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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 60

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Asellus’s Pov

    There was no feeling of guilt for throwing away Islet, who was once his teacher.


    On the contrary, He felt better inside. Like he has always wanted to do this.


    A cold smile formed on his lips.


    Forever, I didn’t want to see this uninvited guest forever.


    Just in time, he heard a voice from below.


    No matter how careful the other man was with his clumsy gesture, Asellusquickly caught on.


    Asellus looked down and looked at Avril.


    She opened her mouth and stared at Islet with astonishment.


    Asellus became sullen, forgetting that he had just thrown Islet.


    ‘Why don’t you look at me?’


    Asellus looked down at Avril tenaciously.


    It wasn’t as warm and gentle as it was.


    But he was used to hiding his inner feelings.


    His expression changed instantly.


    As Islet’s figure became as small as a dot, Avril raised his head to face Asellus.


    Her eyes were stained with surprise.


    Avril’s expression furrowed, watching Asellus.


    There was a glimmer of embarrassment, but there was no sign of panic anywhere.


    That’s enough.


    Asellus looked at Avril with a light smile.


    As if nothing had happened.




    There was a lot of commotion, but nothing much had changed.


    I didn’t ask about Islet and Asellus didn’t talk about magic resistance.


    The peaceful daily life flowed like before.


    We ate together in the morning, and after that, we did our own thing.


    The only difference was that Asellus, who was always busy with the affairs of the estate and the kingdom, began to live buried in books.


    He practiced magic during the day and read books at night.


    He piled up the old books like a mountain from where they came from and read them through without any break.


    I noticed that Asellus was looking for clues about mana resistance.


    However, there was hardly any relevant information.


    It was from now on that mankind could properly use mana.


    However, Asellus’s magic skills have grown steadily.


    Asellus had more time to learn about his magical powers thoroughly.


    Every time he did, he would spend time with me and show his accomplishments.


    Yes, it was only a temporary measure.


    He could only spend an hour or two with me.


    “Then I’ll see you later, Brill.”


    He left me without saying anything if he couldn’t control his mana.


    I pretended not to know the struggling Asellus and concentrated on my daily life.


    As he wished, the divorce was mended, but some work was still done.


    ‘The curse must be lifted.’


    Although the original was twisted, the princess was still alive.


    She will still be in the royal palace.


    And just as I have magic resistance, the power of the princess will still be there.


    When I met the princess, I could solve the curse of the Austell Territory.


    Maybe the relationship between Asellus and the princess will progress.


    But there was a long way to go to see the princess.


    Meanwhile, an invitation arrived at the mansion.


    It was a request to attend the autumn festival held at the royal castle of Latella.


    ‘This is it.’


    I grabbed the invitation.


    I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.




    Today, like any other day, we were starting our morning together.


    I handed the invitation to Asellus, who looked no different than usual.


    Asellus received the invitation.


    His bangs, which looked normal, were wet with sweat.


    “……Autumn festival?”


    Asellus’s eyebrows furrowed.


    He was ignoring every invitation from the kingdom the whole time.


    Knowing this well, the butler had handed me the invitation.


    I hurriedly spoke before Asellusburned the invitation.


    “There was a message from His Majesty the King that you must attend.”


    “It’s okay to ignore those words. Or will I pay the price for fabricating a scandal, won’t I?”


    Asellus’ gaze turned to me.


    He has changed strangely since he found out about my illness.


    He was infinitely affectionate, but he would often say such radical things.


    I sighed and shook my head.


    “No, it’s not like that.”


    “So what?”


    Asellus leaned back and stretched his arm leisurely.


    I was somewhat nervous at the calm gaze that seemed to ask me to speak.


    There is nothing different from what I said, but why do I feel like Asellus is getting different?


    [meaning Avril asked casually, but Asellus’s intention was different]


    I took a deep breath in the unfamiliar tension.


    I could hardly think of any excuse.


    But recently, Asellus was asking me a thousand times if there is anything that I want.


    It’s like he’ll give me everything I want.


    Maybe it will work this time.


    There is a 50-50 chance to succeed, so I opened my mouth for a nonsensical reason.


    “I want to go.”


    “To the royal palace?”


    Asellus laughed at my words.


    It was a bright smile without any strangeness. [stay alert. Your husband already became a yandere]


    He said happily, curling his lips.


    “If you want to, I will go with you.”


    As if none of the planned schedules mattered, Asellus nodded. 


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