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    Ch.9-: I Dislike the Male lead’s child.

     Recognized as the Madam


    In the final interview of a relatively significant company, I was interviewed thoroughly in front of the executives.


    It was already after several interviews.


    The executive interviewer was conducting a personality testing interview.


    It’s the last process of looking at whether the final candidates selected from the HR department will fit with the company’s views.


    If you don’t make any mistakes, you will pass.


    But you can’t be too passive.


    For this job, you had to be a spirited person who firmly revealed ambition and aspirations.


    There was nothing impossible.


    All you have to do is melt into the standards accumulated for a long time.


    I was worried for a while and smiled at the butler.


    Then suddenly, I revealed my aspirations.


    “I’m going to be a great madam. The ideal madam maintains a proper relationship with Asellus and strengthens the family. So, I hope the butler can help me a lot. I have a lot of shortcomings, and I don’t know much about the Austel Manor.”


    What I said was true.


    Although I didn’t mention an explanation or a deadline for the ‘appropriate relationship.’


    I looked straight at the butler.


    Unlike at the interview, I was a senior now.


    I shouldn’t be upset with him.


    Maintaining his calm expression, the butler bowed slowly. 


    The butler’s gaze from where he stood was a bit blunted.


    The butler politely bowed and stepped back.


    “…….of course.”


    That annoying and snobby ‘princess syndrome’ girl who always stuck with Asellus was gone.


    That alone was a significant achievement.


    ‘The butler seems to be strict.’


    Society judges your moral character according to your behavior.


     The strategy is simple if you make a good impression on others so there will be no room for complaints.


    It was a child’s play for me.


    I nodded lightly, barely holding my smile.


    I passed by the butler and entered where Asellus was having breakfast.


    Asellus was sitting there.


    Asellus must have heard the conversation between the butler and me.


    Still, he didn’t even budge.


    Suddenly, I wondered what he might be thinking.


    Just in time, he looked up at me, and our eyes met.


    I smiled again with my eyes focused on him.


    Asellus also looked at me and smiled.


    But inside, you might think of me as a ‘nasty girl.’


    ‘I don’t know what kind of personality Asellus have.’


    Why does the female lead like Asellus so much?


    If it was because of the face, then I am convinced.


    Even in my eyes, every man was like a stone except Asellus. However, Asellus in the novel described as a tremendously cold-hearted person, but he was a good-natured person.


    In the original novel, he didn’t even smile at anyone and avoided making direct eye contact.


    If I stuck to him like a clingy girl, It would be unpleasant.


    Of course, the author covered all his shortcomings with all sorts of rhetoric.


    But he became more cold-hearted because of the guilt for his deceased wife.


    ‘It’s such a handsome face.’


    The blonde hair, shining in the morning sun, was dazzling and beautiful, and the golden eye dipped in the excellence under the lashes that fluttered like the wings of a butterfly shone brightly.


    I was still staring at the boyish face and the beautiful jawline. It was hard to tell if Asellus was a human or a beautiful sculpture.


    ‘How does a person look so beautiful like that.’


    It feels unrealistic.


    But It is possible because I was in a novel.


    It also conveys the author’s love: Protagonistic can get all kinds of buffs.


    And gifted Asellus’s face for fascinating people, It was not easy to forget his face once you saw it.


    I was distracted for a moment and kept looking at Asellus.


    Then Asellus said with a calm voice.


    “…… are you feeling dissatisfied? You’re doing what you want.”


    As if being possessed by his face, I couldn’t hear what he said.


    As he continued, “Do you think I’m ignoring you?”


    His voice was lower by one tone than before.


    “I did that. When you were smiling at me.”




    “I was pretending to be close because my mother was concerned for you.”


    Then I came to my senses and made eye contact with him.


    A sarcastic smile flowed from his innocent mouth.


    “Oh, now my mother is dead, and I wonder why should I listen to you?”


    I was stunned.


    ‘It’s rare to see Asellus’s smiling face.’


    But there was a reason why Asellus behave like this, and besides some hidden secrets that I was unaware of, he lied to me and pretending to be close.


    While I was contemplating, Asellus get up from his seat.


    He turned around the large table, walked next to me, and suddenly bent his right knee.


    It was a polite posture as if it were a knight’s standing ceremony.


    He lifted my left hand, then kissed and whispered to the back of my hand.


    “You have to marry me so that I can get the title.”


    The back of my hand touched by his breath tickled.


    In addition, Avril’s heart pounded.


    But Asellus was as cold as ever.


    ‘What? There must be a lot at stake in your marriage to the original Avril.’


    In the meantime, Asellus continued.


    A cold voice rang through the breakfast hall.


    “I can’t pass this estate, property, title to the relatives. I have to keep my parents legacy.”


    ‘His deceased parents wish.’


    That’s probably related to the curse on the Austel estate.


    Even in the novel, Asellus continued to keep trying to fulfill his deceased parent’s wish.


    The Austel family wants to lift the curse placed on the estate when the first family was born.


    I looked down and made eye contact with Asellus.


    In Asellus’s eyes, Avril looked happier than anyone else at this moment.


    As if she couldn’t bear her fluttering heart, her flushed face was full of joy.


    Fate was not on his side.


    At the same time, there was ridicule in the corner of his mouth.


    “I don’t want a great wife, Avril. You just need to be there. Just stay still.”


    I was speechless and blinked like a fool.


    Asellus raised himself to see if I had taken it as an understanding.


    He leisurely turned around the table and sat back.

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