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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 52

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Asellus’s POV P2

    “It’s real from now on.”


    Avril’s words bothered him for the first time.




    The corner of Asellus’s mouth, which had been tightly shut, twisted to one side.


    I never thought Avril would write off everything so far as ‘fake’. [T/N: Oof another misunderstanding.]


    It was shocking for me. Since when?


    Asellus was deeply troubled. However, it was not known when Avril’s heart began to cool down.


    Even when she came to the Austell estate for her wedding, but Avril blushed when she saw me.


    Even in the dangerous situation of the earthquake, She praises my appearance.


    Asellus, who had been thinking so far, bit his lips.


    His gaze turned towards the mirror.


    He didn’t usually see his own face.


    At first, Asellus didn’t really care about his appearance.


    I just thought it was because Avril always told me that I was pretty.


    But not now.


    Even though he didn’t know anything, he wasn’t ‘pretty’ anymore.


    In the past, it was hard to tell whether he was a woman or a man if he grew his hair, but now he has a strong masculine side.


    As he grew older and practiced repeatedly, his bones grew and his muscles became thicker.


    He was also very tall, and he raised one palm more than the knights around him.


    Asellus looked in the mirror and raised the corners of his lips.


    The other day, Avril praised him for being like a flower.


    But his smile was no longer like a flower.


    The word masculine was more appropriate than flowers.


    A thick jawline, broad shoulders, and fine muscles attached to his body did not make him look like a boy anymore.


    Avril used to stick her tongue out when she saw the muscular knights in the past.


    This time, he looked down at his hand.


    Calluses were all over the palms, and the joints of the fingers became thick.


    Thanks to this, the bead ring that Avril made was also taut as if it was about to burst.


    It was completely different from Avril, who became slender and more beautiful.


    After that, I couldn’t get into Avril’s aesthetic.


    “…I guess that’s why.”


    It was then that I immediately understood the reason.


    Faced with reality, I can no longer blame Avril.


    As I promised, if she finds someone she likes, I will have to divorce her.


    In his head, there was a scene where a handsome boy who looked just like Avril’s preference had a ceremony with her.


    The fact that he, who had grown so much, was standing from afar and just watching their expression.


    My heart, which was sharp like an awl towards Avril, was heavy.


    Instead, a sense of dread surged in like a wave.


    For the first time, I didn’t want to see myself.


    If possible, I wanted to be as small as before, even by cutting my bones.[T/N- Uwu yandere.]


    It was disappointing that his body had grown arbitrarily.


    Asellus slowly closed his eyes.


    A soft breath flowed from his mouth.


    Avril’s POV


    The morning was bright.


    With Sena’s help, I got ready and left the room.


    No, I was going to go. Until I see Asellus sitting in front of the door.


    He was leaning against the wall between the door and the door leading to me and his bedroom.


    Sena, who discovered Asellus late, retreated back in surprise.


    “Oh, my lord? Why are you—-“


    Senna swallowed. As such, the appearance of Asellus was unusual.


    Because Asellus always started his day with his daily activities.


    I glanced away and glance at Asellus’s face.


    His appearance was seldom a mess.


    As if he had stayed up all night, his eyes were bloodshot red, and his neat hair was stretched out in all directions.


    He hadn’t even changed his clothes.


    I was puzzled and asked Asellus.


    “….Asellus? What are you doing there?”


    At my words, Asellus shook his head.


    “To see you.”


    “Suddenly? Did you stay up all night?”


    At my question, Ascelus licked his lips and looked at me with fierce eyes


    Gazing me slightly, Asellus slowly opened his mouth.


    “How Could you…”






    Asellus reached out and grabbed my arm carefully.


    It was the left hand he had put the bracelet on.


    Just in time, it. I was going to ask him to untie this bracelet.


    I said to Asellus.


    “Oh, Asher! I need this bracelet-” [to be removed]


    “I don’t want to.”


    “Huh? I haven’t said everything yet.”


    The atmosphere was strange today.


    Where are you sick? Or are you here because you miss the princess?


    I looked at Asellus silently.


    Asellus did not even look at me.


    He strangely avoided my gaze and recklessly grabbed my arm.


    I asked, following Asellus in a dazed manner.


    “Asher, are you mad?”




    “Is it because I talked about the scandal yesterday?”


    Asellus’s steps were halted.


    He looked at me quietly, and suddenly, without a word, hugged me.


    I screamed at the sudden unexpected hug.




    But Asellus didn’t even listen.


    A nervous voice came from his mouth.


    “It’s because your steps are slow.”


    “What? I’m not slow, you’re fast.”


    “That’s why you are slow.”


    “You’re taller than me!”


    Asellus laughed at my cry.


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