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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 44

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    “Brill, are you okay?”


    “…just, I don’t feel very well.”


    “Are you sick? Let me look.”


    I said yes and waved my hand.


    Then Asellus stopped, and his expression hardened.


    His eyes, which had been fresh like a flower that had just bloomed, were permeated with sadness.


    He was disappointed, but why my heart pounded.


    I couldn’t figure out why, whether it was because I had entered Avril’s body or because I had a lot of affection for Asellus.


    “I ate a lot before you came. If I had known beforehand, we would have eaten together. Are you feeling hungry? Do you want something to eat?”


    Asellus’s complexion brightened slowly.

    He still doesn’t feel good, but he looks like he’s smiling.


    “I am not hungry.”


    “Don’t lie. You’ve been riding all day when you have got time to eat?”


    “I’ll ask the knights.”


    At that moment, a proper smile formed on Asellus’s lips.


    “That’s right. I haven’t eaten anything. But I’m not hungry at all.”


    The sun had already risen in the middle of the sky.


    Asellus could have been riding a horse since dawn, but it didn’t make sense to say that he wasn’t hungry at all.


    I said with a sullen face.


    “Then eat even if you’re not hungry.”


    I immediately walked out of the bedroom.


    I was thinking of taking a fresh air as well as taking Asellus’s meal.


    Then Asellus reached out and grabbed my arm.


    It wasn’t as strong as before.


    It just seemed like he wanted to dissuade me.


    “Brill, you’re sick. You need to rest.”


    “I ate a lot. I have to move to digest it.”


    At the confident words, Asellus laughed out loud.


    “Do you like cooking that much?”


    I nodded without hesitation.


    I loved to cook.


    At first, no one gave me anything to eat, so I started cooking.


    What started just to make a living became a hobby.


    When someone eats what I make and feels happy, my heart warms.


    I acquired a lot of that happiness from this.


    It was thanks to everyone praising even the insignificant things.


    ‘Besides, now I can use groceries as much as I want.’


    Thanks to Acellus, Austell’s food storage area has finally been enriched.


    Before I left, I thought I would cook a lot of the dishes I wanted to cook.


    I said in a firm tone to Asellus.


    “Don’t interfere with my hobbies, Asher. I must feed you my food.”


    At that time, Asellus burst into laughter.


    He nodded knowingly.


    “Alright. But don’t overdo it.”


    “You worry too much.”


    I proudly went down to the kitchen.


    But I am getting kicked out like a sore thumb.




    “No! No way today!”


    On a day like today, everyone asking me why the madam came into the kitchen and stopped me.


    I gritted my teeth.


    I was going to cook for Asellus, who had returned after a half-year absence, but the entrance was blocked.


    ‘What kind of rule is this?’


    There’s not much time left until I break up with Asellus.


    It means the time is short to feed him my food to his heart’s content.


    I sighed while thinking of haeshintang (seafood boiled with chicken) and braised pork ribs that I would make when the Asellus came back.

                                                      Pic of haeshintang and braised pork ribs.


    Then the head chef spoke with a rare stern attitude.


    “I am well aware of your love for cooking. But not today. If there is something you want to eat, please write down the recipe.”


    Behind him, twelve cooks and twenty kitchen staff of the mansion looked around.


    It was as if they knew I was coming and prepared in advance.


    There were also Butler and Rell.


    Rell and the butler came forward and comforted me like a child.


    “No, madam. Go back.”


    “On a day like this, the two of you should spend time alone.”


    The people standing behind also nodded their heads as if it was natural.


    The door to the kitchen was hidden from view.


    I was forced to nod my head at the thorough protection.




    So I tumbled out of the kitchen.


    Then Sena blocked me as if she had waited.


    Behind her were several maids.


    Their faces were full of determination.


    ‘What else are you going to say?’


    As I slowly became anxious, Senna spoke on behalf of others.


    “Madam! I’ll dress you up. Just trust us.”


    She took me to the bedroom without asking me.


    When the five maids clung to each other, they have pushed away without stopping.


    It was a dressing room when I came to my senses.


    “Come on, sit down, madam.”


    I sat in front of the dressing table. Sena stood behind me and started combing my hair.


    The maids were blushing.


    They seemed very excited about the return of Asellus.


    “The sea monster is gone, and Asellus returned alive, so it’s a happy occasion.”


    But is it necessary to do this?


    Standing in the center of the commotion was just embarrassing for me.


    I was dazed, so Sena hurriedly asked.


    “Oh, madam. How should I style your hair? Please tell me everything you want.”


    “Um, just let do some simple hair style?”


    “Yes, I will make you the most beautiful in the world!”


    It looked like she had a filter in her ear.


    The same was true of other maids.


    ‘It seems that my authority has fallen to the ground.’


    But the shoulder massage that Sena started felt so good.


    I put myself in the hands of the maids like a cat in the goalpost. [T/N- Korean Idiom]


    There was nothing to do anyway, so it was good.


    This might be the last massage, so I am going to enjoy it to the fullest.

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