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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 57

    TL/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

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    I took a step back involuntarily at the creepy smile I had never seen before. 


    Then Asellus stepped towards me.


    Without saying a word, he touched my waist lightly.


    In an instant, his face was buried in my arms.




    Unlike my heart, which was beating like crazy, Asellus’s heartbeat is steady.


    Asellus exhaled slowly and lowered his head.


    His breath was trembling over my head.


    A softer voice than before echoed through the bedroom.


    “…Now I understand, Brill.”


    “That’s why you tried to leave me.”


    There was a sense of relief in his words.


    As if he is glad that this is the only reason I’m mentioning divorce.


    ‘What kind of situation is this?’


    I got embarrassed. 


    And my mind was not in order.


    But to organize my thoughts, I need this body’s cooperation, but my health index was getting worse.


    It wasn’t just because I was close to Asellus.


    It was because his power is out of control. Golden mana was seeping out of his body.


    The bloated stomach was on the verge of turning upside down.


    I strengthen my hands to push him away.


    As for what he thought of my behavior, Asellus later added an excuse.


    “It’s all a lie. I’m telling you Brill.”


    “…….Wait a minute. “


    “I can kill the king or the princess if you want. Then will you believe me?” [Brill, run.]


    “It’s not that, I——“


    I feel like throwing up.


    But Asellus didn’t listen to me the whole time.


    Asellus quickly spoke.


    “So don’t ever ask me to divorce you again, okay?”


    Asellus held me even more tightly.


    I squeezed the hem of his shirt tightly and barely let out a voice.


    “…let go of me first. I can’t breathe.”


    After a brief silence, Asellus gently withdraw.


    I staggered back.


    A wave of nausea engulfed me.


    As I covered my mouth, doubts lingered in Asellus’s eyes.




    He tried to grab my wrist, so I pushed him away and said.


    “go away.”


    “Don’t come near me.”


    I leaned back a few steps that were faltering.


    Asellus stared at me with a subtle gaze.


    Leaving him speechless, and I bit my lip.


    After a long silence, Asellus opened his mouth.


    “… are you sick? if not…”


    “Don’t you like me?”


    I shook my head.


    Then Asellus asked, taking a step closer to me.


    “Then can I come closer?”


    I still felt uncomfortable inside and wanted to tell him not to come.


    I couldn’t because his golden eyes looked so precarious.


    The glaring eyes turned to me.


    The golden eyes were out of focus.


    It was just before the border(situation), close like a tug-of-war, collapsed.


    I felt eerie energy from him.


    A cold fear engulfed my mind, enough to forget that my stomach was upset.


    At that moment, I remembered what Islit had said.


    [‘Tell him, your secret.’]


    Why did Islet say that?


    I bit my lips.


    He rejoiced in Asellus’s misfortune.


    If I did what he told me, something big might happen.


    But will there be any other difference if I hide my illness like this?


    Asellus said the scandal in the kingdom was a false rumor.


    Because I didn’t die, did the original work change?


    ‘Maybe Ascelus fell in love with me a little bit more.’


    So, even if he met the princess, he pretended to ignore the feelings because of me.

    [Avril meant Asellus fall in love at first sight  with the princess because Avril, Asellus ignored those felling]


    ….then Asellus may not leave my side.


    The original was twisted because I struggled to survive.


    But I couldn’t be overjoyed.


    I couldn’t stay with Asellus anyway, so his affection for me was futile.


    Even if he doesn’t have children, just being around him would be fatal to Avril’s body.


    I asked with my eyes closed.


    This was the final verification process. [are you confronting him or interviewing him for a husband job]


    “…are you sure you haven’t met the princess, Asher? Not even once?”


    “I told I don’t know her. Something like that.”


    Asellus’s voice was sharp.


    Seeing me with a puzzled expression, his gaze followed.


    Even though he said this, his eyes looked like I couldn’t believe him.


    He was expressing his innocence with a dignified expression as if he would confirm with anything if he wanted to.


    I was lost in thought. Asellus asked, unable to withstand a moment of silence.


    “Why the hell are you doing this, Brill?”


    A life that could not be compared with before was dazzling.


    Before I could figure out why I heard a sharp voice.


    “I wonder. Is the scandal an excuse? Is it true that you want to break up with me?”


    I couldn’t answer his question.


    Then Asellus raised his voice a little more and asked.


    “Brill! Answer me.”


    I shook my head, saying it wasn’t true.


    A thin breath flowed from Asellus’s mouth in response to the frivolous reply.

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