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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 58

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    I was in deep agony again.


    ‘I think the original plot become really twisted.’


    So what should I do now?


    Even while hesitating, Asellus’s anger only grew more.


    The strong mana choked me.


    No matter what I said, he wasn’t ready to back down.


    Asellus came closer to me.


    I raised my arms in the air as if blocking him.


    If the situation has been turned this way, there was no reason to hide the secret from him any longer.


    The bracelet he gave me shone on my wrist.


    “Release this.”


    Asellus raised his eyebrows in response to my words.




    I was rejected outright. I sighed as if I couldn’t help it.


    “If you remove the braclet, I’ll tell you one of my secrets.”


    Doubt filled Asellus’s eyes.


    I told him again.


    “Hurry up, there’s no way I can run away from you anyway.”


    Asellus stared briefly at my wrist with the bracelet on, then wrapped his hand over the bracelet.


    The bracelet disappeared into the air like a dandelion spore.


    The mana that constrained was absorbed in an instant.


    I lifted my head only after checking my lighter wrists and a slimmer body.


    Asellus’s gaze was straight toward me.


    Would it be okay if I spoke up?


    I don’t know how to beat around the bush.


    After contemplating, I opened my mouth.


    “You know, Asher.”




    He chuckled as if to tell me to continue.


    I continued to speak calmly as if not to triggered my body.


    “Actually, I’m not ill. If I get close to mana, my health  get worse… It’s an incurable disease.”


    As soon as the speech was over, the eyes filled with vigilance slowly turned into astonishment.


    A faint question flowed from Asellus’s mouth.




    Is it hard to believe? – Avril


    I understand. It is an incurable disease that appeared out of the blue. Even if I hadn’t read the original content, I wouldn’t believe it.


    I tried to be as calm as possible and explained my illness in detail.


    “There is a disease called mana resistance . It’s not yet known to the world, but it’s a disease where the infect person can’t accept mana.”


    “So being with you wouldn’t be good for me, Islet told me.” 


    I smiled faintly. Asellus’s gaze rested on the corner of my lips.


    Is it because I’m smiling awkwardly?


    Just before I would ask why he looked at me like that, Asellus opened his mouth.


    “…so you fell before?” Because of me?”


    “When I returned to the mansion after defeating the sea monster.”


    Oh, maybe it’s when Asellus was talking about kids.


    I nodded my head in silence.


    Asellus’s eyes slowly lost their vitality.


    He took a step back from me and asked again in a shaky voice.


    “..Even when you were talking through the window?”




    “Then the bracelet I gave you is fatal for you, right?”


    Asellus was enraged. His jaw clench, and muscles trembled remarkably as if something was biting him inside.


    A series of swearing flowed from him.


    It was then that I realized that Asellus was blaming himself.


    “Wait, Asher. It’s not your fault.”


    “Why isn’t it my fault?”


    “Because I hid it.”


    “Why did you hide it?”


    Why did I hide it?


    Because I was going to leave before he found out about my illness.


    But I couldn’t be honest about it all.


    I wanted to come up with a plausible excuse, but I couldn’t.


    As I pondered, Asellus sneered coldly.


    “Because you don’t trust me? Or do I still look like a child to you?”


    “Asher, it’s not like that.”


    “Don’t try to appease me, Brill.”


    I shut my mouth at the cold voice.


    Silence descended. In the silence, only the sound of Asellus’ breathing could be heard very loudly.


    He kept his eyes on me, breathing heavily, perhaps holding back his tears.


    It was a bitter look as if he was trapped in the rain.


    Even though I wanted to avoid his gloomy gaze, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Asellus.


    It was then that his golden eye became more tinged, and his whites bled.


    He was strange. My whole body trembled as if I were suppressing something.


    His one knee suddenly bent as if the chest had swelled and lost strength.




    But he managed to keep his balance and regained his focus.


    His forehead was wet with cold sweat.


    I opened my eyes wide to see him in pain.


    “…Asher? What’s wrong?”


    He asked faintly at my question.


    A painfully distorted smile rested on Asellus’s lips.


    “How about now?”


    “What do you mean?”


    “Isn’t your body feel less sick?”


    Then I could feel the change in my body.




    The surrounding air was unprecedentedly clear and light.


    Not only was the stomach not bloated, of course, but the whole body was also revitalized.


    But the admiration was brief.


    I turned my head toward Asellus, who looked in agony as if holding his breath to the limit.


    “Asher, stop it.”




    “That doesn’t change anything.”


    Then I quickly found the reason for this change.


    Asellus was sealing the mana to the limit.


    But he was already struggling to seal the overflowing mana.


    There was no need to push further.


    After all, I had a good life before this.


    It was enough to endure moderately.


    As I tried to stop him, I suddenly heard a muttering that sounded like talking to me.


    “Your cheeks are starting to turn red.”

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