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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 64

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Finally, I fell asleep late because I was busy packing my luggage.


    I think I just closed my eyes for a moment, but I heard Sena’s voice, who was waking me up.


    “Madam, madam!”




    “Wake up! You’re late.”


    Instead of saying something, I slowly got up.


    Then Sena quickly approached and put my upper body towards the pillow to support my back and brought the cesarean water.


    “Are you tired from going to bed late last night?”


    “A little bit.”


    “Still, if you go to the festival, you’ll have fun. It’s my first time going to the royal capital, so I stayed up all night.”


    Senna decided to follow me as a dedicated maid to help me in the royal palace.


    Naturally, she expected me to know every nook and cranny of the royal palace.


    Because Avril was rumored to be a socialite butterfly.


    But it was my first time going to the royal capital too.


    I smiled awkwardly.


    Sena moved her body busily, thinking I was half-asleep.


    “Now, ma’am, you’re done. Since the wagon trip is long, I’ll keep your clothes and makeup simple.




    “Oh madam, come on, wake up. Come on!”


    I felt heavy. Recently, I didn’t have enough time to sleep, so I kept yawning.


    I barely got up and sat on the couch in front of the fireplace.


    It was a cold day, and I was drowsy because of the warm heat.


    With a blank mind, I remembered the long journey ahead.


    ‘When are we going to arrive?’


    It was not enough to move from Lovtree to Austell, but the distance to the capital was also quite far.


    Thinking of the long carriage trip already made me feel tired.


    I’m going to keep sleeping in the carriage.’


    That’s when I thought about it and raised my head.


    Then I saw Asellus was leaning at my doorstep.


    He had already finished his makeover.


    I asked, rubbing my sleepy eyes.


    “Why did you wake up so early?”


    “……I have something to do.”


    He slowly avoided my gaze.


    The look of hiding something, So I asked playfully.


    “What did you do until late at night?” 


    “Are you curious?” – Asellus.


    I felt something ominous. I quickly shook my head.


    Asellus let out a shrill laugh.


    “You look very tired.”


    “I’m so looking forward to going out after a long time and staying up late.”


    “If you’re tired, would you like to have breakfast in your room?” -Asellus.


    I shook my head.


    There was no need to do that.


    “I’m going to lay down to get some sleep.”


    “Then do it. By the way.”


    Knock, Knock!


    Asellus put his hand on the door and knocked.


    Come to think of it. His feet hadn’t crossed the threshold.


    I can’t believe he knocked face to face in front of an open room.


    Laughter came out loud.


    “You’re welcome to come in.”


    “As you wish.”


    He came and sat next to me.


    I didn’t know if he was far away before, but a chill flowed from Asellus’ body.


    Did you train early in the morning?


    I looked at him with puzzled eyes.


    Asellus dodged my gaze and said something out of the blue.


    “Rell’s face has been red since yesterday. Has she been crying since then?”


    “Rell’s cried, it’s because she is so soft-hearted.”


    “You make people feel like that.”




    Asselus laughed silently.


    He quickly got up from his seat as if he had never sat down.


    “I’ll be out. Let’s get dressed and go to the dining room together.”


    “Huh? Yes.”


    Asellus closed the door tightly and went away.


    The room, which had been slightly chilly, quickly heated up.


    After meeting Asellus, I have woken up right away by Sena, who came into my room.


    I scratched my head and muttered.


    “Sena, why are you here?”


    As soon as I finished speaking, Senna put a blanket over my shoulder.


    “Madam, come here!”


    For some reason, the tips of Sena’s ears were red.


    As I was staring at her, I belatedly realized my outfit and blushed.


    Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as I washed and put on my bathrobe.


    The bathrobe was thicker and warmer than any other coat.


    The problem was that when I woke up, the intimate part was quite disheveled.


    It was then that I realized why Asellus kept avoiding my gaze.


    My face was burning up.

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