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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 39 Part 2

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


     While I was going towards the hallway, Asellus quietly pulled my sleeve.


    He caught my attention and asked in a soft voice.


    “Brill, do you know what day it is?”




    I quickly shook my head.


    But it wasn’t Asellus’s parents’ anniversary, nor was it his or my birthday.


    It wasn’t Rell, butler, or Sena’s birthday either.


    ‘What occasion is today?’


    As I was confused, a sigh escaped Ashelus’s mouth.


    He whispered softly, it caressing the beaded ring on my left hand.


    “It’s our wedding anniversary.”


    I said in amazement.


    “wedding anniversary?”


    Has time already passed like that?


    I had a hectic day after Islit came, and I forgot about this important day.


    ‘Oh no. I didn’t prepare a present for him.’


    When I was feeling restless, Asellus rolled up my hand and said it was okay.


    A hand, larger than before, covered my hand.


    Suddenly I realized that he had grown a lot.


    I muttered as I looked at Asellus.


    “Now that I think about it, you seem to be a little taller.”


    “Not a little, but a lot.”


    When we were together, when I looked up, my neck was a little sore.


    His shoulder and body have definitely grown.


    “You have grown well.”


    It was worth the effort.


    As he nodded with a proud heart, Acelus’s hair caught my eye involuntarily.


    His hair was shorter than before. It was because Asellus said it was cumbersome to cut it short every time.


    Nonetheless, his hair grew during his rigorous training.


    “It was nice to see your sparkle hair.”


    I murmured involuntarily, looking at him and asked.


    “Would you like me to trim your hair?”


    Asellus shook his head at my question.


    “You’re not a maid, so why do you do that?”


    “That’s true.”


    With a sullen expression, Asellus whispered in a gentle voice.


    “It’s okay and did you take your medicine properly.”




    “Yeah. Very bitter.”


    Asellus laughed, saying he was happy. Seeing him eat well made me feel full.


    In fact, I’ve been feeling bloated all day.


    If I don’t eat it, though, Asellus will be suspicious, so I picked up a spoon and consumed it in moderation.


    Then I quietly chirped at the thought that came to mind.


    “……You forgot our anniversary, so I’ll do something.”- Asellus.


    “I made a special request for a cake.”




    Did you make that precious thing?


    It was something I hadn’t seen in a while.


    With a surprised expression on my face, Asellus nodded with a calm expression.


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