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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 49

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    T/N²: Thank you sus for your Ko-Fi.



    When I moved a bit, the maids became restless.


    “Madam, please rest.”


    “That’s right, you get dizzy when you move.”


    I begged so earnestly that I stayed in the bedroom, ate, and slept over.


    After repeating this for three days, I couldn’t sleep anymore.


    I slowly looked around the bedroom that was only illuminated me.


    ‘But why, Asellus is not coming.’


    Is he offended because of me?


    He hasn’t shown his face since I woke up.


    When it comes to talking between the married couple, he must have lost interest at some point.

    [T/N- Avril meant Asellus lost interest in her]

    Seriously, he might be uncomfortable to see my face since scandals are going on in the capital.


    ‘Maybe his heart was shaken because he misunderstood that I had another  man in my heart.’


    If not, he may have been surprised at the thought that the secret had been revealed. 


    Either way, it was not bad. On the contrary, it was a good thing. I was a little upset, though.


    Asellus cannot be by my side. I always reminded myself of that.


    This seat belongs to Princess Latella, not me, so the fake should step aside.


    Let’s not get used to it and do anything nonsense.


    Because it will only hurt everyone.


    But a man’s heart is sharp like a knife.


    Like  Asellus was in the past, his cold attitude was unbearable and sad.


    Even if you cut a cookie in half, some crumbs remain. Am I worse than the crumbs, Asher?


    “The next time we meet, I’ll hit you with honey chestnuts.“


    I’ve done a lot of things so far, so I’d have the right to blow honey chestnuts on Asellus’s head, who is a great hero now.


    It’s another matter of whether I’ll be able to hit him or not.


    I tried to evoke a subdued atmosphere with a funny thought.


    The fireplace was too hot, so I felt hot.


    I need to get fresh air outside. If I wanted to go out, someone would stop me, so I thought I could only open the window.


    I got out of bed, unlocked the latch, and opened the double-door window.


    As soon as I opened the window, a cold wind blew in from outside. In an instant, the tip of my nose tingled.


    Summer in Austell was as cold as winter.


    There were times when the temperature went up to freezing, but even once during the day.


    The Austell at night was so much that my bones froze.


    So I’m going to stay like this for a while and close the window.


    If Senna finds out, she will be furious.


    The corner of my lip rose at the thought of her making a fuss.


    I burst into laughter, and from somewhere, golden mana flowed out.


    When I turned my head, Asellus was there.


    Right next door, with his head sticking out the window.


    He wasn’t surprised to see me and was looking in my direction.


    I stared at him for a moment in bewilderment and slowly opened my mouth.


    “Long time no see.”




    Asellus looked at me and smiled.


    But somehow, it seemed he tried to hold back tears.


    I don’t know why he’s so sad that he won’t even come to visit me once.


    I got a bit grumpy for nothing, so I mischievously asked a question.


    “Why are you here? Is there anyone you want to see?”


    Asellus smiled faintly and nodded his head.


    “Yeah. “


    I pretended to be fine, even though the blunt reply hurt me.


    ” So you can go and see.”


    Using magic, he was able to reach the royal palace without too much difficulty.


    After learning magic, Asellus can reach the royal palace three or four days later.


    Compared to what it would take for a full week on a horse, it was a tremendous speed.


    Is there any other reason for not leaving the mansion?


    Anyway, I don’t know the truth. I looked at Asellus with a puzzled expression.


    Asellus was silent for a moment, then opened his mouth slowly.


    “Can I go there to see you?” [asking permission to go in Avril’s room.]


    The golden eyes that shone brightly even in the dark flickered for a moment.


    Why is he asking me with that face? And why are you looking for me?


    Maybe he heard from the butler that I was aware of the scandal in the capital.


    While Asellus was gone, I worked hard to gather information about what was going in the capital.


    But it was all for comparison with the original.


    There was not even the slightest thought to separate the two of them from their destiny.


    But Asellus seemed to have noticed me.


    ‘That’s good. Thou I was your wife only in paper, still, you didn’t go to see the princess for me. Even so, it’s a bit disappointing that he didn’t come to visit me.’


    But it looks like he is going to cry. Should I cut you some slack? (Idiom)


    I leaned my elbows against the window sill and rested my chin up.


    Then I looked back at Asellus and said.


    “Asher, it’s okay. I don’t care about scandals.”




    Asellus’s face hardened. It was as if I was saying something weird.


    ‘Don’t you know?’


    But he spent the whole time in the royal palace.


    Does it make sense that Asellus, the party involved, does not know about this scandal that has been rumored to the far north? [T/N- lol it is]


    I looked at Asellus with a puzzled expression. Asellus also met my gaze.


    He hardened his expression and asked in a low voice.


    “…Your scandal?” 


    For a moment, I found myself at a loss for words.


    What do you mean it’s my scandal.


    Do you still think that I have a real husband?


    ‘That’s why you didn’t even come to visit me?’


    I didn’t see it that way, but Asellus must have been a more stern type than I thought.


    ‘He’s dating someone else, but I can’t?’


    I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


    As I shut my mouth, Ashelus hardened his expression.


    As I closed my mouth, Asellus’s face darkened.


    Where did the faint eyes go? as if reflecting on the past, and the fierce gaze turned to me.


    Asellus turn his angry face and then closed the window.




    The sound of the window closing resounded as if to represent his feelings.

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