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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 56

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Avril’s Pov


    I spoke as quietly as I could, my gaze fixed on the white face that shone from the candle’s flame.



    “Let’s get divorced.”


    Asellus’s complexion became white.


    His long eyelashes flickered slowly.


    A belated question came.




    He seemed quite shocked.


    Anyone would be surprised to hear about the sudden divorce.


    But divorce was necessary for both of us.


    I tried to keep my words as calm as possible.


    “You have someone you like anyway. “


    “…….What are you talking about.”


    Asellus’s voice lowered one tone more.


    Instead of replying to him, who pretended to be innocent, I got up.


    I was thinking of bringing a file that summarized the scandal between Asellus and the princess.


    But Asellus stopped me.


    And he clasped my arm.


    “I asked what you mean.”


    “Let go of me.  And wait a minute.”


    “Where are you going?”


    His question made me laugh.


    “You’re in front of me, how can I go somewhere else.”


    It was then that Asellus’s grip on my arm was loosened.


    He asked in a calmer voice.


    “What are you going to do?”


    I pointed towards the wardrobe. Asellus went to the chest of drawers instead of me and opened it.


    I simply stated the location of the file.


    “Third drawer, look at the file at the top.”


    As I said, Arcelus opened the drawer and took out a bunch of documents from the top to check the contents.


    Asellus’s face, which had been hardened until then, was dyed with astonishment.


    “……What is this?”


    What do you mean, it’s your scandal.


    I answered gently.


    “Your scandal.”


    “…my scandal?”


    I quietly nodded.


    But Asellus remained motionless without saying anything.


    In response to the unexpected reaction, it looks like I secretly slapped his face.


    Is Asellus embarrassed because I spilled that he had an affair in front of me?


    You don’t have to do that.


    There wasn’t even the slightest bit of jealousy in me.


    It was just that everything was flowing smoothly.


    I approached Asellus, whose complexion became pale white, and couldn’t even look through the files.


    Then I handed over the papers one by one instead.


    The file was packed with scandals in chronological order.


    It was all related to the princess and Asellus.


    It was written in detail where the two first met and what they did when they met.


    Among them was a sketch depicting both were dating in secret.


    It was all coming from the capital.


    In addition, the contents are exactly the same as the original.


    ‘Everything is going well.’


    With a satisfied expression on my face, I glanced at Asellus’s expression.


    His complexion was pale.


    His face was without single blood seemed to be surprised.


    I calmly turned the pages and showed them to the last paperwork.


    And speaking on behalf of Ascelus, who was silent the whole time.


    “I also support your new marriage. Our was an marriage for contractual after all. It’s only natural for you to have someone you like. I’m not surprised at all.”


    But Asellus did not answer.


    It was the same even if I waited calmly.


    ‘Is it because of guilt?’


    Even in the original work, Asellus fell in love with the princess at first sight but could not get along because of guilt.


    Unlike back then, as I was still alive, he was just embarrassed.


    I added in a soft voice.


    While we’re breaking up anyway, let’s console each other.


    “I don’t care about this. And I enjoyed my time with you.” – Avril


    “That’s all you want to say, Brill?”


    The papers in his hand caught fire in an instant.


    Clean with no ashes left behind.


    Previously collected information was utterly destroyed. I frowned slightly.


    It was the most radical thing that Asellus had ever done in front of me.


    He could have been embarrassed and caught off guard.


    Still, isn’t this a bit harsh?


    I was outraged.


    “What did you do? I organized it.”


    “You did something useless.”




    The golden eyes that had been staring at the documents the whole time turned to me this time.


    His eyes were sharp as if they could pierce through, and those eyes sank so deep that I couldn’t even interpret his feelings.


    He continued with a stern look on his face.


    “I swear to heaven, I don’t know. I don’t even know who this woman is. Of course I’m not going to divorce you.” [Asellus-100000……+ ,Avril-0]


    My lips twitched at the unbelievable words.


    “…You don’t know who the princess is? Have you never seen her face?”


    Asellus nodded proudly.


    I shut my mouth at the shocking answer.


    ‘Asellus still hasn’t met the princess.’


    It’s already summer, and the scandal has started.


    Besides, the scandal is the same as the original story, but it shouldn’t be in this case.


    Without realizing it, self-talk came out.




    I couldn’t explain it unless it were a lie.


    If true, how will all these scandals be explained, and what will happen to the original story?


    The chaos came like waves.


    I inadvertently bit my lower lip, and a large hand gently brushed one of my cheeks.


    “Why, did you want me to cheat on you?”


    Startled, I leaned back.


    The cheek that Asellus touched was hot as if on fire.


    “Oh, that’s not it. So what’s with all those scandals?”


    Asellus tilted his head at my question.


    He muttered, curling the corners of his lips.






    “Looks like you’re doing some stupid stuff. Don’t worry, Brill. I’ll get rid of everything that messed up your mind.” [yandere phase activated.]


    Asellus laughed. 


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