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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 43

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    T/N: Thank you Elya and somebody for providing me with a ko-fi.

    Asellus took two more steps forward and hugged me tightly.


    “I missed you so much.”


    There was an intense smell in the air.


    Unlike the smell of chrysanthemums or cold snow, which I always smell from Asellus when he visits his parents’ graveyard, it was a strong scent that weighed heavily on my chest.


    He hugged me vigorously and whispered.


    “I just thought of you. I missed you so much that I thought I was going crazy. But Brill, weren’t you?”


    I shook my head at the question that seemed to be longing for an answer.


    There was one thing I also wanted to see, Asellus.


    “Of course. I was worried if you might get hurt.”


    “Really? Were you worried about me?”


    “Well then, we’re friends.”


    At that moment, Asellus’s expression hardened.


    He loosened his grip on me and then burst into a peal of laughter.


    “That’s right, my friend.”[T/N- serves you right]


    The atmosphere is strange.


    Besides— ‘What’s wrong with my body?’


    Initially, my body used to stiffen when I came into contact with Asellus.


    It was common for Avril’s body to talk nonsense.


    But now, it didn’t matter.


    Confused, I involuntarily raised my head.


    When I raised my head, the first thing I noticed was his jawline, which was thicker than before he left.


    Only half a year ago, his height was still in my range.


    To examine his expression, I had to step back or lift my head.


    As I lifted my head, Asellus’s red lips rose slenderly.


    “Brill, stay still.”


    As soon as he finished speaking, his body swayed like a swing.


    He lifted me, and I wrapped my arms around Ashelus’s neck in fear.


     I opened my eyes wide in surprise and rebuked Ascelus.


    “Hey, don’t do this all of a sudden. You scared me.”


    Then he kissed me on the forehead and whispered.


    “I want to see your face.”


    I tried to retort, but when I saw his face, I shut my mouth.


    He was staring intently at me.


    My hands were wrapped around his neck, so his bare skin touched.


    I thought it was okay for a while, but again.


    I was on the verge of falling in love with him now. My heart was beating like crazy.


    ‘Nonsense. Calm down, Brill. Are you going to repeat something strange?’


    I counted from 1 to 10 in my mind.


    Then a light laugh erupted from above.


    I asked softly.


    “Why are you laughing?”


    “Your face is red.”


    The straightforward remark made me cry.


    My heartbeat intensifies, and my face grows brighter red.


    I could see how Asellus thought of me.


    I tried not to make eye contact with him and tapped Asellus’s arm.


    “Don’t tease and drop me.”


    But Asellus was adamant.


    “No, I don’t want to.”


    “I’m heavy. Drop me off quickly.”


    “You are not heavy at all. We could be like this for a few days.”


    Why is he suddenly becoming so obstinate?


    Around the time I had a strange thought, Asellus asked me.


    “You don’t want me to hold you like this? Are you uncomfortable?”


    “It’s not that–“


    “Then what’s the matter. We’re a ‘couple.’”


    The word ‘couple’ was strangely powerful.


    I immediately contradicted what he said.


    “Friends like a couple.” [Friends behaving/acting like a couple.]


    “A couple like friends.” [couples who are like friends. ]


    I didn’t know if it would be better to answer the knife-like words, so I just muttered.


    Then Asellus asked, leaning his face on my shoulder.


    “It’s so nice to be like this.”


    The words seemed to have other meanings, so I couldn’t continue to speak.


    If it weren’t for this body that would fall in love with him if it touched him, I would have patted his head for saying he did well.


    ‘I’m glad I didn’t say nonsense, though.’ 


    I can control this body better than before.


    With a soft sigh, Ascelus muttered, “It’s still there,” and walked away.


    It was in front of the closet.


    He looked at the doll placed on the cabinet and put it in my arms.


    I just blinked as I picked up the doll.


    There was a joyful voice above my head.


    “Nice to see.”




    “You’re holding the doll. It’s like we have a child between us.” [T/N- So smooth]


    My whole body is pounding at his words.


    I lost strength in my hands, and without realizing it, I dropped the doll.




    The doll fell to the floor and rolled over the carpet.


    Asellus’ body, which had been exuding a happy feeling at the same time, stiffened.






    There was a heavy silence. I felt heartburn and pain together.


    I hastily patted him on the arm and said.


    “Asher, drop me off.”


    He dropped me off on the floor without saying a word.


    Then he bent over and picked up the doll and put it back on the cabinet.


    Meanwhile, I went to the other side of the bedroom to calm myself down for a while.


    It was only for a moment. Fortunately, my stomach calmed down quickly.


    I rested my head on the bedpost.


    Thanks to the cold stone pillars, I felt relieved quickly.


    As soon as my stomach calmed down a bit, my head started to roll.


    In my chaotic mind, I remembered what Asellus had said a while ago.


    ‘You’re holding a doll. I think we have a child between us.’




    It seems that he was pretty surprised by that.


    Was it engraved into his unconscious mind the whole time when he was thinking about a child?


    ‘Asellus would have said it without much thought.’


    A low breath escaped from my mouth.


    It all went well as the original story, but the princess she should be is nowhere to be seen, and Asellus seems to have become more sensitive when he talks about child.


    I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.


    Asellus came to me. 


    The calmed stomach became bloated again.


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