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There is a Wall Behind the Shadow

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Translated by Sheri_Yui_Chan

Edited by Travistann


Thick smoke and embers filled the room it was such a choking atmosphere.

Song Shi Yue pressed her head with one hand and another on her chest. She woke up from the bed in a dazed manner. Before she could see more, the smoke choked her eyes. As she took a deep breath, she felt like coughing up all her internal organs.

But even coughing with such power, she still couldn’t ease that itchiness in her throat.

Ahem, Ahem Ahem, damn this Central City Base.

They had conned and robbed so many women with high-level superpowers in the surrounding small and medium-sized bases. Do they really think if it is the end of the world, they can do any kind of experiments and everyone’s brains have become like zombies, huh.  And why would they give up everything for the sake of continuing the human species?

Song Shi Yue tried her best to suppress her irritating cough and stood up. Not far away from the ground, the flames and the billowing smoke had made the groggy Song Shi Yue twitch the corners of her mouth into a choking expression.

Those who had superpowers had fought their way in the apocalypse, how would they have succumbed to Central city base’s schemes that easily. Central City had really created a calamity that is self-inflicted this time. Half of the city was burned such a pity….

It is just that many people like her had entered Central City at such an inappropriate time due to insufficient supplies, but was unable to leave the city due to martial law, and was caught up by this catastrophe. The innocent passersby who were fighting would also be buried in the largest base during  the last days of the apocalypse.

 Half of the city had burned, smokes were there  everywhere, all kinds of super powered people were battling outside the base. It was no longer a situation where simple power types like Song Shi Yue could resist. 

After finally finding a warehouse that can hide her temporarily, it seems like she couldn’t hold on anymore. 


“A warehouse?”

Song Shi Yue thought, “Isn’t the warehouse already blown to pieces…”

“I…I… where am I ? “

Song Shi Yue felt a sudden pain that interrupted her memory, but her hands were tightened on a quilt as she was agitated by the pain, and she felt more there was more to this situation.

Where did the soft bed and quilt come from?

Where did the clean clothes come from? 

During the seven years of apocalypse , where hadn’t the land been filled with the smell of corpses? It was almost there everywhere.

Shi Yue took a deep breath subconsciously, but she still didn’t smell the corpse’s stench but was choked by the denser smoke that filled the room right now.

This time, her lungs were really irritated by the smoke and dust particles, and she really felt like she was going to cough up her organs.

This time  Shi Yue did not have a clear mind at all she was suffocated by the smoke. Ans she really she wanted to curse more about the Central City base’s schemes, something caught her eyes , she fixed her eye onto the conflagration on the ground. No matter how you look at it she thought, “isn’t the fire a bit too much.”

So much fire that seemed to be enclosed in a fixed range.

Song Shi Yue was about to get out of bed to take a closer look but found that her legs and feet could not move freely.

“Am I paralyzed?” She thought

Shi Yue removed the quilt in shock, only to see a pair of straight, snow-white legs tightly tied with a bunch of cloth strips. It was uncomfortable to look at, as if she was trying to choke herself with the smoke. And only dumb people like her would be easily choked by the smoke and not find that she was tied up at all.

“What the hell is going on ? “

These weren’t her legs that were scared up and down during the apocalypse times, one that was too horrible to look at.

Where is this place?

Who am I?

Shi Yue’s heart was so shaken by this bizarre incident that she choked on another mouthful of smoke without paying attention to it and was about to just faint right now.

Whose body or what condition this body is in is no longer the most important thing at the moment.

Shi Yue was getting anxious by looking at the fire that kept on expanding as time passed by, as it  kept increasing  she was anxious to leave this strange place quickly; even the pain that is overwhelming her head currently did not stop her from trying to escape this place, and at this time she did not have the heart to slowly try and understand what is happening to her not to mention that there were dozens of cloths that bound her legs.

In just a couple of strong hand movements,the cloth that bound her legs were was torn and scattered between the beds.

These legs had a been bound for such an unknown amount of time,that it had become so numb it was almost impossible to walk or run away from this precarious situation right now.

Shi Yue endured the numbness in her legs and stood up, and with one hand on the desk at the head of the bed, and with the strength in her other hands, she moved some steps with incredible difficulty. Because she was using both her hand’s power to hold her up and move forward, she couldn’t cover her mouth and nose, causing her to become dizzier at the moment.

After finally moving a few steps, Song Shi Yue held the other end of the long table, and she could still  see the fires.

And what else did she see there was fire, large basins of charcoal, also some kind of kerosene or petrol smell also lingered…

No wonder the fire is big and the smoke is thick, but it burns so well, is it charcoal fire? The sturdy legs of the table supported her as she tried to see further, the burning charcoal basin, there are still a few more in the room… It’s really hard to not to think of a possibility that feels omnious. 

The oxygen in the room kept on decreasing, and Song Shi Yue had become dizzier. Although she can still support herself with her hands, her wobbly and numb legs really made her uncomfortable due to which she could no longer support herself and she slid down to the ground.

She had to sit on the floor and  saw that not far away from the charcoal basin, it seemed that there was a pile of junk. Looking at the size of the outline, no actually, from cupboard to boxes and many more boxes , it seemed like a wall of debris, the debris was covered up behind the concrete wall, or did that seem to be the another room or was it a …… door?

If it was anyone else  in this situation, they would have to move these things that blocked the entrance and it would take a long time to get some breathing space. In this environment, even if the charcoal burners were extinguished, the person would have fallen down or burned down by the time that pile of junks was moved away.

Shi Yue remembered that when she got out of bed just now, there seemed to be a lot of things piled up by the other wall near the bed, which couldn’t be seen clearly from the smoke, but according to the layout of this room, there was probably a window over there.

“What’s going on?”

“Is it suicide?”


“Something else”

” Shi Yue leaned against the table,she had been feeling so dizzy, as she was  massaging her forehead and pressing her eyes that was hurting due to the smoke , she felt like her head was about to burst. The answer to the question she was thinking about suddenly appeared in her head as a fragment of the original’s memories.

The slender white soft hands, slightly trembling, a strip of cloth, in those hands, became a knot of cloth binding the legs.

These same hands, struggling to push closets, cabinets, boxes, etc.

Not only these images, but there were also a large number of unfamiliar images that flooded into Shi Yue’s mind at the same time, causing her head, which was already in great pain, to suffer a hundredfold migraine attack.

“I don’t even want to know this much right now, okay?” Shi Yue’s headache was so bad that her body couldn’t help but tremble slightly. It was hard to temporarily force down the strange memories that were flashing in her head.

The choking smoke, the thin air, the suffocating dizziness, the debris, and the uninvited mental attacks, Song Shi Yue was about to lose the little composure that she had right now.

“It was Suicide, right?”

“You’ve done a lot of stacking and blocking the doors to commit suicide, haven’t you?”

“devious little girl.”

“Too bad it was me!”

The Strength-type abilities might not be a match for those with rapid late growth and cool tactics, but they’re not vegetarians either!

Shi Yue didn’t know how much smoke and gas her body had already inhaled, but from the somewhat dizzy state, and uncontrollable temper she was having right now, and the legs that were still too sore from standing on their own, she felt it was better to do this quickly.

Once again using the long table behind her as a support, Song Shi Yue stood up. Still, instead of walking towards either the blocked door or the blocked window, she instead walked back to the bed and sat down, then tried to concentrate her already somewhat dissipating consciousness and muscle strength, lifted the metal desk, which was about two meters long, and smashed it directly against the wall against which the desk was leaning, with great force.

She hit once with the metal bar ,she felt heavy and suffocated, and her breathing had become unstable.

The second time she had hit the wall. Her mind went blank, and her eyes started to blackout

The third time she striked.

Most of the wall above the bed finally fell down with the final blow of the desk.

A large amount of fresh air flooded in, and Song Shi Yue, who was already unconscious, instinctively tried to take a deep breath and slow down her heavy breathing a bit but she found to her horror that no matter how hard she tried something was going wrong . She was shocked to find that no matter how hard she tried to breathe, her chest remained tightly constricted, as if she were drowning in the sea.

The victory was right in front of her, a large patch of fresh air, and even a breeze that blew the smoke from the house.

But she couldn’t breathe!

The more resigned and anxious Shi Yue became, the more powerless she felt.

At this point, the powerlessness had nothing to do with whether or not one possessed a power-type mutant ability; it seemed to be only related to this body that had already reached the end of its strength in this chaotic situation.

As early as the second strike, Song Shi Yue was already empty of her strength and she felt lifeless and was now already half leaning on the bed, clutching the clothes on her chest with one hand, but still maintaining the position of supporting herself on the bed with the other hand.

She was almost falling out of her bed.

Even Shi Yue’s consciousness, which she thought was still quite tough, was now scattered to the point where her eyes were dizzy, and she fell into the darkness, only one step away.

After darkness, would there be light?

Song Shi Yue doesn’t know ……

It had been seven years since the end of the world, or the apocalypse had started, and no one at that time was confident enough to give a definite and positive answer to this question.

A strange world without the stench of corpses, with a clean room, soft bedding, soft clothes, thin white legs, is like a dream.

A dream where she is alone, still struggling alone, there are no more zombies to fight, no more mutated plants or animals, but she is still struggling between life and death in this strange world.

Really, why are  even her dreams so hard? why does it make her so lonely?.

Shi Yue smiled bitterly and was about to give up because it was too painful, there was a breathless insistence on letting herself faint, to allow herself to faint, but suddenly she saw something, and her eyes widened.

At first, the house’s doors and windows were all blocked, only the charcoal basins had remained, and in the darkness, there was an enchanting crimson color flooding the room. Later, the table that had collapsed most of the wall, was showing the light of day in the next room. There seem to be some ventilation windows there, but it was a place of vitality that Shi Yue couldn’t reach out to, as she couldn’t even breathe right now.

At this time, there was a fairy by the pile of ruined walls that separated life and death, looking like  she was stepping from the realm of living to the dead.

She saw that the woman’s skin was soft and smooth, her eyebrows were like smoke, and her eyes were as clear as water, there was some warmth in the coldness. The white clothes were like snow, the hair was half-pinned, and the half-fallen hair hanging in front of her, were swinging lightly with the wind, combined with the smoke that had not yet dissipated the atmosphere in the house, it was like a little immortal had stepped into her abode.

“You have to really hate the apocalypse to dream of this ordinary world.”

“It’s only when you’re used to the apocalypse that you can survive with your power abilities in your dreams.”

“It has to be so lonely, even when she is dreaming at the end.”

Shi Yue took in two deep breaths with much difficulty and effort, but still had little success. 

Even though her rescuer was astonishing as a fairy, she only got a short glimpse of her.

Her consciousness started to go blank, and her vision began to blur once again.

It seems that the fairy, holding the skirt corner, turned over from the pile of debris lying beside the walls.

And something caught her eyes that made the situation a little funny.

Um, what kind of off-white bunny slippers are those that were stepping on those bunch of bricks? 

They are kind of cute. 

Song Shi Yue leaned back against the bed and finally closed her eyes.

Yu Nian Bing bent over and had spent a lot of effort before climbing over the pile of broken bricks.

Obviously, when she went to look inside, that person was okay, but when they looked at each other, she suddenly fainted.

People were getting dizzy here. What was the faint smile left on the corner of her mouth?

Yu Nian Bing, who was getting choked on the smoke for a while, couldn’t help but cough a few times but didn’t delay in reaching out and probing Song Shi Yue’s nose, while roughly looking around the room where the smoke hadn’t dissipated, clicked on the star-net port on her wrist.

“Help me search for fastest emergency treatment for charcoal burning suicide. Then call Dr. Zhou at Ciming Hospital.” Yu Nianbing’s voice was a bit tense and worried, not as calm as she seemed to be.

Soon, a series of electro-mechanical sounds rang out in the house.

A pair of fair and slender hands touched Song Shi Yue’s belt.

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