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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 40

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    “That’s fine.”




    “Don’t worry, Brill. Not only us but also other estates have improved. There haven’t been any major earthquakes lately.”


    At his words, I nodded.


    It was true that the movement of the sea monster became strangely dull after Islet appeared.


    Thanks to this, it was possible to catch seafood and harvest grains.


    ‘Well, now the monster will die, so there is no need to stock up on food.’


    I was living with the waist strap tightened in case of an unexpected situation, but it felt like now I could breathe.


    I nodded my head and answered.


    “Yeah. After dinner, let’s eat cake together here.”




    But somehow, Asellus’s expression darkened.


    Confused, I looked at him silently.


    I don’t Asellus had a lot to say, so his lips were opening over and over again.


    I asked impatiently.


    “What’s wrong?”


    “…It’s nothing, Brill. Lets go.”


    He set fire to the air. Lights twinkling like stars in the night sky lit up the area around the fire.


    In an instant, my body warmed up, and my stomach became bloated again. Meanwhile, the maids came with the cake.


    “Congratulations, both of you!”


    Among them, there was Sena.


    I glanced at her lightly, asking why didn’t she remind me about this important day.


    But Sena just smiled awkwardly.


    ‘Is she hiding something from me?’


    While puzzled, a huge cake in the shape of a pink flower appeared.


    Flowers on top of the cake light up in seconds and set off congratulatory cannons.


    A series of celebratory processes have ended.


    But no one touched the cake.


    It was then that Asellus spoke the words he had been holding back the whole time.


    “Brill, the truth is… I think I’ll be leaving soon to kill the monster.”


    Yes, the time has already come.


    ‘Now it’s time to say goodbye.’


    In the original story, Avril died two years ago, when he turned 21.


    Unlike the original, I survived and soon to be twenty-three.


    ‘thank God.’


    I Nodded, turning a blind eye to the thought that came to mind.


    “Are you leaving already? As expected, you’re learning quickly.”


    “I’ll be back right away.”


    “You have to.”


    There was no doubt that Ascelus would win the war against the sea monsters.


    I said to Ascelus, making eye contact.


    Have a safe trip! and be careful!”


    “Of course.”


    Acellus nodded meekly.


    But for some reason, he grabbed my wrist and didn’t let go.


    When I looked at why I saw a bracelet on my wrist.


    It was as thin as a thread, but it was shiny and light as a dandelion seed.


    “What is this?”


    When I asked while raising my hand, Asellus laughed.


    “Protection device.”


    “Protection device?”


    “…Islet said he couldn’t leave Austell.”


    It was then that I understood Ascelus’ words.


    Maybe Asellus was afraid I’d get hit by Islet while he was gone.


    However, despite his worries, Islet had gone dark.


    I couldn’t tell if he liked the southern vegetables I was giving him or if he had become more fleshy because he got along with humans.


    ‘Sometimes I get annoyed.’


    He seemed to be satisfied with the life of teaching Asellus in his heart.


    Except that he often takes an interest in my health.


    ‘Because he knows I have mana resistance.’


    He looked at me, wondering how I was going to die.


    But I knew I was going to survive.


    I was thinking of leaving Latella and wandering the countries beyond Mount Yachtria to find a way to return to my original world.


    “I’ll have to get a divorce before that.” [T/N- good luck with that]


    When it’s over, I’m free.

    As I was drawing the not-too-distant future, I heard a firm voice next to me.


    “Remember, Brill. All men are wolves.” [T/N- Then who are you?]


    That sounds like what any dad would say to his daughter.


    I asked, looking at Asellus half-heartedly.


    “You’re a man too.”


    “We are friends.”


    That’s right.


    I nodded. Then, muffled words flowed out of Asellus’s mouth.


    “I’m a bit like a mother.”


    “What? I did my best to take care of you.”


    “I’m kidding, Brill.”


    Fortunately, Asellus’s face, which had been dark all along, brightened up a little.


    I also laughed along with him. For two years, we have become close friends.


    There wasn’t anything between us that felt like a pair of lovers.


    ‘Even if there was, it would be different if Asellus met the princess.’


    it’s such a fate


    It was clear that the princess with excellent mana affinity would get along perfectly with Asellus.


    Everyone will bless them.


    I’ll be the only obstacle. So, before I became a hindrance, I was thinking of getting a divorce.


    ‘It is also the way I will survive.’


    I survived because I was friends with him.


    Besides, the world was running smoothly according to the original.


    There was no place for me to intervene.


    At the same time, rumors circulated that the royal palace was given to Princess Latella, who lived in the capital as an illegitimate child.


    Seeing that the sea monster is extremely calm even when it was raging, the original female lead must have possessed the princess.


    ‘Because the king paid attention to the princess only after the original female lead appeared.’


    Everything fits together exquisitely like a wheel.


    I slowly put the face of Asellus, which might be the last, into my eyes, then whispered to him.


    “Good luck.”


    For some reason, Asellus’s eyes changed as if they were about to cry.

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