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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 61

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    After Asellus make the final decision, everything went smoothly.


    We started preparing to go to the capital of the kingdom, Latella.


    Using the magic of Asellus, we will be able to reach Latella in a few days.


    But Asellus said he would not use magic to move, so the servants prepared horses and wagons.


    The servants were puzzled, but I quickly understood why.


    ‘It must be because of me.’


    Thanks to this, we had to move faster than schedule.


    Preparations were urgently needed to meet the date written on the invitation.


    It was to attend a ball held in the royal castle.


    I had to prepare thoroughly.


    ‘I heard that Avril was a socialite.’


    Avril lived a completely different life from me, who had been a regular student all his life.


    No matter how much I memorized the family name and learned the etiquette, there was no way I could follow the real Avril.


    Still, I had to match the assortment.


    I called Sena and asked for advice, pretending not to know anything.


    “Sena. How many earrings should I take?”


    “Madam is too frugal—— If you can’t, wouldn’t it be better to buy an additional ten? If not enough, you can buy it from Letella.”


    “Then what about the dress?”


    “I think the dress will have to be readymade. I’ll buy readymade for some urgently needed pieces, but I’ll tell the boutiques in the capital to have the rest custom made.”


    “All right.”


    Also, the spending of the nobility did not resonate well with me as a small citizen.


    Earrings, dresses, and jewels must be attached to each one.


    ‘Isn’t one earring worth estate’s annual food budget?’


    My head went blank after seeing the total amount.


    I used to shake my hands in joy when I bought ice cream in the old days.


    ‘I’m really in a different world.’


    After a moment of admiration for the new realization, a polite knock was heard from the door.


    “It’s Oden, madam.”


    “Come in.”


    What happened to the butler all of a sudden?


    Turning my head with a puzzled expression, I watched the scene in front of the door and couldn’t close my mouth.


    About ten servants were standing around Oden.


    Colorful and luxurious gift boxes were on the servants’ hands, like sacks of rice.


    The wrapping paper of numerous boxes shimmered in the light.


    One, two, three, four——, I was counting involuntarily, and I was startled and asked the butler.


    “Hey, what is all this?”


    “All are gifts.”


    .. who send it?”


    My back chilled.


    For some reason, a familiar name seemed to come out of the butler’s mouth.


    As I expected, the butler responded by bending over.


    “The Lord sent it.”






    The firm answer made me speechless.


    Why the hell did Asher buy all this?


    My mind went blank then the butler asked.


    “Where shall I put it?”


    “Ah! I’ll guide you.”


    Senna hurriedly led the servants into the dressing room.


    They sorted the boxes one by one according to Senna’s instructions.


    “This one is for accessories, here put the dresses, and this one is for shoes.


    There is no sense of reality.


    It was like watching a scene in a movie.


    Sena ran to me, who was standing blankly.


    In her arms was the largest and most colorful gift box.


    Senna handed me the box.


    “Madam, please open it!”


    I moved my hand unconsciously at her suggestion.


    Slowly, the movement of the ribbon unwinding was smooth.


    ‘..the ribbon is silk.’


    Somehow I was afraid to open it.


    I felt like there was something incredible hidden inside.


    As a minor citizen, my fingertips trembled a bit. [she is not into luxury.]




    As I did not respond, Sena urged me.


    I pretended to be calm and opened the box.




    Admiration flowed from Sena’s mouth.


    Inside the box was a very colorful dress.


    It was a pure white frill dress, decorated with colorful jewels in the shape of flowers.


    The lower hem of the dress was dyed in a soft pink color.


    The surface of the fabric shimmered in the light as if it had been sprinkled with jewel powder on it.


    It was not a penny or two at a glance.


    It looked like an expensive dress, even in my ignorant eyes.


    Even in a boutique, it was something that could not be made into ready-made-wear.


    ‘You’d have to make this as a custom dress.’


    I asked Sena with an unintentional thought.


    “…Sena, did you ever tell Asellus my measurements?” 


    Then Sena, who had been cheering for the whole time, shook her head.


    “No? Uh, but—, this dress is custom made.”


    Except for Senna, no one would know my measurements.


    I usually measure clothes from time to time, so I didn’t need to know unless there was a seamstress.


    At the same time, the servants went out like a low tide.


    I went into the dressing room and looked at other things.


    Sena also understands my intentions and looked over the presents one by one.


    The more we looked, the more our surprise grew.


    Everything was in a perfect size.


    As if I took my measurements last night.


    I couldn’t shut my mouth in surprise.


    “How the hell did he know?”


    Who gave me my measurements in such detail?


    And I wasn’t the type to have a lot of people around.


    For some reason, I liked to do everything alone.


    As expected, Sena is the only one.


    I looked back at Sena and asked.


    “Sena did you tell him?”


    Then Sena shook her head with a sad expression on her face.


    “I did not told young master, madam.”




    “Yes, indeed. “


    Sena was about to cry at the constant interrogation.


    I gave up asking.


    ‘I’ll ask Asellus later.’


    If I ask him, he will know for sure.


    Still, seeing the packed dressing room made me feel better.


    It was as if all preparations were finished to go to the royal palace.



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