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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 63

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Avril’s Pov


    Oh, I feel guilty. I don’t know what to do.


    I wonder if such kindness is even worthwhile to me when everything is a lie.


    For some reason, I felt like a bad adult who deceived a child who didn’t know anything.


    Anyway, when Asellus meets the princess, he falls in love at first sight.


    It will be the same as in the original, and I was going to connect the two to lives, even if it didn’t happen in the original.


    Besides, I really need the princess’s help when Assellus goes wild later on.


    But the problem was that Asellus was kind to me and it became increasing day by day.


    ‘I wish I were a bad person.’


    I glanced at Asellus.


    Asellus also looked at me with a friendly gaze.


    Contrary to his calm expression, his face was sweaty.


    He was suppressing his mana for me.


    Suddenly, I remembered what happened during the day.


    All the dresses and accessories were exactly the right size to the point that Sena was suspicious.


    I asked shamelessly.


    “About those gifts. Who gave you my measurements?”


    “I just knew.”




    “Because I see you all the time.”


    His eyes were dark and deep as if piercing me.


    I turned around, feeling dizzy.


    I decided to avoid this subject.


    “Yeah? When did time pass like this?” – Avril.


    Then I stood up.


    “Are you going?”


    “Yeah, it’s time to sleep.”


    Asellus smiled vaguely.


    It was an awkward smile like I had a while ago.


    He said, raising his eyebrows slightly.


    “Yeah. It’s time for that.”


    Asellus rose from his seat without hesitation.


    He strode forward and approached me, and grabbed my hand gently.


    Then Asellus said with a light smile.


    “What’s wrong? Let’s go to sleep.”


    “Uh, yes. That’s right.”


    It’s like an escort. It’s something Asellus has been doing all along, so why does it feel so weird?


    Maybe it was because I saw Asellus, who had been mature, doing this because of me.


    But I should not be misunderstood.


    Asellus will fall in love with the princess anyway.


    As the original story says, although they have not met yet, they will fall in love at first sight.


    Even if it doesn’t, what does it matter?


    Avril couldn’t survive here anyway.


    After Asellus and the princess met, the term magic was going to spread throughout the kingdom.


    At that time, this body will reach its limit. 


    So I was planning to go to the north of Mt. Yacharia by carriage.


    ‘You can’t die.’ [talking about Avril’s body.]


    By the time I had finished thinking, we had arrived in front of the room.


    Asellus gently grabbed my hand.


    In an instant, our lips got closer as if they were about to touch.


    The moment I took a breath in surprise, he smiled softly.


    Then he gently let go of his hand and opened the door.


    A gentle voice followed.


    “Good night, Brill.”


    “Yeah, you too.”


    Despite his nervousness, he closed the door with one final goodbye.


    The door closed completely, and a sly smile flowed out.


    Foolishly, for a moment I thought Asellus was going to kiss me.


    “Really, what was I thinking?”


    I was a fan who would be laughed at for making a mistake.


    Shaking my hands lightly, I decided to prepare for the autumn festival.


    ‘I’m going to the royal capital soon, so I need to prepare to leave.’


    Maybe he won’t be able to come back after arriving in the royal palace.


    I thought it would be better to prepare for farewell just in case.


    My head cleared up in an instant.




    Time passed quickly, and it was time to leave for the royal palace.


    The day before I left, I took every care to keep the mansion running smoothly without me.


    I looked like an idiot without opening my eyes as I was tidying up and fixing things.


    Finally, I went to the butler and head maid after finishing all the arrangements.


    I was in a hurry, so my words rushed out.


    “This is the household account book, this is the upper-level contact network. And the vegetables were originally from the merchant troops of Aden, but this time the dried vegetables-“


    “Madam! Wait a minute!”


    The maid, Rell, clapped her hands in embarrassment.


    She shook her body as if she was out of breath.


    I waited patiently because of her old age.


    Then Rell took a breath and asked.


    “Ee, what’s all this?”


    Rell’s hand grabbed a paper the size of a forearm.


    These were the things I wrote all night long.


    In fact, it was too much to go to a banquet in the capital for a while.


    I put the excuses from my mouth I had prepared in advance.


    “Well, if I want to go on a winter trip after enjoying the fall festival and then I might go to Lobtree after a long time. I’ve prepared it just in case the journey gets longer.”


    “Did you write all this yourself?”


    “My arm almost fell off.”


    It was a meaningless statement, but tears welled up in Rell’s eyes.


    She suddenly grabbed my right hand.


    “What would you do if you had calluses on your fine hands?”


    She cried out in a friendly voice.


    Maybe it’s because it’s a farewell.


    I answered, staring at Rell, who had gained weight and looked better than before.


    “Lelle, don’t be bold because I’m not here. Don’t just eat dried vegetables, boil raw vegetables. If you lose weight when I come back, you won’t be able to see my face.”


    “Madam too.”


    Rell’s nose turned red.


    I turned my gaze away from her and saw the butler this time.


    He nodded quietly before I could open my mouth.


    There was a feeling of discomfort around the wrinkled eyes.


    “You will do well wherever you go. “


    “Of course, please take care of the mansion.” -Avril.


    “Don’t worry, take it easy, and enjoy yourselves.”


    I nodded.


    They have lived in Austell all their lives.


    They were the ones who kept the mansion even when I wasn’t there, so I had to stop worrying about it.


    ‘Still, the hard work I’ve done so far is worthwhile.’


    My heart ached at the reactions of others compared to when I first came here.


    I greeted them lightly and returned to the room. Now it was time to sleep.

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