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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 65

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.



    Asellus’s Pov


    Asellus picked up the tea and walked towards Avril.


    But the hurried steps came to a halt after a while.


    Avril was asleep in the midday sun.


    A colorful wildflower bloomed behind her.


    Buried in the greenery, she was like a large flower and as a permanent porcelain doll.


    It was beautiful, but it wasn’t the beauty he wanted.


    Asellus’s gaze turned to her chest, which went up and down lightly.


    He was relieved only when he confirmed that she was just asleep.


    He murmured as if to confirm again.


    “……You fell asleep.”


    A thin smile appeared on the corner of his lips.


    Not wanting to sleep on the street, I asked the lords if I could rent a castle.


    After defeating the monster, the lords who were desperate to invite Asellus will enthusiastically welcome the couple.


    But he thought it wasn’t wrong to sleep on the street like this.


    Still, Asellus had no intention of hitting the night dew.


    Asellus went to sit next to the sleeping Avril.


    Hearing her breathing made him feel at ease.


    At that moment, the sleeping Avril’s head tilted.




    Asellus let her head rest on his shoulder without hesitation.


    To be honest, he wanted to have his knees cut.


    ‘Then Avril will be surprised when she wakes up.’ [Yandere level 666+]


    Maybe she’ll wake up pretending she doesn’t care.


    Maybe Avril really thought of him as a friend because she was pretty calm.


    It didn’t seem like she knew what was in my heart at all.


    Asellus guessed Avril’s intentions, then quietly closed his eyes.


    Other than that, it was meant to be enjoyed for a while.




    I blinked my eyes. When he fell asleep, the outside was filled with scarlet light.


    Apparently, I fell asleep on the roadside, but I woke up indoors.


    Arriving at a castle in a particular estate, I was put on a luxurious bed.


    Sena’s voice came from beside me.


    “Madam, You’re awake.”


    She held out her teacup. As I took the teacup involuntarily, I laughed out loud.


    “As soon as I wake up?” [talking about the tea.]


    “We’ve already done it ten times.”


    Senna let out a cry. 


    It seemed to have been prepared for me, who was motion sick and had a sour taste in my mouth.


    It was hard to refuse the favor, so I sipped a little bit.


    As soon as I passed the tea, Sena asked.


    “Shall I bring your dinner?”


    “No, I want to keep my stomach empty.”


    “Then I’ll prepare for your bath.”


    She left the room when I nodded.


    I leaned against the bed and looked out the window.


    The branches of the trees, which are just turning their leaves green, stretched out high.


    Considering the season, it was a natural scene, but it was deemed to be unfamiliar. 


    Maybe it was because I only saw the snow-covered Austell estate.


    The curse on Austell came to mind.




    I slowly patted the teacup.


    It was nice to feel the warmth of the palms of my hands.


    So another day was coming to an end.


    As time passed, the carriage arrived at the royal capital.


    ‘Is this Latella?’


    It was the first time I had seen Latella, whom I had only heard of.


    Latella, the capital of the Latella Kingdom.


    The original described royal road was lined with low-rise buildings centered on a neatly arranged street with milky-white stones.


    The royal castle that stood tall in the center of the royal road was blue-roofed.


    The blue flagpole, which symbolizes Latella, fluttered all over the street.


    The streets were full of people, and carriages of nobles were often seen.


    At first glance, I could even see them walking down the street.


    ‘I’ll take a look.’


    I sat by the window and meticulously watched the behavior of those nobles in fancy clothes.


    I had never faced any nobles other than Asellus, so it was a good idea to get used to it.


    After staring at the window the whole time, my eyes met Asellus, who was driving a horse outside the carriage.


    He approached the carriage with a worried face.


    It must have been that Asellus misunderstood that I was not feeling well again.


    It was not that Asellus was wrong. My condition was not good after the ten-day journey.


    My face turned white, and I wasn’t able to swallow food properly.


    ‘I hope we arrive soon.’


    Asellus said as if reading my intentions.


    “Are you alright? We’ll be there soon.”


    I nodded my head lightly.


    More than that, why are there so many people?


    As Asellus approached, a crowd gathered around him.


    Some people showed little interest in me, but Asellus was in a different class.


    Unlike me, Asellus was riding a horse outside, so everyone’s eyes will be drawn more, and they will be curious about the hero in the rumor.


    Fortunately, he quickly got ahead of the carriage.


    I drew the curtains on the carriage window and leaned back in my seat.


    Soft cushions gently wrap my body.


    ‘We will stay in a villa.’


    Asellus bought what was left unattended as the royal villa.


    I’ll be there soon, so I’ve been a little bit more practical until then.


    But suddenly, the carriage stopped.


    I don’t think we’ve arrived yet.


    As the carriage stopped, there was a commotion as if waiting.


    ‘What’s going on?’


    Curious, I pulled the curtains.


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