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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 35

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Asellus’s Pov Continues


    It was when all the food stored in the Austel ran out.


    The roads were blocked entirely by repeated avalanches for a week.


    At this rate, we were all going to die together.


    ‘There is no way.’


    The daylight was dark because everyone thought the same as Asellus.


    At that moment, Avril told a strange suggestion.


    “Everyone, go up the mountain and peel the bark. I heard that you could eat it if you steam it and make this into  powder.”


    “….nonsense! How are we supposed to eat the tree?”


    “It’s also can be brewed with medicinal herbs. Do you guys want to die? Rell, can you go to the doctor and ask the name of the trees that we can eat?”


    Saying so, Avril sent out the servants.


    Then she turned to Ascelus and said.


    “Are there any wild beasts left in the Yachtria Mountains?”


    “…a little. Even that’s cursed, and you can’t eat it.”


    “Have you tried it?”




    “No, I’ll make sure we can eat it. “


    Asellus caught her in surprise.


    “Where are you going!”


    But she was just talking nonsense.


    “Behind the kitchen. I’m going to meet a little guest.”


    Asselus followed her with strange trepidation.


    There was only a small amount of food left in the mansion.


    Avril pulled out a stick of frozen carrots from the food pantry and threw it into the air.


    ‘What are you doing?’


    There was nothing in the air.


    However, if you sharpen your five senses, it seems like something is going on.


    Otherwise, it made no sense because something was eating the carrot that Avril threw out.


    “……I see. So you’re saying I just have to cook it well?”


    Asellus frowned. I didn’t know what she was talking about.


    But he calmly trusted Avril and waited.


    Avril, who had just finished talking, left the kitchen and found Asellus.


    “… did you hear everything?”


    Asellus felt embarrassed to have glimpsed the secret conversation and bowed his head.




    “…No, it’s better to eat mountain animals than that. I guess I should cook it well from the inside out instead.”


    Asellus didn’t know what Avril was talking about.


    As he became confused, Avril’s clear, green eyes lit up with a determined light.


    She gave a resolute command to Ascelus, who had been depressed by recent events.


    “Once the ground is stable, let’s lead the knights and catch wild beasts. If we make jerky, we can overcome the urgent difficulties. I will contact Lovtree as soon as the road blockage is cleared.”


    Lobtree is a place full of trees with fruits everywhere, even on the road.


    There may be something left to give even in this food crisis too.


    Asellus nodded helplessly. Then Avril exhorted him in a friendly voice.


    “I know we are in a tough situation, Asher.”


    At that moment, Asellus felt a shock as if he had been struck by something.


    He was in a position where he had to take responsibility. He couldn’t run away or show any signs of hardship because everyone relied on him.


    But it was hard. If only I could, I would like to give up everything.


    Avril’s words had stabbed his mind.


    He answered, barely suppressing the confusion. 


    Anger oozed from the golden eyes.


    “Not at all, not really.”




    Avril was calm.


    Seeing that, Acelus was angry.


    He was angry at himself for being incapable, inexperienced, and immature and turned toward Avril.


    Knowing that there was nothing wrong with her, he couldn’t stop his mouth from moving.


    “What are you talking about that you know?”


    It was a remark that was surprisingly unexpected.


    But Avril only smiled.


    She turned her gaze to the window and said something incomprehensible.


    “In the spring, when you meet strong sunlight, you’re bound to burn.”




    “It would be unfair to burn like that. As time goes by, it will become a tree with large and thick leaves. At that time, it would be able to withstand strong sunlight and rain and wind.”


    Asellus was speechless.


    While he was silent, Avril looked at him and asked.


    “is not it?”


    She was magnificent, even though she was petite and skinny.


    Asellus let go and looked at her. Whether she interpreted it differently, she added.


    “Let’s be honest. Even a veteran who has been through a lot of tribulation would find this circumstance difficult.”


    She tapped out the window with her hand.


    Austell, as always, was covered in snow.


    Asellus looked out the white window and clenched his fists.


    One day, I was thinking of melting all the snow over there and making it greenery.


    The long-forgotten goal came to life again.


    “…Thank you, Brill.”


    Avril shrugged as if insignificant.


    Ascelus’s heart also pounded wildly at the same time.


    It was the feeling I had encountered in my life for the first time.

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