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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 59

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

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    “It’s already changed so much.”


    At his words, I stiffened.


    Asellus stared at me and whispered.


    “If you know about your condition why didn’t you tell me?”




    “Why are you judging by yourself? Will you be rewarded if you endure it?”


    It felt like I was being scolded. [but you deserve it]


    I lowered my head because I had nothing to say.


    I felt a stern gaze above my head.


    “Am I so unreliable? Even if that’s the case, this wouldn’t even work for you, Brill.”

    [Asellus meant no matter what how he is, Brill has to tell him in the end.]


    For some reason, I felt thirsty and spoke slowly.


    ” What’s the difference if you say it or not? It’s not like you can endure that forever.” [mana resistance]


    Asellus was already in his prime age.


    And recovering my health immediately did not mean that our relationship would continue.


    Besides, he is Austell’s Lord and wanted a successor.


    But I can’t afford to give birth to his child.


    So I was just about to leave for each other’s happiness.


    But Asellus seemed to think differently.


    He answered without hesitation.


    “Why can’t you?”


    “That’s… It’s already hard for you.”


    “It will be okay if you get stronger.”


    I wonder if that makes sense. I couldn’t speak properly because I was embarrassed.


    But Asellus seemed to think otherwise.


    His eyes shone resolutely.


    “I’ll find a way somehow. Until then, you only think about your health.”


    He left the place as if he would not listen to any objections from me.


    Even then, I didn’t budge because I was ill, but I came to my senses only after a commotion from above.


    Flop! Crash! Clank!


    Then came a deafening resound.


    The upper floors of the mansion seemed to have collapsed.


    There is only one such case.


    Asellus and Islet were fighting.


    However, the magic crystals that are often seen when using magic were nowhere to be found.


    I hurriedly ran to the terrace and looked up.


    There, Asellus stood, gripping the ears of Islet, who had become a rabbit.


    Islet didn’t respond as if he had fainted.


    Asellus quickly threw the rabbit into the Yachtria Mountains.


    I stared at Islet, who was like a dot that faded away.


    Then I felt a piercing gaze and lifted my head.


    It was Asellus.


    He stared at me with a rebuking gaze.


    Chapter 7 What You Can and Can’t Change.


    Asellus went straight to Islet.


    After hearing their conversation already, Islet was sitting leisurely on the railing of the terrace.


    He asked, raising the corners of his lips slightly.


    “Are you here?”


    Asellusresponded by chewing and swallowing the tingling sensation in his stomach.


    “Why didn’t you tell me?” [About Avrill’s illness]


    “It’s just my habit.  And why don’t you have any manners just because you drank all the sweet water.” 


    [Islet meant he loves to see when people is in trouble, and he is saying Asellus that after he learned all the things from Islet, he is not respecting him because now there is no importance]


    At the sound of his tongue clicking, Asellus’s lips were tightly shut.


    His eyes trembled like convulsions for a moment.


    It’s not enough to hide Avril’s illness at will and to show such a brazen attitude.


    Asellus barely resisted the desire to grab Islet and hit him right away.


    As he said, the sweet water had already been skipped.


    The reason for allowing him to stay in the mansion was only a simple courtesy to his teacher.


    However, if he had kept such an important secret, he would no longer deserve to be treated as a guest of the house.


    Last time, he even pushed Avril off the terrace.


    At the time, Avril had stopped him, but Asellus had not forgotten what Islet had done.


    Asellus coldly discarded his worth.


    But no matter how well Islet is in magic, now he is nothing but a hindrance.


    A great sage with sealed power.


    He could use it only to awaken someone’s magic ability and train them, but now he was just a helpless old man.


    He was no longer needed. Asellus decided to dispose of Islet.


    But before that, there was something to ask.


    Asellus opened his mouth with a calm voice to try his luck.


    But he couldn’t hide his fierce eyes.


    “Is there a cure for Avril’s disease?”


    “I can not say.”


    It was a bland answer.


    Islet does not lie, and he will not open his mouth even if he dies.


    Asellus swallowed a sigh and asked again.


    “Is there any way?”


    “There should be.”


    Asellus answered with a malefic smile.


    “I see.”


    “Why, now that you’ve heard the answer, you’re gonna kick me out?”


    “It’s no longer worth using.” [talking about Islet]


    A laugh came to Islet’s lips at the cold answer.


    It was funny to him that Asellus was running around without knowing what was going on.


    But there was something that Islet overlooked.


    The point was that madman Asellus was as emotional in this short life.


    Even more so when it comes to Avril’s involvement.


    The mana which Asellus compressed flowed.


    He delicately used his magic so that not a single drop would flow outward.


    Asellus hated what he was going to do. [using magic]


    Islet, who was staring at the mana surrounding his arm, asked to confirm.


    “Are you going to grab me and throw me away?”


    “I was wondering what to do, but that would be great.”


    Asellus smiled as if alleviating his worries. His eyes were like a crescent moon.


    He even began to absorb the mana of Islet.




    Islet opened his mouth at the cruel thing.


    Asellus’ golden eyes gleamed coldly as he stared at Islet, who was speechless.


    “Stay still on Mount Yachtria. Don’t come down again.”


    Islet rose from his seat immediately.


    He had no intention of humbly succumbing to being pushed by force.


    Asellus, who knows what is going on in Islet’s head, tied his feet.


    The floor on which Islit had stood collapsed, and his arm, wanting to use the railing in vain, ripped off the chair.


    This caused a slight commotion.


    AselAsellus’ eyebrows wrinkled unpleasantly.


    Islet shouted without losing.


    “Hey, do you think you’re gonna get away with this?”


    “What can you do?”


    “This is why the Austells!”


    Hatred filled in Islet’s eyes


    He used to say the ‘Austell’ name, making a disgusting expression.


    Spherical mana floated into the air around Islet.


    It was attack magic.


    However, Asellus lightly shattered the magic of Islet.


    He didn’t forget to absorb all the flowing mana.


    While Islit was sticking his tongue out at malicious Asellus, he collected all the remaining magical power of Islet.


    “Well, goodbye.”




    When all of the mana Islet possessed disappeared, he fainted.


    He lost all his strength and turned into a rabbit.


    I felt quite sorry for his slack body.


    Avril often said that he was cute.


    But Asellus was not impressed.


    He grabbed the rabbit’s ears and threw it toward the mountain without sincerity.


    Islet flew away in a parabola.

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