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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 55

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    It was only after a full day had passed that Asellus returned to the mansion.


    I couldn’t sleep for some reason, so I woke up early.


    I walked out on the terrace to feel the cold breeze and came across Asellus.


    Asellus crossed the gate of the mansion with his whole body covered in pure white snow.


    Like the daytime yesterday, our eyes met again.


    Arcelus raised his head and made eye contact with me, and then opened his mouth to question


    “Why are not you sleeping.”


    Perhaps he had cast a spell. His shimmered voice lingered, even from a fairly distant distance.


    Feeling itchy for some reason, I took my hand from the railing.


    “I can’t sleep.”


    “Why?” [Sleep with her. You will know the answer.]


    In an instant, Asellus’s eyes turned sharp.


    Since when did you become so interested in me? [Long ago I forgot]


    “Then why aren’t you sleeping?”


    This time, Asellus kept his mouth shut.


    After a moment’s silence, he suddenly raised his hand and wiped the snow off my head and shoulders.


    Even the rest of the snow was dried by his mana.


    Golden mana bloomed from Asellus’s body.


    At the same time, the snow in the vicinity where he was standing has completely melted.


    ‘The butler will like it.’


    It has been snowing a lot lately, and the servants are having a hard time.


    As I was thinking about it, Asellus’s voice tickled again.


    “Can I go to your room for a minute? …Or we can meet in the parlor.” 


    [TL/N- Such a gentle male lead most of the male leads won’t beg for permission and directly charge in Fl’s room but actually, but Asellus is a big bad wolf in sheep’s clothing]


    What’s with the parlor? Since when did we become formal?


    I smiled and nodded my head.


    “come in my room.” [It feels like a vampire asking for an invitation, lol.]



    Asellus entered my bedroom through the terrace. 


    He looked like a mischievous cat and smiled.


    However, there was no tea or snacks to serve. [T/N- serve him with your body]


    I don’t want to wake up the maid at this late hour.


    However, it was impossible to go in and out of the kitchen alone at this time.


    As I was thinking, I heard Asellus’s voice.


    “What are you thinking about?”


    His eyes were dark and gloomy.


    There seems to be another strange misunderstanding, so I answered honestly.


    “I want to drink tea.”




    “If possible, even cookies. Almond cookies.”


    Only then, a faint smile appeared on Asellus’s lips.


    “Wait a minute.”


    Golden smoke rose in the air, and his figure disappeared as if evaporated.


    “I think mana is so convenient.”


    If it weren’t for mana resistance, I would have learned it too.


    I counted how long it would take.


    One, two, three, four, five.


    Exactly five seconds later, Asellus returned.


    He skillfully brought the cookies and tea sets and laid them out on the table.


    I saw chamomile in the tea.


    Chamomile is the perfect sleep aid.


    I put dried flowers in a teapot filled with hot water.


    A fragrant scent filled the room.


    When the petals were moderately boiled, Aseelus spoke.


    “I’m leaving tomorrow.”


    “Tomorrow? All right.”


    Is he going to the royal palace again?


    I nodded my head at his unspecified talking.


    Maybe that wasn’t the point of the story, because Asellus added.


    “You too will go with me, Brill.” [oho honeymoon.]


    I looked up as soon as I  poured the tea.


    “Me, too?”


    “Yeah. You’ve never been to the capital after getting married.”


    That’s right. Besides, going to Letella’s royal palace was what I had been hoping for.


    ‘If I go to the capital, I can see the king.’


    Then I could ask for a divorce from Asellus.


    I could meet the princess and beg her.


    There were even substitutes.


    I inadvertently touched the handle of the teapot.


    Then Asellus took the teapot from me and poured it into my teacup.


    Then he pushed the plate of well-baked almond cookies towards me.


    “Now, Letella is warm. Not as much as Lovtree.”


    I felt like a gentle voice was trying to persuade me.


    Why, because you don’t want me to stay near Islet?


    As I was silent, Asellus continued speaking nervously.


    “If you want, let’s stop by Lovtree.”


    I shook my head.


    Lovtree was Avril’s hometown, not mine.


    Besides, if I spent a long time with Avril’s family, they might find out that I was a fake.


    Unlike Asellus, who is Avril’s sweetheart, they were really Avril’s family.


    But visiting the royal capital was in my favor.


    ‘Before that, I have something to say to Asellus.’


    …I wonder if there’s a reason why Ascelus wants to take me to Latella anyway.


    To make an official relationship with the princess, he might be trying to tell me the truth.


    Then there was no reason to hesitate any longer.


    I raised my head to meet Asellus’s gaze.


    “Okay, I will visit the kingdom with you.”


    Asellus nodded.


    He looked relaxed, but his face was tense.


    As if he was afraid of words that would come out of me.


    I spoke as quietly as I could, my gaze fixed on the white face that shone from the candle’s flame.



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