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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 62

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Soon the sun went down, and night came.


    Asellus told me to have dinner with him if I was free.


    I accepted his offer and closed the book.


    It was a book about Letella’s history.


    I had a cram because I was constantly reading in the same position, and my head ached after reading the whole contents.


    I needed to cool off for a while.


    ‘I was going to ask him about the gifts’


    I have to thank him.


    But for some reason, I hesitated to give thanks.


    If I did, I had a feeling that Asellus would do this often.


    ‘No way.’


    No matter how successful he was, there was a limit to his finances.


    In the first place, Latella was a small kingdom, and Austell was not a very wealthy estate.


    There was an end to the enormous bounty he received for defeating the monster.


    I arbitrarily guessed that half of it would have disappeared with this gift baptism. [Avril is savage]




    The rattling sound of dishes echoed through the dining room.


    Even though it was late summer outside, it was snowing heavily.


    And the surrounding has turned white.


    As I was slicing ripe carrots, I thought of Islet.


    What’s Islet doing?


    I should be relieved now that he’s gone, but I was strangely anxious.


    Even more so because I know that there is no way he will simply back down with that personality.


    ‘I’m sure he’ll come back to the mansion under the pretext of a curse——-’


    I don’t know when that time will come.


    As I unintentionally looked out the window, I heard a soft voice next to me.


    “Brill, what are you thinking?”


    Asellus smiled slyly.


    A lie flowed unknowingly at a sharp question.


    “……Thinking of the gifts you sent me.”


    “Then continue.”




    It was the first time I had received so many gifts, so the words of thanks did not come out well.


    My throat tickled. I continued sputtering as if solving a procrastination task.


    “Thank you, Asher.”


    There was also an awkward smile.


    There was no immediate reply from Asellus.


    ‘Was my greeting too shabby?’


    I wish I had a more significant reaction like Sena.


    I looked up at Asellus.


    Before seeing his face, I saw his hand on the table first.


    But somehow, his big hands were white and trembling incessantly.


    Startled, I made eye contact with him.




    Asellus frowned as if in pain.


    Blood vessels were visible around his neck, and his clothes were soaked with sweat.


    I hurriedly got up from my seat.


    The neat tableware spilled everywhere.


    “Asher, are you okay?”


    “…Wait, Brill.”


    He held out his palm as if not to come closer.


    The golden mana trickled around him.


    I couldn’t even get close and just blinked.


    A strange sight was unfolding before my eyes.


    Magical energy exploded like firecrackers in the air.


    Asellus also leaned back in embarrassment.


    He took a deep breath, covering his face with both hands.


    The sound of his breath vibrated subtly.


    I patiently waited for him to calm down.


    Fortunately, the overflowing mana gradually subsided.


    After a while, he took a deep breath and said.




    “Why did this happened?”


    He is good at controlling mana.


    Is there a side effect from overdoing it?


    Looking at him with a concerned expression, Asellus avoided my gaze.


    The tips of his ears were burning hot.


    I asked in surprise.


    “Are you having a fever?”


    Asellus shook his head.


    He struggled to grab the tablecloth and slowly continued to talk embarrassingly.


    “…..I’m so happy. If I am overjoyed, I can’t control my mana.” 

    [Then what will happen on your first night with Avril? I think the whole mansion will blast.]


    The bright golden eyes were visibly agitated.


    I couldn’t say anything. I had mixed feelings.


    There were a few magical firecrackers that sounded in the dining room after waiting for a while.


    When the exciting mana subsided, silence fell in the dining room.


    In silence, I said slowly.


    “…did you like it that much?” [when Brill said thank you]




    Clear, innocent eyes stared at me. [Asellus and innocent, joke of the century]


    I slipped away from his gaze.

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