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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 68

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Still buried in thought, I clasped Asellus’s hand.


    If this is a wizard tower, the name of the villa should be Aster.


    In the original novel, he borrowed the power of the wizard tower to help ordinary people awaken to magic.


    I asked casually.


    “Did you choose a name for the villa?”


    “Not yet.”


    He averted my gaze.


    I assumed Asellus had already decided on a name, but he looked embarrassed to say it.


    I laughed lightly.


    Well, it didn’t matter when the name was given.


    Maybe this isn’t the tower.


    ‘To confirm, I have to take a closer look.’


    As I was organizing my thoughts, Asellus spoke slowly.


    “—Actually, I have a name on my mind.”


    I calmly waited for him to speak.


    Asellus cleared his throat and said in a crawling voice.




    I stopped walking.


    If this is the right place to become a magic tower, it should have been nicknamed Aster.


    It wasn’t merely a case of a different name.


    Aster means ‘mana’ in the ancient language.


    Taking advantage of this name Asellus spread the word ‘mana’ as it was amplified, allowing common people to awaken and utilize their mana as well.


    But Flue, I don’t know what that means.


    ‘Isn’t this a wizard tower?’


    It could just be that they have a similar appearance.


    I cleared my mind and nodded.


    “It’s just like a flower name.”


    “Isn’t it? There’s a place I want to show you.”


    He took my hand and entered the tower.


    There was a small indoor garden in the center of the tower.


    There were a lot of pink hydrangeas blooming there.


    Although it may be autumn soon, the temperature in Latella was generally warm.


    As a result, the hydrangea in full bloom inside the tower was clean without withering.


    I looked around a little more. And I was sure.


    ‘Wizard Tower, that’s right.’


    A golden spiral staircase that contrasts with the black bricks, and even a garden in the middle of a tower that is bigger than any castle.


    This place was identical to the description of the wizard tower in the novel.


    Except for the name change.


    “What will happen?”


    If we don’t use the word Aster, wouldn’t it lose its meaning as a horse tower?


    After pondering for a moment, I turned to Asellus and asked.


    “So, what does flue mean?”


    He pondered for a moment, then spoke.






    “Mana won’t flow around this tower. I’m sure it’s effective because I’ve sealed all the mana around the tower .”


    I stopped breathing for a while.


    Are you saying that the place that was initially supposed to be the wizard tower will be used as a place to seal magic?


    If Asellus does this, won’t the original plot be changed drastically?


    After much consideration, I asked him.


    “Is that possible?”


    “It’s only possible in this place. This tower is special.”


    Yes, as he said, this tower is special.


    But how can he seal mana in such a place?


    If this is the case, magic will not be applied to the general public, and Latella will not rise rapidly as a magical kingdom.

    However, this was not the only problem.


    Rumors that a wizard had already appeared in Latella must have spread to the countries north of Yachtria.


    They proceed to investigate the kingdom after hearing about the immense power of magic.


    In other words, it means that war will break out.


    At this time, Asellus alone was not enough.


    With him at the forefront, new magicians will appear—


    ‘But first of all, What did he mean by Seal?’


    It’s because I survived. Thanks to this, there was a crack in the original work that was flowing well.


    It was one of those cracks.




    As I was in agony, Asellus caressed my cheek.


    His voice was full of worry.


    “Brill? Are you okay”


    “Just that I’m tired.”


    I just laughed.


    It was strange even to tell Asellus if he had any plans to change the tower’s name ‘Aster.’


    For now, I have to find a way step by step.


    Find another villa in the capital and let this be used as a wizard tower.


    Besides, I still have cards left.


    It was the princess.


    I didn’t know how much different Acellus would be after meeting her.


    ‘Let’s wait first.’


    When I finished worrying, I could see a tall tower.


    I was out of breath to go up and down the mansion, but there were more than a dozen floors here.


    I had to tilt my neck to see the ceiling.


    I asked, looking at the distant top floor.


    “—–The top floor isn’t my room, is it? You don’t know, but I’m not confident about going up there.”


    It was like torture to go up and down the stairs that looked more than ten stories tall in a baggy dress and shoes.


    Initially, I would move by magic, but I had no chance.


    Asellus burst into laughter.


    “Not that way.” 


    A straight hand in a white glove pointed to the room on the third floor.


    “It’s over there.”


    Three floors, side by side.


    Looking over there, I was reminded of the Austell mansion. I asked as a joke.


    “Isn’t there a middle door that connects the two rooms inside?”


    As if why not, he looked back at me.


    “The door is open.”




    “Come in whenever you want.” [TL/N- To sleep with me.]


    “Haha, even joking.”


    An awkward smile flowed. 


    However, Asellus did not laugh.


    A crooked smile crept onto his lips.


    His eyes were icy, but his lips were mischievous.


    He mumbled with a half-joking, half-serious expression on his face.


    “I’m not kidding.”


    Before I could answer anything, Asellus led me.


    He took my hand and moved to the room on the third floor.


    His room is on the right, while mine is on the left.


    The rooms and location of the Austell mansion’s room were the same.


    ‘At this rate, the inside will be similar too.’


    It was as I guessed.


    The interior resembles Austell’s room as it is.


    The difference was that the interior was much more colorful and luxurious.


    I swallowed a sigh and asked.


    “Is it pink here, too?” [Talking about her room.]


    “If you don’t like it, you can change it.”


    After much consideration, I shook my head.


    Come to think of it. It wasn’t bad.


    On the contrary, it reminded me of Austell.


    I may never see it again, so I should keep it in my memory.


    However, no matter how similarly decorated, some things were inevitably different.


    It was the scenery outside the window.


    Unlike the Austell, where snow was piled up all the time, I could see greenery here.


    And here, I can hear birds chirping.


    When I inadvertently reached out and opened the window, a warm breeze came in.


    The wind flew with a rush of exasperation.


    “The weather is nice.”

    It was something I never said in Austell.


    Looking at the clear blue sky, I felt the warmth behind my back.


    Asellus’s hand, which was holding my shoulder, slipped and wrapped around my waist.




    As I turned my head involuntarily, my eyes met his.


    The golden eyes, which had been stained with complicated thoughts, quickly regained vitality and stared at me.


    I shuddered at the sudden action and asked.


    “What’s wrong?”


    “—Do you like this place?”


    “That’s because the weather is warm, and the atmosphere is bright.”


    “That’s right.”


    Asellus raised an eyebrow and smiled.


    The problem was that the smile was very unnatural.


    When I looked at him with that kind of expression on his face, he meekly backed away.


    “Enjoy it to the fullest. You won’t be able to see it in Austell anyway.”


    The voice was low.


    Did he feel depressed? It wasn’t that the Austell was bad.


    When there was no answer, Asellus buried his face in my shoulder.


    I wanted to push him and paused for a moment.


    – The scent from him passed over the tip of my nose. It was a familiar scent.


    It was because Reel cleaned both mine and his clothing and gave them incense around the same time.


    Austell’s unique scent, which has crisp and cold energy, has a smell of herbs arranged so that the two of us can use it together.


    It reminded me that nine years had passed since I was with Asellus.

    ‘I wonder if this much physical touch is okay.’


    His and my gaze met nonchalantly.


    At one point, my heart was beating loudly.




    ‘What was that just now? Is it because I came to Latella?’


    Perhaps the time in the wagon was exhausting, and even after contacting Asellus for a while, there was no response.


    But when I came to Latella, Avril’s body reacted again.


    Maybe it was the power of ‘Flue.’[wizard tower’s name]


    ‘Maybe I’m feeling a little better.’


    It was good news, but I couldn’t just relax.


    Because I don’t know what kind of strange things Avril’s body that fell in love with Asellus might do.


    I raised my hand and pushed him lightly.


    Asellus quickly noticed my intention and took a step back.


    Fortunately, this body did not behave as unpredictably as before.


    I was relieved and spoke slowly.


    “Let’s take a break.”




    Acellus gently opened the middle door and returned to his room.


    In the same room structure, the middle door hung in the same place was open.


    Just in time, Sena, who finished organizing my luggage, came into my room. Although exhausted, she was still full of energy.


    “Madam, this place is amazing!”




    “Yes, this is the first time I’ve seen a place like this. Ah, would you like to wash up first?”




    Senna turned away, saying she knew.


    I put my face on the armrests as I watched her walk out.


    As the tension was relieved, drowsiness began to creep in.




    At the same time, the king and the princess were spending leisurely time together in the royal castle of Latella surrounded by milky white bricks.


    The justification was lunch, but it was a boring place where only one person talked enthusiastically.


    ‘Nagging again.’


    Letella’s princess, Andrea, annoyedly swept the platinum blonde hair she was proud of.


    But no matter what expression she made, her face was just beautiful.


    Her pure white skin, slender body, and her lovely face, even with the corners of her lips raised, were like dolls on display.


    A doll decorated with jewels by a craftsman.


    Andrea thought she was no different from it.


    ‘It’s annoying.’


    She calmly tilted her teacup, barely holding back her yawn.


    The king, who was sitting opposite her, spit out his eloquence towards Andrea.


    “Andrea, you must marry the Marquis.”


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