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    Liana’s engagement annulment was announced five days after discussions with the royal family.

    I wonder if it was necessary time to discuss various things in the royal family.


    They probably wanted to create the legend of the saint of Lunane and then get her engaged to the crown prince, but the preparations for that would inevitably take time.


    The fact that her family is a barony is also a problem, and she would like to be raised to the rank of marquis at the very least.


    “Brother, what happened to our father and mother? ”


    It seems that Liana was suspicious that our parents are not in the Royal Capital mansion.


    Separately they weren’t chased to the territory from the royal city, they were just scared and ran away.


    So as not to torment the people of the capital, it is said to monitor properly to the castle chief retainer.


    I call them castle retainers because of the sense of my previous life, but in a duke’s family, I wonder if they should be called house officers, retainers, or land stewards.


    But they don’t just manage the territory, they also lead the lord’s army in interception and siege battles, so they are castle retainers in my sense.


    “Father and mother seems to have gone out to say to recuperate in the territory. They didn’t seem to like the fact that I declined the engagement this time, but even Liana can see that it was a stupid idea.”


    “Yes, brother, if you do such a thing, you will gain the attention of the royal family. If you are not willing to usurp the throne by fighting the royal family, you should never do it.”

    Liana said sadly.


    She had actually met and talked to the king and queen to confirm the royal family’s policy.


    Liana was smart enough to know that there was no other way.


    At the same time, she must be despairing at her parents’ inability to understand such things.

    She knows that if she does as her parents say, she will be doomed.


    If I had been the same kind of fool, the Liana of the game would have been in despair.


    Maybe Liana in the game was prepared to die from the beginning.


    “You’re right, Liana. Your father and mother will be able to rest and recuperate in the territory, but if they force the people to do anything, they will be sent to serve God in the church, and you should understand that.”


    “I understand, brother, I also agree with brother-sama’s policy. ”


    I was really glad that Liana was smart.


    If Liana was a fool who was obsessed with the queen’s throne, the matter would have been complicated.


    No, if Liana was such an evil woman, I would have abandoned her a long time ago.


    It was because she was such a smart and kind child that I wanted to help.


    I want Liana to be happy from the bottom of my heart.


    The question is what will happen to Liana now that she has annulled her engagement.


    In the past life was a world that was allowed to enjoy free love single life, but in this world only ostensibly because you have to marry a political marriage.


    I’m getting irresistibly angry.



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