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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 50

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    I looked at the closed window and let out a gasp.


    “…what is it. Are you mad at me now?”


    I don’t know where there are people who withdraw as kindly as I. [T/N- not everyone can be ojakayo like her]


    I’m trying to let my husband cheat on me.


    The anger I had been holding on for the whole time finally broke out.




    As soon as I finished speaking, Asellus’s room window opened, and he suddenly appeared.


    I was startled in surprise at the sudden appearance.


    But Asellus was not agitated at all.


    He just looked at me with a very blunt expression and opened his mouth.


    “Close the window and go in, Brill.”


    I frowned in response to the subtle command line.


    “Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?”


    “It’s cold now go in. Let’s talk about it later.”




    There was a surge of futility.


    Slowly I felt a chill, and my body trembled, but I stayed by the window.


    Then, a sigh escaped Asellus’s mouth.


    “Go in before I forcefully close it.”


    Well, he learned magic, and now you are using it on me.


    As I stood still in anger, Aselus’s mana flowed into the air.


    Golden mana flickered in front of me and reflexively turned my body back.


    It dodged it because of the memory that came to mind before he accidentally fell.


    It was only after I escaped that a powerful voice escaped from Asellus’s mouth.


    “…I told you to go in.”


    He magically closed the window of my room.


    Magical power came into the room like a mist, daringly locked the latch, and then went out.


    I rubbed my lips as I watched the magic flow.


    ‘Now you are pretending to take care of me.’


    I grunted a little and sat down on the bed.


    Suddenly, I noticed a light flowing from the bracelet on my wrist.


    The bracelet that Asellus put on my wrist was made with his magic power.


    The bracelet is thin as a thread that shines brightly during the day and at night as if performing a ritual.


    In addition, it was quite useful because it blocked each time the islet approached unnecessarily.


    But it’s not shining anymore.


    Perhaps the bracelet felt that its owner was near, and it gave off a stronger force than before.


    Naturally, it will adversely affect my body as well.


    I let out a sigh and lightly stroked the bracelet. Now is the time to say goodbye to this bracelet.


    “I’ll have to ask him to take it out later.”


    Even after a divorce, if I wear a bracelet made of Asellus’s magical power, it will look strange to others.


    Step by step, I was preparing to leave.


    It took eight years for that to happen.


    I glanced around the room.


    There were pens and notebooks scattered on the desk.


    I put them back in the bag.


    What I vowed over and over, then a sigh came out of my lips.


    “From now on, it’s real.”


    However, how should I live in the future?


    Everything was just blurry.


    I sat in front of the desk for a while and touched my bag.


    My mind wandered because I had a lot of thoughts.


    I wasn’t sleepy at all.


    ‘To be honest, I didn’t even drink tea.’


    I sighed.


    I stayed up all night like that, and it wasn’t until dawn when I fell asleep.



    Asellus’s Pov


    Asellus stared at the closed window for a long time.


    I tried to calm my anger, but it was not easy.


    The strong hand trembled easily.


    He knew what he was doing was ridiculous, but he couldn’t get his mind off Avril.


    Avril’s sighing voice was heard from the next room. [T/N-monsteras hearing.jpg]


    “…what is it. Are you mad at me now?”


    At that moment, Asellus’s body flinched as if it was about to jump forward.


    Soon, excuses flowed from his mouth.


    “…I can’t be mad at you.”


    It was funny. Avril wouldn’t even be able to hear it.


    Asellus couldn’t even laugh, so he kept his mouth shut.


    It was painful that Avril’s interest in him became gradually lost.


    That’s not enough. She is trying to abandon him.


    I couldn’t stand the pain.


    He only remembered Avril in his limbs, but Avril’s interest in him seems to have completely faded away.


    How did it become like this?


    While Asellus was in agony, he suddenly remembered Islet’s words.


    [‘Just stay for a week without even going to her bedroom. She’ll open her eyes’]


    As he said, after he left, Avril’s condition gradually improved.


    That was why he didn’t go to see Avril when he heard that she had woken up.


    Somehow, it seemed that the reason she couldn’t wake up was because of him.


    “How did he know that?” [T/N- he meant how islet knows Avril’s condition]


    Asellus raised an eyebrow in a quizzical mood.


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