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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 48

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.



    My body was weak and powerless.


    I tried to say something, but no sound came out.


    I licked my lips and felt a bitter taste on my tongue. Even when I frowned, something kept falling through my mouth.


    The bitter liquid, which seemed like medicine, was inadvertently swallowed. Then, an exclamation like a scream erupted from the side.


    “Did Madam eat?”


    “Madam! Madam! Are you awake?”


    Someone grabbed my shoulder and shook me.


    I opened my eyes slowly and saw Reel and Senna. Their eyes were dyed red.


    “Rell? Sena. Why you guys are here……”


    I have a headache again.


    When I frowned, everyone trembled and brought me back to bed.


    My body was buried in a cozy feather bed.


    Looking at me with a bewildered expression, Sena said while wiping her tears on her sleeve.


    “Ugh! lie down properly. I’ll bring you some medicine!”


    She left the bedroom like she was running away.


    Instead, Reel came and covered the duvet to the end of my neck.

    “I’m glad you woke up. God heard our prayers.”


    “Rell? What’s going on?”


    When I asked, Rell shook her head.


    She wiped the tears running down her cheeks with her wrinkled hands and spoke in a sullen voice.


    “…You woke up ten days after you collapsed. “


    Ten days? Does she mean I’ve been lying in bed for so long?


    That’s why my body ached.


    ‘But why did I suddenly pass out?’


    I tried to remember it step by step, but I couldn’t remember it well.


    Rather, I was thirsty, and my throat felt like it’s burning. So I said in a slow voice to Rell.


    “Rell, would you like to give me a glass of water?”


    “Yes. I’ll bring you some soup too.”


    She hurriedly handed me a glass of water and went outside.


    As they left, another maid came in and watched over me.


    I blinked and looked around.


    It was the same as usual.


    It seemed that nothing had changed except for the fact that they had worked hard to manage the fireplace, and the room was warm enough to sweat.


    But seeing that the expressions of the people who were guarding me were all stiff, I guess my condition was not good.


    ‘Why did I suddenly faint?’


    I carefully tried to remember.


    Before long, I remembered that Asellus had misunderstood that I had a real husband.


    The mana that filled the room. Now I could quickly guess why I fainted.


    ‘It’s because of Asellus’s mana.’


    It was clear that I had lost consciousness as his power overflowed.


    Even so, it was a bit surprising.


    Up until now, I was feeling uncomfortable, but this time I fainted.


    It had been like this for ten days.


    ‘I am not feeling well.’


    I tried stretching lightly.


    I was stretching my body because I had been lying down for a long time, but there was no significant discomfort. The headache gradually subsided.


    This time, I got out of bed and walked lightly. My toes touched the soft carpet.


    I walked step by step, being careful not to fall.


    It’s been so long. Still, I didn’t feel any problems except that my legs wobbled for a while.


    “Are you okay?”


    Nodding, I relaxed my body lightly.


    I turned my head up and down and left and right and stretched my arms.


    I loosened my stiff knees and sat down a couple of times before getting up.


    Then, I sweated lightly, and heat circulated through my body. No matter how I looked at it, my body was perfectly normal.


    “It must have been because of Ascelus.”


    I was feeling hungry.


    I sat down on the bed, waiting for the meal Rell would bring.


    Just in time, Rell came back with a meal.


    Senna was standing next to me, sniffing.


    They both got up and opened their mouths when they saw me sitting on the bed.


    “Madam! Lay down and rest.”


    “Otherwise you will faint again!”


    I waved my hand as I watched the people making a fuss.


    “I’m so hungry. You can’t eat soup lying down, can you?”


    There were a few tears in Sena’s eyes. She lowered her gaze to the floor and said in a playful voice.


    “Madam you are still the same.”


    “So, you don’t like me now?”


    “No, it’s not like that.”


    Senna shook her head hastily.


    Instead of answering, I reached forward.


    The vial she was holding was about to fall to the floor.


    “Sena, You’ll drop it.”


    Reel quickly took the vial and said in a playful voice.


    “Even if I’ve grown, I’m more useful than the younger ones, right?”


    Her question filled the room with laughter.


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