Ciming was a quite high-end hospital on the North Star, the delivery guy looked very handsome and dashing, with a full-sleeved white suit, black leather shoes, and a silver tray trolley, quite a refreshing beauty with some sense of seniority.

And when the food delivery brother appeared outside the door, Song Shiyue’s agent Wang Man Cang, looked a bit shabby in comparison.

A black suit, hooped fat belly, the pants are a bit muddy, there is a sack in the left hand, there are some things in his right hand ……

Not like an agent from an entertainment company, but rather like a countryside relative who came to visit a sick person.

Yu Nianbing’s previous knowledge of Song Shiyue was only after the confession incident,Qiu Yishan was the one who checked those things that she said back then and took care of the incident. As for Wang Mancang, she really didn’t know him at all.

It was Song Shiyue who looked at the screen of the security camera and nodded. Yu Nianbing believed that the fat man who was dragging two sacks and covered in mud was really her agent and then opened the door.

Wang Mancang entered the door. Before he could wipe his sweat, he looked up and down Song Shiyue. Seeing that she seemed to be fine, he pointed at her and muttered a few words angrily.

Yu Nianbing listened, Wang Mancang tossed and turned, muttering “you child” “you can really” and “this child, hey …… ” he couldn’t seem to say anything new. But looking at him when he came in, his attention was on Song Shiyue, and now he looked like he was hating iron for not becoming steel and was angry enough, so she guessed things should be similar to what was said on that suicide note, and he was still very attentive to Song Shiyue.

{Translator’s note:-Hating iron for not becoming steel
To me, the implication is that the expectation is futile since it would require the person to change their very nature}

When Wang Mancang arrived he had a lot to say, but still waited since Yu Nian Bing had done what she had to do and she was leaving now. Wang Mancang expressed his gratitude to her by gifting her a fruit basket. It was what Yu Nian Bing expected.

It’s just …… this sack …… what was going on?

Standing outside the hospital room with a sack, Yu Nian Bing looked back at the closed door of the hospital room and couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh.

The delivery boy who came out with Yu Nian Bing extended his hand in friendship and took the sack.

Yu Nian Bing followed the little brother and took two steps outside, but couldn’t help but look back at the hospital room door again.

That bowl of porridge, two spring rolls, and two plates of small dishes, was it enough for her to eat?

Taking a brief look back, Yu Nian Bing smiled helplessly and shook her head, what were you thinking. Things here were already handled, such an embarrassing thing has happened {such as eating her leftover dumplings}, and in the future when they meet, they will just be strangers.

{Translator’s note: Sure we will see Yu Nian Bing what kind of strangers you are going to be in the future  ☆⌒(≧▽​° )}

What Yu Nian Bing didn’t know was that almost at the same time, in the hospital room, Song Shi Yue also glanced at the door. What was on her mind was, unfortunately, one confession, one suicide, and the only two encounters they’d had were both bad. Otherwise, maybe they might’ve had a chance to be friends.

Too bad, those who could share food were good people.

Although there were some regrets, Song Shi Yue didn’t sigh for too long.

It’s really… the original owner’s agent, some things were a little hard to say…

Song Shiyue looked at what Wang Mancang had taken out of the sack, and dumbly raised her hand and rubbed her forehead.

The wheel of feng shui had changed, and with Yu Nian Bing gone, it was Song Shi Yue’s turn to get a headache.

The author has something to say:

[It is really a very lucky thing to be able to be a human in this lifetime. If you are attached to the flowers and plants, where is the happiness to eat at this time? 】

Song Shiyue : ???

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