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    Translated by CleiZz
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    “Look, Liana, I have a huge amount of jewels, but you must not sell them easily.”


    “Is it because the price of jewelry goes down, brother?”


    “Yes, that’s true, but that’s not the only reason. If I sell jewelry and get gold and silver, and I don’t use it, the amount of gold and silver used in the country will be less.

    Even if you try to buy things with gold and silver that the overall amount has decreased, things that you can not buy will happen. However, merchants would be troubled if they could not sell anything at all, so they would try to sell at a lower price.

    That’s why the prices of things go down.

    Well, even if there is a shortage of gold and silver, people barter for wheat and barley, so it’s not as simple as it sounds, but just remember that.”


    “To be honest, I don’t really understand, brother.”


    “I also don’t fully understand, because there is a possibility that it will be like that, we aristocrats who have gold and silver should remember that we have to buy things from the people in moderation.”


    “Can’t we just give charity, brother?”


    “Yes, it is better to pay them by buying things or making them do things instead of charity. I believe that the people should be able to feel the happiness of accomplishing something because they are human beings, not animals.”


    “Yes, brother.”


    “At the same time, let’s say I used too much gold and silver that I got from selling jewelry. And what happens if the people who get the gold and silver buy up food and salt?


    “There will be no more food or salt.”


    “Yes, they won’t run out, but the price will go up. People will die if they don’t eat, so they have to buy food even if it becomes expensive. But there are some people who just can’t afford it. Will they die of hunger in silence? No, they will try to survive by taking food from someone else.

     Just because I spend too much money, it causes people to sin, and in some cases, it even causes people to be killed.”


    “Oh, no, my brother.”


    “Don’t look so sad, Liana. We nobles, especially those with power and wealth, must be very careful in how we use them, you just have to know that.

     We shouldn’t give advantage to those who are rotten at heart and who buy up the things that people desperately need to survive. You must not sell food obtained from the annual tribute to those who sell off precious food to raise the price, and you must not accept bribes to let them off the hook.

     If I or Liana continue to do what our father and mother did as a matter of course, we are causing the people to sin.”


    “I understand, brother. I will be very careful with how I spend my money, where I sell my tribute, who I choose to buy from and who I buy from, and I will make sure that my people will never starve.”


    “In fact, you will probably fail in many ways just as I did, but don’t let that discourage you or make you give up.

     No matter what anyone accuses us of, if we don’t give up and keep trying, our people will starve.”


    “Yes, brother.”



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