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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 46

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

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    T/N³: Hoho! Below there will be an explosion.

    He smiled as if to say it comfortably. 


    He even showed his relaxed body leaning forward against a chair.


    But the gaze that captivated me still insisted on an answer.


    As I was silent, Asellus said the following words.


    “I don’t intend to rush.”


    I nodded, saying It’s okay.


    ‘Then why did you suddenly have such a thought?’


    I just opened my mouth at the thought that came to my mind.


    “Why did you suddenly bring up the story of the child?”


    Asellus said without avoiding his gaze.


    “… we must be prepared for our future successors.”

    “Is that the only reason?”


    “For now.”


    What he was saying wasn’t wrong.


    I nodded at his reply.


    But if it was a succession issue, it had nothing to do with me.


    There was no way the king could let go of the goose which lays the golden egg that the king suddenly caught.


    He will continue to search for Asellus, and Asellus will be taken to the royal palace in the future.


    ‘Then he will meet the princess and fall in love!’


    I’ve even reminded you not to mind, so you’ll do well on your own.


    I waited until then, and it was enough to hand over my seat to the princess.


    I couldn’t tell you about this future, so I needed a reasonable excuse.


    After a moment of contemplation, I came up with a plausible excuse.


    “Asher, I really hate children.”


    “And I like being friends with you. We might change our minds. So let’s take it slow.”

    Asellus nodded his head reluctantly.




    Asellus returned to the mansion but was called to the royal palace despite he was not being interested.


    Even if he refused, knights came from the palace and urged him.


    He just returned to the mansion earlier than the original, but I thought the time spent in the royal palace would be similar to the original.


    Come to think of it. It was summer when Asellus and the princess started dating properly.


    ‘It’s going to be summer soon. Then he will meet the princess.’


    I will be able to put my mind at ease again.


    Everything seemed to go back to normal.


    As time went by, the days of Asellus’s stay at the palace grew longer.


    Carefully gathering the news, it seemed that he had also met the princess of Latella.


    In the capital, it was said that there was a scandal between Asellus and the princess.


    It was also publicly circulated that I was going to get a divorce soon.


    It’s been a month since he’s been away from home.

    The workers of the mansion encouraged me not to be upset, but I was rather calm.


    ‘I have to plan my own life from now on.’


    I survived. I drank the medicine and went for a walk with Asellus occasionally because it was hard to stay near Asellus with my mana resistance.


    Except for the occasional stomach bloating when with Asellus, I was in good health with no pain anywhere.


    I opened my notebook after a long time.


    A vast world map was placed next to it.


    First of all, I was planning to visit the Temple of Heaven, Earth, and Wind.


    There are no clues to return to the original world yet, so I have to gather information by listening to the temple’s hearing first.


    So, looking at the map for a while, I started marking dots from the nearest Austell.


    As I took it step by step, I also touched the Lobtree.


    Avril’s parents would want to see me, so I thought it was a good thing.


    ‘After getting some rest, I’ll start again.’


    In the future, the kingdom will increase the power of magic even more, so I planned to leave the kingdom after visiting the kingdom’s temple.


    I was in the middle of writing down my travel route in my notebook.


    “…what happened?”


    Suddenly it was noisy outside.


    Has Asellus finally returned?


    This outing was long, and there was a scandal in the capital.


    It was from the time when the princess and Asellus started dating that the scandalous rumors appeared in the novel.


    So this time, the princess must really be beside him.


    After I made up my mind, I stood up and went to his room.


    However, there was still no one by his side when he returned with a tired look.


    It’s definitely summer, and there’s been a scandal in the capital.


    All the circumstances indicated that he had started dating the princess.


    ‘But why Asellus alone?’


    I couldn’t hold back my curiosity.


    I asked the Asellus straightforwardly.


    “Asher, where is your princess gone, and why are you alone?”


    Asellus replied with a bright smile.


    “My princess is here.”


    What kind of treason is this? [T/N- you can’t casually be called anyone princess]


    I raised my voice in embarrassment.


    “No! The real wife you’re going to marry.”


    At my words, Asellus’s expression hardened for an instant.


    He stares at me with terrifying eyes, then puts off his clothes slowly.


    “…so I’m a fake husband?”


    “No. It’s not like that…”


    I involuntarily averted my gaze.


    Then Asellus hurried over and hugged me from behind.


    Unlike before, I was shaken by a hasty touch.


    Asellus supported me so I wouldn’t fall.


    With his left hand around my arm and his right hand around my waist.


    His hands were so big that my body was cramped.


    I took a quick breath.


    Asellus’s hand crossed my waistline and stopped near my navel.


    The slender fingertips were tenacious in the movement of stroking my stomach up and down while I was inhaling more air.


    He took a deep breath as if contemplating, then said.


    “I wanted to come back as soon as possible, so I stayed up all night to fulfill all the king’s demands, but did you have a real husband while I was away?”


    It seemed like something was clearly misunderstood.


    However, without any explanation, Asellus made his own conclusions.


    “So that’s why you said you didn’t want to have children?”


    Contrary to his friendly tone, the hand that caressed my stomach was stiff.


    I was not feeling pain, but it was suffocating.


    Asellus embraced me as if he would not allow me to break even the slightest gap.


    I hurriedly grabbed his hand but to no avail.

    Asellus also grabbed my hand with his left hand.


    I was feeling besieged. Not knowing what to do, I twisted my body, but Ashelus held me tighter.


    A soft voice came out of his mouth.


    “Stay still.”


    “Come on, wait, it’s a misunderstanding.”


    “It does not matter if it’s a misunderstanding.”


    What do you mean it doesn’t matter?


    I looked up at him in embarrassment.


    However, no matter how much I moved my neck, Asellus’s face could not be seen as if he did not move a bit.


    ‘It’s an awkward position.’


    My stomach was wailing in response to Asellus’s mana.


     Goosebumps rose to the tip of my neck, and I took a slow breath.


    Fortunately, he didn’t release any more mana here.


    As if holding me and regaining stability.

    Thanks to this, my stomach that felt like burning slowly calmed down to the extent of bloating.


    It was only when my stomach became more comfortable that I realized that this position was shameful. [T/N- But you guys are not doing anything shameful though.]


    Asellus apparently hugged me from behind, but it felt as if a wall blocked me.


    His hands and body completely surround me.


    I can feel the flowing breath, the heartbeat, the rising and falling of the chest, and the warm body temperature.


    As the breath of Asellus touched the nape of my neck, I twisted my body as goosebumps rose, then a calm voice came from above.


    “Come to think of it, you and I have married anyway.”


    “….Is not it?”


    “I doesn’t feel it’s real, but people call me a hero… …and whoever my opponent is, they think I’ll not lose.”


    As I slowly nodded my head, a satisfying laugh was heard.


    “Okay then.”


    Asellus grabbed my hand and kissed the back of my hand.


    It was a pious gesture as if kissing a god.

    He embraced me precisely as if he were handling a very fragile glass.


    At that moment, in response to his emotions, the golden mana flowed in all directions.


    Asellus’ magical crystals were smaller than cherry blossoms on a spring day, but they twinkled like stars in the night sky.


    It looked exactly like an ice crystal.


    Unlike the cold snow that falls on Austell, the golden ice crystal will break the curse.


    And there is only one person who can break the curse, the Princess of Latella.


    ‘If I disappear, everyone will be happy——-‘


    My head was dizzy. Even in the midst of this, if I see that I am thinking of Princess Latella, I am not the person to be here.


    Not knowing my condition, Ascelus whispered in a dream-soaked voice.


    “Brill, I want you…….”


    But I couldn’t hear anything after that.


    Asellus’s voice faded away.


    I only saw bright golden eyes, and then my body lost strength.



    I couldn’t hear or feel anything anymore.


    Chapter 6 The Unspoken Secret


    It has been three days since Avril fainted.


    At the same time, the estate of Austell was engulfed in sorrow.


    Over the course of three days, more than 30 doctors visited, but no one could find out Avril’s disease.


    It was still the same today.


    The doctor, who was said to be one of the most talented in the country, looked at Avril and shook his head.


    “I’m sorry. I don’t know.”


    It was repeated dozens of times.


    Even if they offered a thousand gold, the doctors only shook their heads.


    There were always excuses.


    “All body functions are normal. Why can’t she open her eyes?”


    It was obvious even he didn’t listen.


    Asellus didn’t want to hear the same words and go through the same setbacks over and over again.


    Cautiously clasping Avril’s weak hand, he said to the doctor.


    “Get out of here.”


    “Yes! Yes.”


    The bedroom door closed, and the surroundings became silent again. Only the sound of a burning fireplace awakened the silence.


    In case Avril was sleeping, the room was warm enough to sweat.


    But Avril slept quietly without dropping a sweat.


    There was not even the slightest movement, such as tossing and turning or opening the eyelids.


    So Asellus couldn’t let Avril go.


    It was only relief to feel the small pulse beating on her wrist.


    Avril’s body was pale, and as if the entire blood was out from her body.


    He was not even sure if she could wake up.


    The world said that Asellus was the hero who saved the kingdom, but he couldn’t even wake up his wife.


    Asellus whispered while looking at Avril, who was sleeping peacefully like a doll.


    “…I’m sorry, Brill.”


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