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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 51

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Asellus’s POV P1


    In the midst of the confusion, he heard a cold voice.




    Avril’s voice is melodious and soft.


    Asellus stiffened at the indifferent voice.


    It seems like it’s meant for me.


    However, Asellus quickly came to his senses.


    Avril’s pronunciation was subtly slurred. Her body stiffened from the cold, and her lips seemed to move with difficulty. it feels like her lips were dancing. [T/N- only you can stop this dance. Go ahead.]


    Asellus opened the window again and urged Avril, who was still standing in front of the window.


    Those were simple words, but it went out stiff for no reason.


    “Close the window and go in, Brill.”


    Avril grumbled, pouting out her lips.


    “Who are you to tell me what to do?”


    Avril was full of anger.


    She didn’t even notice that her cheeks were red from the cold.


    Why doesn’t she know how to take care of herself? Asellus became angry and rebuked her in a stern voice.


    “It’s a cold day. Go in. We’ll talk later.”




    It was futile insistence because she is not in good shape.


    His eyes meet with Avril’s.


    As my mind relaxed, the mana that I had kept in my body flowed. [T/N- So Avril can’t control her body, and now Asellus can’t control his mana oof dangerous combination ]


    The vast expanse of mana like the ocean overflowed even with the slightest relaxation.


    When Asellus was happy, it was more difficult to control his mana than when he was nervous.


    It was the same today.


    Just seeing Avril’s face again made him feel better, so the mana flowed outside.


    ‘It will be fine because it is a trace amount.’


    I thought so.


    Until Avril’s body was stiffened as soon as she saw his magic.


    Avril took a few breaths and backed away.


    The emotion contained in the eyes tired to avoid Asellus’s mana was obviously fear.


    Asellus seemed to be out of breath.


    But he said it with a nonchalant expression.


    “……I told you to go in.”


    Avril was so terrified that she couldn’t even respond properly.


    Asellus pretended to be carefree and locked Avril’s bedroom window with his mana power.


    It was only when Avril’s appearance became invisible that doubts flowed from his mouth.


    “Why are you scared?”


    I couldn’t figure out why.


    Then, Asellus bit his lip tightly as a sudden thought came to his mind.


    It was because I was worried that Avril might have noticed my cruel innermost thoughts.


    Asellus often thought of himself as a monster. 


    It wasn’t just because of the power that others don’t have.


    Avril thought my training was hard, but Islet’s training was not done in a very normal way.


    Islet drove Asellus to the brink of death.


    In the space-time twisted by the Islet, monsters attacked Astellus every day.


    It’s been a long time since my sword was taken away.


    Asellus used to do random magic in order to survive.


    It was a daily routine for Asellus to have his limbs ripped off by monsters.


    Islet didn’t help until his life was on the brink.


    He went back in time only just before Asellus bit his neck.


    So every day, until I survived, the training was not over. [T/N- poor Aselluss uwu]


    These years were longer than two hundred years for Asellus.


    It was only after hard training that Asellus was able to master the art of slaughter.


    Since then, Asellus’s hands were soaked with blood.


    The problem was that killing monsters wasn’t that terrible.


    It was disgusting at first, but as time went on, it became more enjoyable.


    It felt like he had thrown away the culture and common sense that had suppressed him and transformed into something new.


    ‘Does Avril know that I even dug up sea monsters with a smile?’ 


    You never know. You should never have known.


    But Avril seemed to know.


    “I’ll have to ask you to remove it later.” [T/N- he heard that Avril was talking about taking off the bracelet]


    Doubt appeared in Asellus’s mind. But no answer came.


    Because Avril won’t be able to hear him.


    Asellus turned his attention to Avril.


    His gaze was about to pierce the wall. [T/N- I know about Asellus’s monstrous hearing ability, but now it seems he got an x-ray vision, but please don’t peep on her]


    Avril was not staying still. 


    There was a rustling sound as the bag was being organized.


    Asellus leaned against the wall facing Avril’s bedroom.


    The guilt of eavesdropping on Avril’s room was long gone. [T/N- Yeah, perverts are shameless]


    Unaware of these things, Avril whispered.


    It was a voice of hope as if dreaming of the future.


    “It’s real from now on.”

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