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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 42

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    The news about Asellus kept coming.


    From the time he arrived at the kingdom to defeating sea monsters, everything became a topic of discussion.


    News piled up one by one.


    I wrote down all the news I heard in a newspaper and compared it with the original.


    All of them fit the story of the novel.


    My survival didn’t seem to affect the original.


    I was fortunate.


    ‘Is the only thing left to do is to attend the banquet invited by the king and meet the princess?’


    The announcement was just around the corner. I became excited just thinking about it.


    I slowly prepared to vacate the mansion.


    I put some jewelry and a few comfortable clothes in a small suitcase.


    It was a type of suitcase that is easy to get around many places.


    ‘I guess that’s enough.’


    The Locked suitcase is full of travel luggage.


    Then I looked around carefully to see if I had missed anything.


    Then, a doll placed on the decorative cabinet caught my attention.


    “Asellus doll.”


    I couldn’t afford to throw it away, so it was on display.


    Nine years had passed, but the doll was still clean because I hadn’t hugged it anymore.


    I looked at the doll for a moment.


    It was simple, but it was well-made, and when I saw the doll, I instantly thought of Asellus.


    Eyebrows that wiggle as though they’re alive now, lips that get quiet when given food, and glittering hair.


    Thinking about it that way made me a little sad.


    “I guess I’ve grown attached to you.”


    After all, eight years is not a short time.


    I shook my head and looked out from the window.


    The sky was apparent and blue. It was good weather to leave.


    Then I heard loud footsteps in the hallway.


    Before I could even ask what was going on, the door opened wide.


    It was Senna. She exhaled and shouted.


    “Madam! Madam!”


    “What’s wrong?”


    “Oh my God, madam!”


    Rarely has Senna been so excited.


    I was nervous that something terrible had happened, but unexpected words came out of Sena’s mouth.


    “Lo, the Lord is coming!”


    I shook my head at her words.


    ‘That’s ridiculous.’


    It was not yet the time for Asellus to return.


    I shook my hand, saying she was mistaken.


    Then Sena shouted, stomping her feet as if it was unfair.


    “Because it’s real! Look out, look out!”




    Approached the window. Senna said, pointing to the plain facing the Yachtria Mountains in the distance.


    “Look, it’s real, isn’t it?”




    I nodded at her words.


    My gaze was directed towards Asellus and the others, who were running at full speed.

    [T/N- so Avril got monstrous gaze ]


    He was running on horseback with the knights.




    The horse’s dazzling blonde hair that Princess Latella was proud of was nowhere to be seen.


    It was the same when I rubbed my eyes.


    No one in the group wore a skirt, let alone the horse with platinum blonde hair that was said to be as beautiful as a jewel that sparkles in the sunlight.


    “No way—-“


    Denying reality, I continued to stare at the group.


    Finally, the group entered the mansion.


    The first one to cross the mansion’s gate was Asellus.


    As he calmed his excited words, he felt my gaze and raised his head to meet my gaze.


    He smiled broadly like a sunflower. After that, the knights quickly entered the mansion’s garden.


    But no matter how much I looked around, the princess was nowhere to be seen.


    There was a curious question that came out of my mouth.


    “…Where’s the princess?”


    For some reason, the princess, the original heroine, was nowhere to be seen.


    After a brief moment of embarrassment, a calm voice emerged from underneath the window.




    Asellus pronounced my name with great force.


    I slowly lowered my gaze at his voice.


    Asellus was peering up at me from right under the window.


    A pair of bright golden eyes stared at me without blinking.


    He was smiling, but his eyes were fiercely hardened.


    I swallowed my saliva and laughed hard.


    “…….You are finally here?”


    “…Finally here? Brill, it’s been half a year since I’ve been gone. But why aren’t you welcoming me?”


    Asellus leaped into the air at once and entered the bedroom.


    In all directions, his golden magic flowed with twinkling lights.


    My stomach became bloated. 


    I was suffocated when Acelus stood in front of me, perhaps because I had become stronger.


    I took a step back involuntarily.


    But Asellus took two more steps forward and hugged me tightly.

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