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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 41

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.





    Asellus finished his preparations and left the estate.


    I heard that they stopped in the capital, joined the elite army, and went to the East Sea after simple joint training.


    As it became known that Asellus was going to use mana, interest arose from here and there.


    Thanks to this, the quiet Austell estate became noisy, and that was until today.


    I stayed there until the black horse he was riding disappeared and became small like a dot before returning to the mansion.


    Islet looked down at me as he stood sternly at the entrance of the mansion.


    “How do you feel?”


    “I am not worried. Asellus will be back soon.”


    “You have a firm belief.”


    Islet said sarcastically.


    His bad manner of talking was nothing he had ever been through over the past two years.


    As I was about to enter the mansion without answering, Islet grabbed my arm.


    “Stay there. I’m not done.”


    I stood still and looked up at him.


    As if there is something you want to say, do it.


    Then Islit grunted and let go of my arm.


    “You’re so strange. You’re like an old man who’s living in the world.”


    “Is that all you have to say?”


    “No, there’s more… What’s with that?”


    At Islet’s question, I lowered my gaze.


    Golden magic was overflowing from the bracelet Ascelus had put on.


    It was the magic of Asellus.


    Warm and strong power.


    ‘That’s why he called it a protection device.’


    Oh, what would have happened if I didn’t like Islet?


    Taking a deep breath, Islit clicked his tongue.


    “It’s poison to you. He doesn’t seem to know.”


    “Wouldn’t this be okay?”


    “Don’t know but you are  not going to die right now.”


    That’s enough.


    As I nodded carelessly, Islet burst into laughter.


    “You’re very interested in his(Asellus’s) health, but he’s indifferent to your body.” 


    “If you leave here anyway, you will be in good health.”


    It was the words I used to tell Islet every day.


    Then he would sarcastic, saying, “Before that, you will die by my hands.”


    But today, for some reason, he said.


    “He knows that you only want to leave.”


    “I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.”


    After all, Asellus, who returned after clearing the monster, wouldn’t be interested in me.


    So far, everything has flowed as the novel unfolded.


    The only thing wrong was that I survived.


    It would have been the same this time.


    ‘Even in the original work, Asellus and the princess fell in love at first sight.’


    All I had to do was keep this mansion well until Asellus returned.


    A cold laugh was heard from behind.


    ” both of you are idiots. I like it because it’s fun.” [T/N-agree]


    What’s fun? I asked in an angry voice.


    “So when are you planning to go back?”


    “I’ve taught him everything, so why you’re kicking me out.”


    Islet twitched his lips.


    He said he didn’t like humans and hadn’t even stepped out of the mansion these days.


    I heard that Islit was also cursed for the crime of cursing Austell and his life, so he lost much of his power and was tied to the Austell estate.


    So Islit lived through hardship to the point of coming down to the village in search of food.


    But at the mansion, he seemed comfortable bringing everything to eat and wear.


    If so–Is there a possibility?


    [‘Even if you avoid death, I will kill you. Only then will my curse be lifted.’]


    The meaningful words of Islet.


    ‘Even now, you say you’re going to kill me, but as the original story, if the princess lifts the curse of Islit, he’ll change my mind.’


    I decided to make a bet with Islet.


    “Islet, if someone who can break your curse appears, will you spare my life?”


    Islet snorted and replied.


    “There is no such person, kid.”


    “What if there is?”


    “Even if it doesn’t exist. Even if the person appears, you’ll be dead after all.”


    He was tough. He didn’t even believe what I said.


    However, there was room for negotiations considering that he did not leave his seat, saying, “Don’t talk nonsense.”


    I took a step closer to him and asked.


    “What if, before I die, someone appears who can lift your curse?”


    In response to the serious question, Islit jumped off the wall.


    A murmur came from his mouth.


    He looked like he had a lot to say, but he nodded.


    That’s it. There’s really not much time left.


    I went back to my bedroom, counting the days when Asellus would return.


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