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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Translated by Sheri_Yui_Chan
Edited by Travistann

It is said that perfume has front, middle and back tones. Song Shi Yue thinks that there are probably also present in her dreams.

The front tone is a choking smell of smoke and fire, and the back tone is a smell of disinfectant water.

Song Shi Yue, who was currently in a coma, unconsciously curled up her lips as if she was thirsty.

She didn’t expect that she, who had lacked food and clothing for the last seven years, was able to taste the sweetness of that watermelon in her dream. It was really beautiful.

The sweetness that had seemed to linger between her lips and teeth reduced the pain that the strange memories had impacted upon her.

When she had passed out, Shi Yue finally remembered the huge explosion that took pace in the central city base,and  the sky that was full of smoke and haze, and the  she herself who was broken into a small ball of light, and had been flying upwards uncontrollably.

Just like that, far away from the central city base, half of the city’s was burning up in flames, she was thrown  far away from the earth that was eroded by the apocalypse days.

And even when she died in that place, even now she could still feel the pain of being crushed.

Not far from here, there is a blue planet that seems to be distorted in her vision for some reason, and beside her, there are groups of light of various colors that are similar to her.

It seemed that they were crushed by an invisible force, whether it was the earth or them it was yet to be known.

 Painful yet helpless state they were in. But before the planet disappeared, she had been send to somewhere far away.

 It was not just Song Shi Yue that was shot into the unknown universe. But many of them were sent right back to the earth again. The seven years of the apocalypse, The planet Earth ,it seemed to be a planet that could be destroyed by a mysterious force anytime they wanted.

Such vastness and brilliance existed there.

Yet it was distorted and blurred.

Maybe it was because she died too tragically, or perhaps it felt even more bizarre that after her death she appeared here, or maybe that she woke up, only to find herself choked by the smoke and fire. Until this time, she was only relieved with the smell of disinfecting water and a large amount of oxygen supply.

Song Shi Yue remembered something after her breathing state was comfortable .

What exactly is a dream?

“Was it the twenty years before the end of the world, or the seven years after the apocalypse?”

What was the dead body and the soul flying in the central city, or burning charcoal in the house to commit suicide, such scenes kept appearing in her head again and again. The scene that appeared in her mind at that time, belonged to the original owner of this body.

On this planet, this little girl was also called Song Shi Yue, and she had a trash father who had abandoned her at birth and lived a lazy life eating, drinking, and gambling and wasting away his life this little girls life was very turbulent due to these events. 

But to commit suicide because of these kinds of problem was too naive of her.

It is a such a wonder that this world has no zombies, no mutated animals, and plants, except for the technology that is slightly advanced, the rest of the world is quite similar to the earth.

 There are no zombies and no mutant animals and plants enough for Shi Yue to aspire to live another five hundred years eliminating them.

A little girl whose parents had divorced since childhood and she had grown up with her mother, why would she want to find her father who has been absent in her life for more than ten years. She wanted to find a father’s love that did not exist ever since her mother’s death.

Still, she had never asked anything more from her family, who didn’t even pay for anything at all. And after she had gotten a little fame as a an artist, the first thing she found was that they were like beggars crying for money.

Can’t the problem with these people be seen at a glance?

And she kept on giving them money, again and again…? Each time she gives in that only makes them cross the line more?

From saving money to being broke and in debts.

From desire to get their love to disappointment and desperation.

This little girl’s short life, as if it was a flood , gushed into Song Shi Yue’s mind. Fortunately, it was only memories and not feelings.

Living is really a hard thing to do.

Those who make other people’s lives harder are really, very much an jerks that needs to live in hell.

Song Shi Yue doesn’t know what luck she has had to get a second chance to live in this little girl’s body and in this peaceful world. 

When she thought about it, she felt very grateful from the bottom of her heart.

After understanding what happened, Song Shi Yue understood why the little girl shut the window, lit the fire, tied her feet, and swallowed the pills. All those anger were no longer there, and only a sour taste was left behind.

Although Song Shi Yue can’t empathize, it still had an impact on her.

 Song Shi Yue felt slightly uncomfortable, but her head didn’t hurt so much after recovering the memory. As she was  in a daze, she could hear someone buzz around her as if someone was talking.

Sniff sniff what is that smell
That is.. not just human.

A pungent odor, and the rich meaty fragrance wafted to her nose…

Is that something nice?!

Song Shi Yue couldn’t help swallowing her saliva, and originally she was pretty confused, but now she is totally sober.

However, after hearing the voices of the two people around her, Song Shi Yue  gave up the idea of ​​waking up immediately with her eyes open.

That reminds her, this original body has left a mess for her, but it seems that this mess is something bigger than she originally thought it was.

Once again, Song Shi Yue took a long and careful sip of the rich smell of disinfectant in the air and then closed her eyes tighter.

“If it weren’t for Zhou Ying Shu, did you have no intention to tell me about this? Are you not considering me as your manager? Do you know what would happen if this were known to the media ?” a female voice echoed in the ward.

Song Shi Yue tried hard to think about it, and finally matched the voice with the original owner’s memory, but before she could think more about it, she heard another person answer.

 “It seems that Ci Ming Hospital is not as capable of keeping secrets as it advertises.” A cold and steady voice, like a trickle, overwhelmed that dry fire voice that was about to burst into bigger flames.

 It is her… the person who caused this body into a big mess… Song Shi Yue’s heart tightened as she felt a little guilty. She couldn’t help herself and shrinked into the quilt.


“What do you mean? Did Zhou Ying Shu tell me the wrong thing? It’s for your good, isn’t it? Do you think you’ll be the only one who can handle this if it comes out? At the end of the day, isn’t the company who has to clean it up for you?” Qiu Yi Shan was angry already, and now she is totally pissed by Yu Nian Bing’s words.

“As long as Dr. Zhou is considering my wellness, and not telling others about this, I believe this will not burst out.” In a place that Song Shi Yue couldn’t see, Yu Nian Bing dropped the chopsticks in her hands. She picked up the steamed dumplings that had just been delivered to the entrance and steadily dropped it back into the steamer basket and said. “I dialed the internal number of Dr. Ci Ming at the time, and the confidential team of Ci Ming came to pick up the person. Now, Sister Qiu, you are here. Ci Ming’s reputation has already been ruined. Or shall we ruin them more?”

 “What do you mean, you are threatening me, huh? you are using Zhou Ying Shu to threaten me?” Qiu Yi Shan became angrier, but on the other hand,when she saw  Yu Nian Bing’s somewhat cold eyes she stopped herself, she couldn’t sprout out what she had originally wanted to utter.

Yu Nian Bing lowered her head, poked the soft steamed bun with her chopsticks, and shook her head. “No. After all, Doctor Zhou used to be a doctor I trust very much. I just want to tell Sister Qiu, since that person is here now and there is no one who knows about it. So stop inquiring into it.

There is no need to argue anymore. If there is anything,the company also doesn’t have to settle this matter for me. After all,” Yu Nian Bing raised her head. Looked at Qiu Yi Shan again, and said, “After all, my contract is about to expire.”

 Qiu Yi Shan’s face suddenly stiffened, but this time it wasn’t because of Yu Nian Bing’s gaze. Not even looking into the details of what is meant by “used to be a doctor I trusted a lot”, but her mind is on the word “my contract”.

“Oh, how come this happened? We have been working together for so many years, even if the contract expires, it must be renewed. If you leave, Hui Hui would  cry till she died.” Qiu Yi Shan saw that Yu Nian Bing still wanted to speak, and quickly changed the subject, “Look, I know you’re angry that Zhou Ying Shu informed me. I know you are angry because of my attitude just now. But I’m also anxious for you.

You see, you are usually such a cautious individual, why are you acting so confused this time. It was happened to be someone committing a suicide next door, and the wall just happened to collapse. At the most, you could have called an ambulance for her. But you even wanted to keep it a secret, and had to send someone to Ci Mming with your own resources. She was saved. But what if she wasn’t? Aren’t you causing trouble for yourself?”

 Yu Nian Bing could have heard Qiu Yi Shan’s change of subject. It’s just that it wasn’t enough to talk to her about the contract. Seeing Qiu Yi Shan’s attitude softened, Yu Nian Bing certainly couldn’t refuse to speak to her. “Poor Steamed bun, I only ate one, and now that you are getting the cold I won’t eat it again” 

“I’ve checked Starnet port, and it should be no big deal to save it. We’re all in this business if the police were called, how can we try to keep it as a secret? Plus, in future she would… “Yu Nian Bing did not finish the sentence because she did not have to.

 Qiu Yi Shan didn’t know these things, but she probably didn’t care at all.

Sure enough, at the end of what Nian Bing said, Qiu Yi Shan could understand, but she still shook her head in disapproval. “Even if you do this, you and she are different. You are simply a treasure bottle. It’s Too much difference between you and her”

“Sister Qiu.” Yu Nian Bing frowned and interrupted Qiu Yi Shan, “Your description, it’s too inappropriate, don’t say it. You’ve seen the situation here. I won’t be brought to trouble after she is rescued, not to mention the company. If you don’t have anything to do, you can go back first. If you have a heart, help out Dr. Zhou by giving an extra word of advice.”

 The eviction order was almost plastered on her face, where could Qiu Yi Shan not hear the meaning. It’s just good enough for her as well since she also wanted to go back to the company to ask what’s going on with her contract, wasn’t it renewed smoothly every time before? Why didn’t they tell her agent this time when something went wrong?

However, Qiu Yi Shan again looked at the person on the hospital bed who seemed to be still unconscious. Her footsteps moved slightly, but hesitantly said, “Why don’t you go back, I’ll stay here and watch her. I heard that that wall of yours has collapsed, do you want to go back and deal with it first, or should I find someone to help you with it?”

“No. The doctor taught me how to take care of her before. I will leave when her agent arrives.” Yu Nian Bing followed Qiu Yi Shan’s gaze. She stood up while speaking, took a small water cup in her hand, walked to the bed, took a cotton swab from the cabinet, moistened it with some water, and rolled it on Song Shi Yue’s slightly dry lips.

“Then I can take care of her.” Qiu Yi Shan walked towards Yu Nian Bing, trying to take the water glass in her hand.

Yu Nian Bing avoided the move a little, shook her head, “Forget it, you don’t like her very much, don’t force yourself. I have sent a message to her agent, and he will be here soon.”

Qiu Yi Shan didn’t want to take care of people, but she did feel a bit grumpy when she came and wanted to make up for it. But that wasn’t her fault, who would have known that Yu Nian Bing had intended to not renew her contract.


 At this time, Qiu Yi Shan could not please her. Just as she was walking towards the door, Qiu Yi Shan couldn’t help but ask more, “Is it because she confessed to you so you did all of this to repay her? Don’t you also know that those people who confess to you only have one purpose and they are not sincere at all, so don’t fall for her trap. Also, think of it, why did she just happen to commit suicide next door to you? No. How can she, a background character actress, afford to buy the house next door to you? rent? How come she is living next door to you? Think about it, don’t you feel there is a conspiracy here?”

Originally, she just wanted to remind Yu Nian Bing, but the more Qiu Yi Shan said, the more she felt wrong.

 “You think too much, maybe it’s just a coincidence.” Yu Nian Bing reached out and stopped Qiu Yi Shan, who wanted to come in again for further analysis. “It’s just a little girl who has encountered some trouble and didn’t figure it out. It has nothing to do with me before; I am just waiting for her agent to come. And, it won’t be related to me in the future either.”

Yu Nian Bing’s words obviously didn’t reassure Qiu Yi Shan. It was just obvious that the other party didn’t want to talk about it either.

Qiu Yi Shan could only exit the door, thinking that when she went back later, she would have to talk to the company properly.

“This is my own business. Even if the company wants to manage it, I hope that they will keep confidentiality about this matter first and won’t come here to irritate the people that have just been rescued.” This is the last sentence said between Yu Nian Bing and Qiu Yi Shan.

 Then, it was the sound of Qiu Yi Shan going out.

The room suddenly became quiet, only Yu Nian Bing walked around softly.

Song Shi Yue still didn’t dare to open her eyes, but she felt a little sad. The agent’s guess was not entirely wrong. There is no conspiracy, but it is indeed not a coincidence that the original body lives next to Yu Nian Bing.

But I didn’t expect that I smashed the wall before receiving the memory of the original owner at that time. The one who came over the wall was not a fairy, but Yu Nianbing, who had won two Golden Planet Awards at a young age.

A shortcut to being famous…just confess to her.

A shortcut that the previous owner of this body took…

A shortcut that someone wants to do…but didn’t have the chance to…

Haiya, obviously you do not love her, why would you confess?

All that just to get on a hot search? 

Just so you could be famous, huh?

Song Shi Yue’s heart was overwhelmed with emotion at this fateful encounter, but suddenly she heard someone whispering near her ear “Are you awake?”

 The voice was not loud, but it was like thunder, clapping right next to Shi Yue’s as she was pretending to be asleep.

Both of them looked at each other, and they were speechless for a long time.

Seeing Song Shi Yue staring at her like a frightened deer, Nian Bing held the porridge bowl and sighed in her heart.

“I just wanted to eat a watermelon quietly at home. What did I do wrong?”

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