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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 47

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Asellus seemed to have shocked Avril by saying unnecessary things.


    When Avril showed a distasteful expression, he should have left without any regrets, but it was his own fault for not doing so.


    Otherwise, this situation would not have happened.


    Because Avril was such a healthy person that she never caught any disease other than the common cold.


    Besides, she was more sincere and cautious about her health than anyone else.


    She even recommended a medicinal ingredient that can be eaten using some ingredients.


    When the north wind blew strong and the day was dry, he nagged the servants that the room should be moistened.


    [Asher, I brought some wet towels. Hanging it around will help prevent a cold.


    At first, I thought Avril was doing something strange.


    Because no one in the kingdom lay a wet towel on a dry day.


    But the effect was clear.


    After Avril hung the towel, the uncomfortable dryness feeling he felt in the morning disappeared.


    He instructs this to a maid for that, and it was the same thing.


    Avril just laughed, saying it was something she could do with her own hands.


    So, from then, whenever the north wind blew, Asellus had to wait for Avril.


    Expecting her to bring another basket full of towels.]


    Asellus’s hands trembled as he remembered the past. He lowered his head.


    “It’s all because of me–“


    Avril has definitely changed. In the best way than anyone else.


    Literally, to be proper madam for Austell, she did her best.


    So He got greedy and became more distraught and vowed to approach her proudly.


    But Avril had already lost her mind.


    I’ve kept you waiting for too long.’


    Either she is tired of me or she doesn’t like me anymore. it will be one of the two.


    Asellus turned his gaze and looked at Avril’s desk.


    On a stylish mahogany desk, a page of a notebook with a world map on it was spread out.



    T/N: Mahogany desk


    Under the desk, in an inconspicuous, dimly lit place, there was also a bag that looked like she had been packed for carrying.


    It was proof that Avril wanted to leave.


    But Asellus didn’t want to let Avril go because of his selfish desire.


    Asellus’s eyes turned to Avril.


    He gently wiped Avril’s face.


    Looking at her bright pink hair with a small face full of concave features, she quickly disappeared from the heart of letting go of her.


    Asellus clasped Avril’s hand tightly.


    Then he hardened his brow at the familiar presence that he suddenly felt.


    It was Islet.


    Asselus fixed his gaze on Avril and spoke to the uninvited guest.


    “What are you doing here.”


    Islitt leaned against the wall in an ominously black robe.


    It was an attitude that did not even have the least courtesy towards the sick.


    Asselus furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure.


    But Islet didn’t care.


    His lips twisted upward.


    “Will she wake up if you stay like that?”


    “If you’re going to talk nonsense, go away.”


    The reason Asellus endured Islit for so long was simply because of Avril.


    She wished for Asellus to awaken his magical power and save the kingdom.


    So he co turn into a blind eye to Islet’s sarcasm and over-the-top pranks.


    But now He can’t act as usual.


    Asellus’s eyes gleamed coldly.


    “…Or do you intend to fight me with all your might?”


    Islet is obviously strong. But most of his power was sealed.


    It wasn’t impossible to win a fight.


    Suddenly, a story that had been forgotten came to Asellus’s mind.


    It was the first time when he met Islet.


    “She’ll end up dead if you like her.”


    At that time, He was only got angry because Islet talked about Avril’s death. 


    ‘What if he intends to fulfil those words with his own hands?’


    Asellus, who had reached that point, jumped up from his seat.


    “…Is that you?”


    It was an incurable disease that even the doctors couldn’t figure out, but it was possible for this man in front of him.


    As Asellus was furious, Islet shrugged his shoulders.


    He exclaimed happily as he glanced at the livable magic that filled the room.


    “No. I didn’t do anything. I have made a promise with her.”




    Asellus asked with his eyes what he meant.


    But Islet said something else.


    “Just stay away from her bedroom for a week. Then she’ll open my eyes somehow.”


    After those remarks, Islet disappeared.


    Asselus’ expression hardened as he watched the black mana that was unfathomably flowing.


    Islet was an incredible man.


    He cursed and hated the Austell estate.


    He publicly said that he wanted Asellus to be unhappy.


    But he never told a lie.


    As if it could be an unwritten rule.


    He kept his mouth shut if there was anything difficult to say.


    Asellus remembered words that came out of Islet’s mouth.


    Asellus, let go of Avril’s hand.


    Avril’s thin, dry hands fell on the mattress.


    It was a powerless movement, like a doll.


    Asellus looked at Avril for a moment, then tightly closed his eyes.


    When he opened his eyes, Asellus’ gaze was directed straight ahead. He just stared at the door and walked.


    As the door opened and closed, Avril’s eyelids trembled lightly.



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