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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 

Translated by Sheri_Yui_Chan

Edited by thatbadassbetch, Travistann

Things like dumplings should be eaten when they’re hot. When they’re cold, they don’t have that much of a flavor.

Yu Nianbing took a chance and ate a half-warm one, but eventually frowned a little and put the chopsticks down again.

The six dumplings were lying in the steamer basket though its heat had pretty much dissipated, they were still quite cute to look at.

In the end, it’s a pity.

Qiu Yishan ……

Did she always have her hand stretched out this far?

Yu Nianbing never used to care much about such things, but now that she thought about it, it wasn’t unnoticeable. However, having already decided to leave Sen Xin Entertainment, there’s no need to go over old scores. She just hoped Qiu Yishan would listen to her last words and not make any trouble.

Just talking about troubles, what’s more troublesome than the one in front of her?

Yu Nianbing leaned on the sofa and raised her eyes to look at the little girl who was quietly drinking porridge on the hospital bed a few steps away.

Nom, Nom, Nom she was eating with a lot of gusto.

Seriously, quickly, with undisguised joy on the face.

It was just a bowl of porridge, but it looked like she was eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea.

After just two glances, it made Yu Nianbing also feel a little hungry.

But wasn’t it time to be a little hungry? If it wasn’t for that collapsed wall, she should be at home eating grilled meat right now. It was really pitiful that the ribs and brisket that she had asked Mrs. Wang to marinate a day earlier could not be eaten at all today.

However, Yu Nianbing didn’t sigh anymore, and soon her attention was once again drawn to Song Shiyue’s action of lifting the porridge bowl and drinking it up.

From the angle the porridge bowl was tilted at, was it finished?

Nianbing was a little surprised.

The porridge that came with the small dumplings had been packed in the thermos and poured into the bowl the size of a soup noodle bowl, but it had been half full. Although there was a lot of rice soup and a few grains of rice in it, it was still pretty hot.

Just now when she held the bowl she felt that porridge and dumplings were very hot and she couldn’t help but take some time to eat it slowly.

Isn’t it hot?

Yu Nianbing wanted to ask, opened her mouth slightly, hesitated, and then swallowed her words back.

Although previously when Qiu Yishan was here, Yu Nianbing refuted a lot, but in fact, she was also clear in her heart that there were quite a few coincidences in this matter.

To save people is to save them without any hesitation.

After all, it is someone’s life, it should be saved.

By the time Song Shiyue’s agent could have come, she had saved her life already.

Yu Nianbing has experienced people confessing to her just for the sake of getting on a hot search but she is still not used to it.

But in this case…

Yu Nianbing couldn’t help but glance at Song Shiyue who started scraping the rice grains at the bottom of the bowl with a spoon.

She always feels that something is different…

But …… maybe it was just her who was feeling weird?

After all, counting the number of times Yu Nianbing and Song Shiyue met, it was probably two times…

This first time they met was when Song Shiyue confessed to her six months ago.

Because it was something that happened recently, Yu Nianbing still remembered that it was the day when she joined the variety show “The Royal Immortal” and there was a lot of media coverage. When the first scene in the show was being shot, there were still several reporters that hadn’t left.

This little girl, who she had never seen before, knocked on the door of the dressing room with a bunch of flowers, three-points shame, and seven-points cowardice.

Qiu Yishan has the ability and she is a capable agent, but sometimes her mouth is really unforgiving. 

There were still reporters waiting outside that day, Qiu Yishan had already calmed down a bit, And then just when she thought the situation was solved, the little girl blushed and lowered her head.

Yu Nianbing looked through the mirror, but she felt unperturbed thinking that the little girl was her fan and asked the makeup artist to pause the makeup, then persuaded Qiu Yi Shan to let her come in.

At most, it only took little effort to sign an autograph and take a photo. It didn’t seem like the little girl who was so shy was here to make trouble.

She just didn’t expect it.

That the little girl was here to confess and get on a hot search using her popularity. Yu Nianbing felt it was too late to lament because she felt the girl looked like someone in her fan circle. So she was confessed to in front of the reporters.

The girl, who introduced herself as Song Shi Yue, didn’t finish her sentence, but the door was blocked by several cameras.

At this point, Yu Nianbing said indifferently, “I’m sorry, I don’t have this idea”, then watched the little girl’s red eyes weep, and squeezed out the reporters and ran out. What else could she do?

Isn’t it just getting on a hot search?

So what can she do?

Qiu Yi Shan felt a little dissatisfied afterward, saying that it was Yu Nianbing’s softheartedness that caused the incident.

Although Yu Nianbing didn’t refute, she didn’t care about this very much.

Even if it wasn’t this little girl named Song Shiyue, there would be others.

Since a few years ago, the night when she won the Golden Planet Award for the first time, Han Xiao, the actor who also won the Golden Planet, had confessed to her and when she refused, he was photographed by the media. After three days on the hot search, similar things started happening around her. The more she ran, the worse it got.

After Han Xiao, it was Xiao Nanqiao, who was starring in a movie with her. Three months after joining the group together, he confessed, was rejected, was photographed, and was listed on the hot search for more than two days.

After that, Yu Nianbing no longer remembers who all have confessed in the past few years, or how many hot searches she has been on because of these confessions.

It can only be said that since Han Xiaoxiao, this kind of thing has become more and more frequent.

Those who confessed were fellow actors, crossover singers, or even hosts who were not close to her at all …

There are confessions after filming together for some time, there are also confessions after a show together, there are also confessions of the different crews coming over from the same film and TV base. ……

Mostly men, but women too ……

North Star’s same-sex marriage law was not easy to pass, and naturally, the public’s voices were not all in favor of it. In a place like the entertainment industry that very much thrives off of the public’s likes and dislikes, it wasn’t very wise to do something that was destined to be attacked by many people.

Of course, this wasn’t something that Yu Nianbing wanted to challenge – after all, there was no reason why she needed to.

But those girls who came to confess to Yu Nianbing, after the hot search, red was a bit red, but there was a lot of black, and it was more appropriate to say that it was black, red and black.

{Translator’s note:- here getting black means pulling the hate of the audience as in they have got more dislike than like due to this hot search and getting red means having net traffic and being popular }

Just to be precise, it’s not just the girls who confessed to Yu Nian Bing. It should be said that those who confessed to Yu Nian Bing and then went to the hot search, got the bonus of the hot search, but they inevitably got a little hate from the fans, regardless of whether they were male or female.

Ever since Han Xiaoxiao and Qiao Nan’s incident, those who have been on the hot spot for confessing their love for Yu Nianbing can at least hang around for a couple of days. If you’re rich and have the heart to add a little navy, you’ll be able to be on a hot search for three or four days. It’s much better than the entertainment industry where you can only hang for a few hours under normal circumstances.

As the confessions were rejected, hot searches were showing up again, and again, “confession to the Movie queen, Yu Nianbing, was rejected”  has become a series of popular topics. Every time a new confession failure is shown in the headlines, the previously failed confession will be brought up again, and the heat will be repeated once more.

And as Yu Nianbing’s works became more and more, the fan base grew larger, and later she won the second Golden Planet Award. The popularity is getting higher and higher, and the value of being rubbed has also increased.

Fans are not fools.

Gradually, everyone realized that those people who confessed to Nianbing were probably not sincere at all, and all they wanted to do was to be on a hot search.

Those who got angry first were of course Yu Nianbing’s fans.

Once someone got a hot search for a confession to Nianbing, they came to the scene to tear it up.

The fans of one party said that the other party just wanted to be popular, they were not sincere at all with their confession.

The other fans said that the other party has broken their idol’s heart, which is too much.

In addition to watching the lively passers-by running on both sides, not to mention the truth, at least it became lively.

It is black and red, and it is also red.

As it became more often, the bystanders understood the true situation.

Now in the eyes of bystanders and fans “confessing to Yu Nian Bing” is equal to “getting on a hot search.”

Some of the people, in the beginning, had really been sincere in their confession to Yu Nianbing, but later, many who were confessing were doing it to get on a hot search and such confessions continued to happen in the future too.

Of course, when everyone came, they said that they were sincere.

Song Shiyue was not the first person who appeared in front of Yu Nian Bing and confessed, so she had no impression at all.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be the last one either.

It’s just that Yu Nianbing didn’t expect that this kind of person who usually appears once and should have no interaction after rubbing up against her popularity, would actually meet again under such circumstances.

Then She thought about what she was doing before her neighbor’s wall collapsed

The watermelon was sweet.

It’s the freshest melon on the market, and its sweetness is still unstable, so in the morning Aunt Wang went and after much deliberation, bought three, and cut them open, leaving the sweetest one for her before leaving.

Yu Nian Bing had just finished filming for The Imperial Fairy and had time to come back for a few days. After taking a bath, she ate the watermelon that Aunt Wang picked out especially, her mouth full of sweetness, not to mention how relaxing it was.

If that wall hadn’t collapsed, in an hour she would have started roasting the meat that Aunt Wang had marinated the day before.

She had opened the refrigerator and looked at the meat, which included beef, cowboy bones, pork, chicken wings, and a plate of shrimp.

Auntie Wang said it tasted just right when it was roasted at noon.

The kitchen was set up for her by the aunt before she left.

Then after a few loud noises, she saw the charcoal basin next door.

Maybe because she was thinking about the meat in the refrigerator, about how it should be cooked just right, fragrant, and full of juice, that when she smelled the carbon fire, Yu Nianbing was confused and surprised when she looked at the collapsed wall. 

For a moment, she subconsciously thought that the one next door was using a charcoal fire for barbecue. Of course, she soon knew it was not.

With most of the wall collapsed, Yu Nianbing could almost effortlessly see the person who was lying half seated on the bed next door.

The words Qiu Yishan said when she saw Song Shiyue’s face were not at all lost on Yu Nian Bing’s mind.

How could there be so many coincidences like this? Song Shiyue just happens to live next door? Just when she herself was living in this house? And the wall just happened to collapse?

Then Yu Nian Bing saw the paper.

It was posted on the table, the one which was poking into her own bedroom

The hand that was holding down the star network port to call the police temporarily loosened.

Yu Nian Bing did not call the police immediately, stepping on the collapsed wall to go next door was a risky thing to do.

Then, she saw Song Shi Yue looking over.

Song Shiyue’s eyes were as confused as fog, but when they met with her eyes, the fog dispersed.

Yu Nian Bing didn’t understand at the time why Song Shiyue suddenly had a different look in her eyes after seeing her. Just as she didn’t understand later, why Song Shiyue, who had obviously fainted, still had a smile on her mouth.

Not at all like, someone who tried so hard to succeed in a suicide …

Even though Song Shiyue’s performance was indeed a bit strange, Yu Nianbing never thought about the reason for the other party’s suicide.

First, Yu Nianbing knew that she had nothing to do with her, that confession was just for the sake of getting Black and red, and they didn’t know each other that well.

Besides, Yu Nian Bing saw the suicide note on the long table and understood the reason why Song Shi Yue committed suicide.

However, that wall really collapsed strangely.

The long table that poked halfway to her bedroom was also a bit strange.

There were too many questions, but the glance that Song Shiyue showed before she fainted and the smile she left behind is not so clear anymore.

Was the little girl who came to confess half a year ago like this?

Yu Nianbing still remembers the shyness and timidity present in her eyes, that delicate makeup underneath…she couldn’t remember anymore.

Just when Nianbing was recalling more memories, a slightly harsh sound similar to that of a hard object sliding through the glass interrupted her.

In the room, there were only two people who could make a sound.

Their eyes facing each other, Song Shiyue blinked innocently. When Nian Bing looked at the porridge bowl thoughtfully, she let go of the spoon embarrassingly.

It’s embarrassing, isn’t it ……

Yu Nianbing felt embarrassed for Song Shiyue, not thinking anymore this time, and instinctively asked, “Are you full?”

“I’m full,” Song Shiyue quickly answered.

The bowl of porridge water just now was mostly rice soup, the rice grains so small that it was touching. But this pure and fragrant rice, Song Shiyue hadn’t tasted it in five or six years. A bowl of rice went down the stomach, the whole person is warm, the mouth is smacked, and it feels a bit sweet. Although the appetites of power types were much higher than those of ordinary people, after smashing the wall with power, there was no energy in her body. But thinking about what the original body did, Yu Nianbing disregarded the predecessor’s actions and made efforts to save her. Song Shiyue didn’t want to be someone who continued to trouble others by climbing along the pole.

 However, the mouth can lie, but the stomach cannot.

Almost at the same time that Song Shiyue spoke, the sound of grumbling in her belly sounded clearly in the room.

This time, Yu Nianbing felt ten times more awkward for Song Shiyue.

Translator’s note:- Hey guys please welcome my new editor  thatbadassbetch . I hope you guys have liked it so far. So I am doing this project through machine translation and I am a newbie to translation so I might have made some mistakes in the beginning , please accommodate me. I look forward to your constructive criticisms and also your support.



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