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I Just Want to Help My Sister the Villainess, That’s All.

Chapter 11

The Coronation and an Everlasting Crown

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Chapter 11 : The Coronation and an Everlasting Crown

Translated by CleiZz

Edited by Kuudere-kunn

I had been summoned to the Palace before the next gemstone action the following month as the king desired a seamlessly crafted crown as well.

The king had mentioned providing me with a crown jewel to symbolize that the crown would never attempt to seize my title.

“Well, this is a fine stone, Your Majesty, but please allow me to provide you with a higher quality jewel next month.”

I had already given them a gem that I had created using my normal method, but the following month, I intended to present a unique one just for his crown.

His skepticism was understandable, but it couldn’t be helped. I knew that I could craft even higher quality gemstones on my own, but jewels are a product of nature and it is by pure luck that some happen upon them. However, I have to keep the fact that I create these in secret.

“I can’t say for certain, Your Majesty, but the mine I’ve recently been developing was found to have some even higher quality gems. I’m hoping to be able to find one suitable enough for Your Majesty in the upcoming month.”

The King’s excitement was very evident as he wanted his crown to be perfect. While it was important to complete the king’s crown in time for the coronation, it was imperative to have one for the Crown Prince Camille. I better hurry and complete one for him!

“Your Majesty, I wanted to update you on the development of Baron Polworth’s territory.” I said. “Over 10,000 houses had been built for the expansion project and the population has increased drastically to over 12,000 people which meets the requirements of a viscount. I was hoping that these territories would be recognized for this achievement.”

If this request was granted, then my parents would have no further room to complain about my own title. It would thus help distance Liana from the Duke’s title and protect her by allowing her to take the Marquess Gordon title should Lunane deceive Prince Camille in this life.

This would ensure that Liana would still have a high enough position in good standing for a proper marriage should things go awry.

It also would allow her to marry the man she loves rather than being forced into another political marriage.


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