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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 53

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Avril’s POV


    Huh, did Asellus just laughed now?


    It had been a long time since I saw him smiling.


    I felt a bit chilly only yesterday, but I think I’m feeling a little better now.


    I put my hand lightly on Asellus’s cheek and patted him.


    “It’s nice to see you smiling.”


    Then Asellus hardened his expression again.


    I tapped Asellus’s cheek again.


    “Smile again.”


    .I don’t want to.”




    Looking at him with puzzled eyes, Asellus slowly opened his mouth.


    “If I laugh…”


    “If you laugh? After that?”


    “never mind.”


    I barely smiled because I didn’t want to mess it up again.




    After eating with Asellus, I went up to the sixth floor where Islet was staying.


    Islet sat carelessly on the terrace railing.


    It was a stance that appeared to be about to fall out if touched.


    Knock, Knock! (SFX)


    I reached out and carefully knocked on the glass door.


    But Islet did not look back.


    I knocked on the glass door again since I received no response.


    Knock, Knock! (SFX)


    Islet looked back with an annoyed expression.


    I shook the vegetable basket I had prepared for him.


    It was then that the tightly locked door opened.


    I handed the basket to Islet.


    He took the well-groomed carrots from the basket and began to eat them.


    There are many delicious things in the world, but he only wants raw vegetables.


    When I was Looking at him with a curious expression, he asked in a cold voice.




    “Just—if it’s uncomfortable, shall I go now?”


    In response, I pulled out a chair on the terrace and sat down.


    There was silence for a while.


    Only the sound of him chewing vegetables resonated around him.


    Crispy, crunchy, he hates well.


    Sometimes it was even cute to look at him when he was transformed into a rabbit.


    But today, he didn’t seem to want to transform.


    While I watched Islet devour veggies like it was a food show, his gaze turned towards me.


    I waved my hands and stood up.


    “I’m going.”


    When Islet got angry, the walls around the mansion would often fall. [Avril thought Islet was not in a good mood. That’s why she does not want to provoke him.]


    I can’t waste money on useless things.


    As I was about to take my leave, Islet grabbed my arm.


    Even that was immediately overshadowed by the bracelet that Asellus had put on me.


    I stared blankly at the golden mana that was being absorbed.


    A clicking sound was heard above my head.


    “It’s gotten worse.”




    Belatedly, after understanding what he was saying and looking back at him, Islit slowly got up from the railing.


    “Your life force is in danger.”


    “Life force?”




    Lifeforce. Is that what Islet can see through?


    When I expressed my curiosity about the strange ability, Islet looked at me with a funny expression.


    “It’s the first time a human being so uninterested in their own life has ever been.”


    “Is that so?”


    “Think about it. These days, have your emotions fluctuate less than before?”


    Mood swings? I don’t know. I was always calm.


    When I looked at Islit with a look of incredulity, he pointed out with a pitiful expression.


    “In the past, you used to blush every day when you saw Asellus, but not now.”




    That being said, I immediately understood.


    Somehow these days, I was okay even when I touch Asellus.


    That’s a sign that my vitality(lifeforce) has gone down.


    I shook my head at the new realization.


    Then, Islit’s lips curved obliquely.


    “Thanks to you, something funny happened.”


    “What do you mean funny?”


    “As long as you don’t know.”


    Islet waved his hand as if it was annoying.


    There was an empty basket in his hand.


    I grumbled as I was given an empty basket from him.


    “How long will you stay here?”


    “Until I get the light from you.”


    His words reminded me of a deal I had forgotten.


    Islet said he would kill me at the first meeting.


    Before I die, if someone comes out to break his curse, he will not kill me.


    Since I can’t die, I had to bring a princess to break the curse.


    ‘But why is Asellus staying in the mansion instead of going to the royal palace?’


    Maybe he felt guilty about dating the princess. [Cut the crap. His princess is you.]


    So even after your heart is gone, treat me well. [Avril meant even Asellus fall in love with the princess, he still has to respect her.]


    ‘Would it be better for me to bring up the divorce first?’


    But to get a divorce, I have to go to the royal palace.


    Because the king had sanctioned the marriage, the divorce would be finalized only if he granted his consent.


    ‘I don’t think the King would oppose it.’


    Even in the original novel, he was eager to proceed with the marriage of the princess and Asellus. [What a Scum king]


    If I were to get a divorce first, the king would have been welcomed me grandiosely.


    Then the question is, how do you get to the royal palace?


    I looked at the black iron door that was tightly closed.


    Outside the window, the Austell estate was filled with picky, slippery snow.


    No matter how I got out, another long carriage trip will wait for me.


    But with Asellus, I could reach quickly.


    ‘Shall we talk?’ [absolutely]


    To do so, I had to tell them why I wanted to leave the mansion.


    To be honest, it would be better, but I don’t know how it will turn out. [But I know]


    I shrugged and looked out the terrace.


    Coincidentally, Ascelus was there.


    “Huh? Asher. What are you doing there?” [eversdropping]


    He’s always been busy, but today seems to be more relaxed.


    I waved my hand towards him.


    Asellus looked at me for a moment, then turned his head.


    Anyway, the cold-hearted guy, now he doesn’t even want to make eye contact with me.


    ‘Then why did you did you behave well?’ [lol Avril he is jealous]


    As I grumbled, I heard laughter from above.


    I asked, looking back at Islet with a sharp gaze.


    “Why are you laughing?”






    Fearing if he says perverted remarks, I kept my mouth shut.


    Then Islit beckoned outward.


    “Go. Your husband is waiting for you.”


    It’s not like he is waiting for me.


    Maybe it’s already gone somewhere else.


    I turned to where Asellus was.


    Surprisingly, Asellus stood still.


    For some reason, I was furrowing my eyebrows.


    ‘It seems that something bad is happening.’


    I grabbed the terrace railing and asked again towards Asellus.


    “Asher! What are you doing there?”


    But Asellus’s expression was not serious.


    Shining golden eyes widened, and he approached.




    I could feel the powerful force pushing me from behind, along with a tearful shout.


    By the time he grasped the situation, my view had already been reversed.


    Islet pushed me off the railing.

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