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    At first, I tried to convince my parents on my own, but to my annoyance, they refused to accept my resignation.

    Even though I explained it to them carefully so that even an idiot could understand.

    I was angry, so I let some magic power flow through my heart and put me in a state of angina.

    The pain was overwhelming, but I can’t help it.


    I left it until I was about to die, but they must have been really scared that I stood on the edge of death, and they recognized me right away.


    “Then Liana and I will negotiate with the royal family, is that correct?”


    Perhaps it was because I had almost died once, but my parents accepted me without defying me.


    If they had accepted them honestly from the beginning, I wouldn’t have had to go through the pain and fear.


    This reminded me of the words that there is no cure for fools.


    I sternly instructed them not to tell Liana about this.


    I didn’t want Liana to see this side of me.


    I had made an appointment for an audience with the royal family in advance, so I went to the palace right away.


    “What can I do for you today, Marquis Gordon and Marquise Lazer?”


    The king realized that I had come to make an official request as a nobleman. He was greedy, but he had been king for many years and seemed to have insight.


    Perhaps he was wondering how we would react to the appearance of a user of holy magic.


    If you think so, it may be the consensus of the royal family that framed Liana.


    The Duke of Lazer, including myself in the game, were probably foolish enough to not be able to judge the situation.


    “Your Majesty, I’m sure you’re aware of this already, but since a user of holy magic has appeared, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should decline the engagement of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Camille to Liana. I’m sure you’ll approve it.”


    “Hmm, that’s an auspicious statement with a good understanding of the situation, I commend you. But is it the consensus of the Duke of Lazer, or did Morgan and Mineva approve?”


    “At first, They are complaining, but since it is my duty to correct my parents mistakes, I made them admit with a little strict remark. If necessary, I will let them rest and recuperate at my estate, so please rest assured.”


    “I’m sure you’ve been through a lot, and I’ll have to reward you. The Marquis of Gordon is a wealthy man, and I’m sure you has no need for money.”


    “Then I want Liana to be given a new title. I’d like both me and Duchess Lazer to be promoted.”

    Some may be confused by the fact that the Royal Family and the Dukes of Lazer had become reconciled.


    I’m sure there will be no one to blame if the royal family gets engaged to Lady Renane afterwards.


    “Hmmm, you are aware of that, Marquis Gordon, but I understand, and I will seek your every wish.”


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