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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 34

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks    (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Asellus’s Pov


     Avril used to provoke Asellus, but now she changed, and Asellus became ridiculous.


    Asellus thought this was also Avril’s ploy.


    ‘I think it was a shock to her that I sent a letter asking for a marriage annulment.’


    The unexpected marriage annulment letter may have triggered Avril’s sudden change.


    That’s why she looked different.


    Anyway, it was none of his business, and he didn’t trust Avril.


    However, as time passed, Asellus’s heart faltered.


    Avril is fine, but Asellus only cares about Avril.


    She seemed to have entirely lost interest in Asellus.


    She didn’t bother or quarrel like before.


    It even looked like she was keeping a distance.


    And she smiled kindly to others.


    ‘In the past, you only smiled at me.’


    Asellus felt a strange sense of betrayal towards Avril.


    First of all, she stopped paying attention to me.


    It was a reaction that I couldn’t understand myself.


    Asellus attempted to divert his attention away from Avril.


    The political marital relationship was something he was longing for.


    ‘It’s a contractual marriage, after all. Think of it as an alliance to get the marquis title.

    Whenever you find someone you like, I get a divorce without any regrets.’


    Even though Avril’s words were like insurance, but it bothers me.


    Above all, Avril didn’t cause any problems, so Austell was at peaceful as ever.


    Asellus felt things were going well during the busy period.


    But happiness doesn’t last long. And the world was not only filled with greenery. (T/N: it meant there would be obstacles)

    After the earthquake, the sea monster caused more and more disasters.


    The Austel estate became more isolated.


    It was something that Ascelus could not change, no matter how hard he tried.




    It’s been six years since the two of them had a wedding ceremony.


    Meanwhile, Asellus foolishly thought they could survive.


    It was a time of struggle for survival.


    The sea monster was not something the kingdom could defeat.


    Beyond the Yachtria Mountains, it was the same even after asking for help from the mighty Latella Empire. (T/N- It’s useless for asking them to help)


    Neither the sword nor the spear could defeat by the monster.


    It was impossible even to get close to it. (sea monster)


    Whenever the monster attacked, the Latella Kingdom, which was near the sea, suffered significant damage.


    The relatively distant Northern estates surrounding Yachtria mountain suffered minor damage.


    At some point, communication was severed off with Latella.


    Then everyone arbitrarily proclaimed that Latella would be cursed and destroyed soon.


    Latella, whose only way of exchange interaction with foreign countries was through the sea, was completely isolated.


    Natural disasters easily ruined the prosperous land.


    There was a tsunami and an earthquake.


    The well-grown crops died in an instant, and the land used for farming decades was ruined.


    It was the same in the northern Austell estate.


    Austell was one of the least damaged areas in Latella.


    However, there was a fatal disadvantage that crops did not grow in Austell.


    All grain had to be brought in from other territories.


    However, the kingdom of Latella was experiencing severe food shortages due to frequent disasters.


    Austell was in desperate need of grains and needed them as soon as possible, but it was impossible for anyone to distribute grains to the rugged Austel.


    “The ground weakens due to the continuous earthquakes, making the people of the land anxious.”

    “Even now, there are avalanches happen without any difficulty. If this happens, even the Austel mansion can be in danger.”


    “Lord! A mountain beast that came down from Yachtria has attacked a private house!”


    Cursed wild beasts raided private houses in the ensuing disaster.


    Those who were only blocking the wild beasts with agricultural implements could not easily defend themselves and died.


    Gradually, corpses piled up on the street.


    It was a complete disaster.


    Asellus realized that he was nothing more than a flower in a greenhouse for six years.


    He grew up early and was proud to be an adult at last, but he was just a frog in a well.


    In times of crisis, he was frustrated again and again.


    “First, search the firm ground and evacuate the residents.”


    “Open a part of the mansion to the residents of the territory who lost their home in the avalanche. I will inform the butler in advance.”


    “Right now, call the knights and send them to a private house! No, I’d instead go myself.


    “The problem is…”


    No matter how hard I tried, but obstacles were happening one after another.


    It felt like someone was pushing me as I stood at the edge of a black cliff.


    Asellus wanted to give up immediately, but he was the head of Austell.


    The lives of countless young people and the maintenance of their parents depended on me.


    A great sense of responsibility weighed on him.


    I’d rather crushed under that burden of responsibility.


    Every time it was Avril who saved me.

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