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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 30

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Well, I think I’ve heard men start growing around the age of the Asellus.


    I muttered inadvertently.


    “I was going to buy him clothes, but will it get smaller soon…”


    “Are you going to buy him clothes?”


    “Yes, I want to  gift him too.”


    I didn’t know because I hadn’t looked at it properly, but Asellus’s clothes were overly frugal.


    He wore clothes similar to the knights, perhaps because he went on reconnaissance every day.


    It was an outfit that didn’t match the delicate face at all.


    ‘Now Asellus has become a Marquess, and he has to take care of his appearance.’


    I wanted to gift him some clothes for that time.


    “To take care of each other at the same time,” the knight nodded at the same time.


    “If you go a little further, there is a shopping street, but will the Lord give you permission…”


    As he murmured, he looked up and saw Asellus in the distance.


    The small talk between the two of us was so far away that he couldn’t even hear it.


    But then, like a coincidence, Asellus turned to us.


    He stared at me for a while and turned his head away. Then the knight said with a wide smile.


    “It’s okay. Lord told me to take 20 more knights.”


    “……How did you know?”


    “Well, we do training together every day.”


    Is there a signal between the knights?


    I thought vaguely and nodded.




    A completely different journey from its original purpose began.


    I couldn’t help it. It was dangerous to stay nearby Yachtria mountain, so I’m not allowed to go anywhere.


    ‘I’m going to have to look around the estate while I’m out.’


    Today, I have to go back and look for the next opportunity.


    First of all, I looked around the shopping street.


    Austell’s shopping street was unpretentious.


    It was like there was a sparse shopping street on the side of a narrow, shaggy road.


    There were just a few people on the street because of the disaster.


    I was staring at the lonely streets, so the knight added words as if it were awkward.


    “You don’t have much to see? Compared to the southern streets—— Austell is a village.”


    I don’t know what the streets in the south are like, but it’s probably more colorful than here.


    I looked up and stopped at the store where I could just see.


    It was a men’s clothing store that looked good, and there were a lot of clothes, designs, and cool things in my eyes that I didn’t know very well.


    “Let’s stop by here.”


    “All right, madam.”


    The knight who kept talking next to me glanced toward the back.


    Then the knights that followed surrounded the store as if surrounded. Even with that, only five followed me.


    Thanks to this, the shop owner, who had not been dealing with a customer after a long time, trembled in surprise.


    He looked at the clothes of the knights of the family and hurriedly looked up to see me as if he noticed my identity.


    “Oh, you’re the Marchioness of Austell. It’s an honor to see you.”


    The rare pink hair and green eyes would have helped to recognize me easily.


    I nodded without responding.


    “I came to buy my husband’s clothes.”


    ” Of course, marchioness!. Our family airlifted things to the Marquis from generation to generation.”


    “I see.”


    When I found a seat, the shopkeeper took care of me by serving tea and refreshments.


    After that, busy employees displayed dozens of clothes on hangers.


    As much as it was presented to the madam of the estate, it seemed that it was all made with the finest material.


    The shopkeeper explained in a lengthy way that something about new styles and followed a particular fashion.


    Initially, based on the butler’s saying that Avril was very interested in fashion, I first listened to the owner’s words with interest.


    However, the inflated lace decorations and men’s stockings did not catch my eyes.


    ‘I think Asellus will be angry if I told him to wear such a thing.’


    It was clear that he likes neat and simple clothes as he usually wears a knight’s uniform.


    I thought my lifespan would be cut in half if I bought him clothes that were inflated like balloons.


    ‘If so-….. can I decorate him with boyfriend look?’


    Even in a country with no interest in men, I couldn’t live without even seeing advertisements on the streets.


    The warm boyfriend look, it was simple to change it into this world.


    I said, pointing to a coat and shirt that would go well with Asellus.


    “Take down the collar for the coat and mend it, remove the jewelry and lace for the shirt. Leave the buttons intact.”


    “Yes, yes? Of course. But then the new trend–“


    “Asellus hates cumbersome things, so it’s okay.”


    The shopkeeper looked as if he was crying at my words. It was a look that blamed me for not understanding fashion.


    However, even the most outsider country couldn’t agree with the trendy fashion of men’s wear here.


    I asked again in a stern voice.


    “Is it possible?”


    “…of course, madam.”


    The owner replied with a sullen expression.




    After leaving the clothing store, I did market research and walked a little more.


    The market was an excellent place to grasp the situation there, so some people say that they go to the market in that country when they go on a trip.


    We understood how good the area was to live and what the environment was like by observing people’s facial expressions, clothing, and consumption.


    And in my opinion, the atmosphere in the Austel estate wasn’t that bad.


    ‘There was an earthquake, but the damage was not so great. People also seem accustomed to the situation where supplies are cut off.’


    The weather and terrain were so rugged that it seemed the people were unshakable. 


    In addition, Austell’s peculiarity also stood out. It was that there was no greenery.


    It was hard to find anything that could be obtained by cultivating fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


     Usually, these items are sold frozen, pickled, or salted.


    It was hard to find real flowers. That’s why the paper flower is used as a bouquet.


    ‘That’s why Asellus presented a paper bouquet.’


    It was unfamiliar information.


    I wasn’t very aware of the quality food in the mansion all the time.


    ‘The common people are going to have a hard time eating fresh food.’


    I looked up and moved away. Then I turned my head unintentionally.


    In a dark corner alley, I saw a rabbit is crouching and hiding.


    It was a rabbit with black fur and red eyes.


    Hesitantly. I took a few steps.




    I don’t know why at this moment, suddenly the thought of the great sage in the original came up.


    Probably because his hobby is transforming into animals.


    In addition, it was difficult for small animals to live in the Austell Estate. But the rabbit was walking around the streets.

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