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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 67

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.



    Next to the carriage stood a woman with curly red hair and a man with dark brown hair.


    The two talked to Asellus, but when they saw me, they waved.


    ‘Do I know them?’


    I didn’t know it was someone Avril knew.


    The problem was that I didn’t know who they were.


    ‘I’m in trouble.’


    I expected it when I came to the royal capital, but I had already sawed Avril’s acquaintances.


    – Pretending not to know, I wanted them to pass by.


    But they did not back off so easily.


    I couldn’t avoid the two people’s persistent gaze attack and eventually opened the door.


    And after much deliberation, I spoke with the most gentle greeting.


    “Long time no see.”


    “It’s been a long time. I was worried whether you were dead or alive, but you are alive, Young-lady Avril.”


    It was a mixture of sarcasm and honorifics.


    Besides, ‘Young-lady.’


    Even knowing that I was married to Asellus, there must have been a reason for saying so.


    ‘Did we have a bad relationship?’ [talking about Avril’s friends]


    I got in trouble.


    Not knowing how to deal with it, I tried to figure out the situation, but the man next to me, who had been listening to the red-haired woman, stepped in and took care of the situation.


    [TL/N- I can sense 2nd male lead vibe from him]


    “Jobri, Abril is flustered.”


    “Oh, Avril. You left the South and lost your senses.”




    “But why is Avril so cold? What happened to ‘that’ Avril.” [that means original Avril.]


    The red-haired woman, Jobri, pulled out a fan and smiled.


    Then a sigh flowed from the mouth of the brown-haired man.


    He let go of the arm that had been holding the woman’s arm like an escort.


    Suddenly I recall the name of the dark brown-haired man.




    He was the person who had a crush on Avril in the original story.


    If I remember correctly, the woman next to him was Jobrida.


    Jobri was, in fact, a wealthy villain in this novel.


    Jobri, who was best friend with Avril, was very angry, who thought that Avril was living well. In fact, she was pregnant with Asellus’s child and died.


    She knew that Asellus had always disliked Avril.


    In addition, after Avril’s death, Aselus became a hero and succeeded in marrying the princess.


    After watching the whole process, Jobri resents Asellus and interferes with him.


    However, her Dukedom power did not work in front of Asellus, who became a hero, and in the end, Zobry’s anger was directed at the princess.


    [TL/N- The literate meaning is Jobri tried to take revenge using her family’s power but can’t harm Asellus because he became a national hero. ]


    ‘It’s obvious after that. Harassment is basic, and she even tried to assassinate and poisoning her.’


    Jobri was clever, but Princess was a formidable opponent.


    The Princess used Jobri’s tactics to strengthen her precarious position.


    And when she finally reigned as the perfect ‘Princess,’ Jobri, exposed to all her evil deeds, was imprisoned in the castle.


    At that time, the person who stayed by her side and protected her was Chris.


    Helping Jobri, imprisoned in the castle, was like a demotion, so everyone stopped him.


    However, Chis said he would not want to lose everything again and chose Jobri’s side.


    ‘As I read, I hoped the two of them would do well.’


    What Jobri did to the princess was unforgivable.


    However, it could be seen that Jobri’s friendship with Avril was great.


    ‘It means that you are definitely on my side.’ [Talking about Jobri.]


    I had to be a socialite for a while, but I was fortunate to find—someone to help me.


    While I was in my thoughts, Chris called me.


    His eyebrows bent downward like a soulful chestnut eye.


    “Avril, are you okay? Your complexion does not seem to be good .”


    “It’s disparaging to hold onto a tired person.” – Asellus [A gentle way to tell Criss to mind his own business]


    Asellus, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, intervened.


    He got off his horse at once and stood in front of Chris, showing his displeasure.


    Chris looked at Asellus and bowed lightly.


    The two seemed to be more of a hierarchical relationship than friends of the same age.


    “.—- You have been rude.” -Asellus.


    Asellus turned his face toward me without answering.


    Where did the rigid voice I just heard go and the friendly tone go towards me?


    “Brill, are you okay?”




    Jobri rolled her eyes at me.


    “Look at her trembling,” she said softly, sticking out her tongue. [She is teasing Avril.]


    However, the corners of her lips that were slowly raised were full of playfulness.


    She glanced at me and blinked toward Asellus.


    I didn’t know what she was going to do, but I shrugged my shoulders.


    Jobri had a fiery temper, so it was useless to stop her anyway.


    As soon as formal greetings were done, Jobri lightly tapped Asellus on the shoulder with a fan.


    “Is the warrior okay?” [indirectly telling him if Asellus got jealous.]


    Asellus sighed in response to her sly question.


    “Jobri, don’t call me that.”


    “Why does it feel like you want kill Chris? Do you know that Chris is still in love with Avril?” 


    “Jo, Jobri.”


    Chris opened his eyes wide.


    Asellus remained silent without saying anything. [the calm before the storm.]


    In the chilly stillness, only Jhobri stood confident alone. 


    “It’s nice to see you two getting along, but we are best friends and pretty close with each other.” 


    “Jobri, that’s enough.” -Asellus.


    But Jobri ignored Asellus and said to me…


    “Oh Avrill, Asellus said he can’t allow you to meet Chris.”


    I felt that way, too.


    Acellus was openly keeping Chris in check.


    Asellus was standing in front of me, so I couldn’t even see him.


    I don’t know the details, but the fact that Chris liked Avril wasn’t really something to hide.


    Original Avril pushed Chris and Jobri together as sub-couples. 


    For that reason, it was necessary to organize Chris’s feelings clearly.


    “Chris. See you at the banquet.”


    It meant that I would not have a private meeting.


    A smile formed on Asellus’s lips at my words.


    Chrys was obscured by Asellus so that I couldn’t see well.


    Instead, Jobri, who stood next to him, burst into laughter.


    “Whahaha! Avril, I doubted my ears when I heard that you were acting as a gentle madame in Austell, is this true? Asellus, what have you done to Avril?”


    “Not really.”


    Asellus calmly avoided Jobri’s gaze.


    Jobri skillfully looked at the two of us alternately and bent the corners of her mouth.


    “That Avril is becoming an adult. Time goes by so fast. Oh, not time, but the power of love? It was enough to overturn a couple of mountains…”


    A question flowed in my mind through her words.


    “A couple of mountains?”




    Asellus tried to stop her.


    But Jobri covered her mouth with a fan with a mischievous look.


    But I quickly figured it out.


    Before moving to the wagon, I remembered what Asellus had said.


    ‘–Everything that gets in the way has been gotten rid of.’


    Because of motion sickness, I was not in the mood to pay attention to the surrounding scenery, but that was true.


    The mountain seemed to have been removed to reduce the travel time.


    After being able to use magic, the scale became different. [Avril’s saying After becoming a sage, Asellus’s view of the world becomes different.]


    ‘But it’s unbelievable that Asellus got rid of the mountain just to reduce the travel time, isn’t it too much?’


    Jobri likewise exclaimed in surprise to see if my thoughts were similar to her.


    “A love that destroys mountains. It’s terrifying.”


    “Jobri, stop it.” -Asellus


    “Stop what? Are you going to cover the mouth of a friend you haven’t met in a while?”


    “That’s not what I meant.”


    Asellus also loosened up in front of Jobri.


    A slight smile crept onto his lips.


    Watching them naturally continue their conversation, I was relieved inside.


    It had been a long time since we had been apart, and no one suspected my change.


    It’s already been nine years since Avril left them.


    ‘Well, because a lot of time has passed.’


    Besides, the sea monster had messed up the kingdom, so they couldn’t even afford to keep in touch.


    They don’t say it, but they must have had a hard time like me.


    A long time, great adversity was enough to change a person.


    I don’t know what kind of conversation I had with Asellus, but Jobri seemed to have the same thoughts as me.


    A glimmer of sympathy flashed across Jobri’s eyes.




    Asellus responded to Jobri, who had her mouth shut.


    “Jobri, we have to go now.”


    “Okay, get some rest. I’ll call you.” -Jobri.


    I nodded my head.


    Then Jobri tucked the fan into her sleeve and grabbed Chris.


    It was like a mother taking care of a child.


     Laughter was about to flow, but a shadow fell over my head.


    When I looked up, Asellus was standing in front of me.


    He looked at me, holding the carriage’s doorknob.


    A voice that sounded like an excuse flowed from Asellus’s mouth.


    “We’ll be there soon.”




    Asellus hesitated and continued to speak slowly.


    “I wasn’t trying to interfere.”


    About what?


    I soon realized what he was trying to say.


    ‘Asellus seem to think he is interfering with my friends.’

    But I didn’t dislike Asellus’s interference.


    Because of that, I had time to think about the original story about the two of them.


    “No, it’s okay.”


    In response, Asellus nodded his head.


    “We will be able to reach there in  thirty minutes.”


    After saying those words, Asellus closed the carriage door and left.


    Gradually, I became curious about the villa he had bought.




    “Finally, we have arrived.”


    The carriage stopped in front of the enormous castle.


    It was more like a tower than a castle.


    Unlike other mansions in Latella, which were milky white, the villa was made of dark stone like Austell.

    ‘It’s a strange structure. Just like a tower.’


    At that moment, a cold sweat ran down my back.


    ‘Isn’t this look like a magic tower?’


    Before I could even capture my thoughts, the carriage door opened.


    Asellus held out his white-gloved hand to me.


    It was hard to believe that he had been riding a horse for a long time.


    “Congratulations on arriving at Latella’s villa.”


    Asellus smiled with a bright look.


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